Vpl soccer betting rules

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vpl soccer betting rules

Betting of any kind is prohibited in Islam with evidence stated in many verses of the Glorious Qur'an and Ahadith. Therefore, this paper studied how Muslim. football betting market. As prescribed under rule 9 of the Rules of Procedure, the Executive Director drew an administrative. The National Premier Leagues Victoria, commonly known as NPL Victoria, is a semi-professional soccer league in Victoria, Australia. The league is a part of. COMPARE BETTING ODDS EURO 2022 GROUP

What I like to do is build up ammunition winnings to invest on those games. Which leads me to this point: You must have strict discipline. Adhere strictly to the rules and methods of this handbook. So always make it a habit of telling yourself to stay disciplined. Having discipline and control over your mind and actions is winning half the battle already. Moderate your spending. Or, stop betting and settle the account and start fresh the next week. There will always be a game suitable for your big and whack bets.

If you lose, bet big again. Note: Your probability of losing altogether is very slim unless you are carelessly betting and not following the instruction in this handbook. They start to believe that eventually, their luck will return. It hardly does. Your mind blurs, goes on a trance-like state, and you become very susceptible to losing. This is very self-destructive.

Always keep your mind clear, and your emotions calm and cool. Be patient, wait for the right games, and invest in those. Being patient is probably one of the most challenging but virtuous aspects to online soccer betting. This can either make or break you. Categorize your stakes into three parts. Normal 50 USD 2. Big Bets USD 3. Whack or whatever terminology you like to use to represent bigger bets USD Now listen, you should only be whacking when your account is positive.

After all, you need to play big to win big. To go on 1 ball, 0. This is the art of betting incrementally. If the odds drop to 0. Control yourself. This is how you bet strategically. Bet an average of per game to start with. No random shit unless you are highly confident of what the outcome of that match should be. Taking wild guesses is like playing with fire with very sensitive skin. You just need one of them to score.

So, if the odds drop to 0. If you get 0. Make sure you act fast. If the stronger team is giving 0. Get used to observing the HDP odds that look good. The half time odds for the German game were at 1 ball, giving 0. Which also means, there will be chances of a goal occurring, in Cup games. Usually, when a powerful team is playing a lower table team on an important match, the probability of there being 2 goals total is high.

There could be many variables to determine this. A team may want to climb up the table in order to be top 6, or top 3 etc. Make sure you also study the odds movement. Another very important point is to make sure that one team seems to be dominating. For example, if the level odds are appearing for two teams, and one team is getting only 0. So how do you know when you should bet under? Bet only during minutes before the half ends.

The ball is volleying back and forth the field. For example, check out the friendly match below. The HDP odds barely changed also within 2 minutes observation. On top of that, this is also a Club Friendly match not very important , therefore, you can bet under 0.

In most cases, when a Home team is losing, they will strive to achieve some goals. The final score was The margin to bet under should be at least balls to be safe. Refer to Nowgoal. Case Study : Bayern Munchen U19 vs. If you study the trends, the average is around goals a match. Also, take into the account the score line and teams playing.

For example, teams like Barcelona are certainly more than capable of adding another goal to the game. This is when you want to avoid going under. Every team wants to increase their rankings on their respective league tables. However, their game performance can go either way.

They may be forced to play more defensively, and in some cases, more offensively altogether. A team with a red card will usually concede another goal when facing a highly offensive team. Also, they may be surprisingly more offensive with less players on the field. You should always follow up on this during half time.

Think of Manchester United vs. Aston Villa. Of course, remember to study the importance of the match prior to the bet so you know that both teams will be enforcing all-out offensive plays. For example, when Hercules played Athletic Madrid, there were 0 corners on the first half which took me by surprise. Hercules was winning first half, meaning, Athletic Madrid must therefore attack, and so will Hercules to win more points and improve their rankings.

The result? To bet on corner kicks will require some logical deduction in soccer dynamics. Do your homework first! Case Study : Real Santander vs. Real Madrid First half into the game, Real Madrid is already giving 0. Whenever the favored team is giving 0. In our case, Real Madrid is giving 0. If you factor in the total game HDP odds that they are giving, which is 1. So, what you can do this bet first half for a goal, which is already very likely. However, in our case where the odds suggested correctly, a goal did come.

This is a good sign that they can score and concede goals. However in our case, Real Madrid knew they had to score goals in order to win points to climb the tables to gap the spread between their rivals Barcelona which were positioned as 1 at this time. This is a strong indicator that there are many offensive attempts in the game. You will learn more about the significance of the 25th minute mark later. Judging from their game history, we can also see that Olimpi Rustavi is capable of scoring.

The odds right now suggest strongly that there will be a goal on the second half. And in just about 7 minutes into the second half, they score. So, from this Handicap reading segment, you should be able to identify which game will most likely feature goals. The LVL odd payout for France is 0. And the final score was When a team gives lvl odds at payouts from 0.

Study the annotations I made to see why I saw an incoming goal. A cup game like this will usually have goals when a solid team like Belgium plays an underdog like Azerbaijan. The scoreline at half time was Play Mix Parlays. Need I remind you: Do your research before finalizing your picks for the parlay. Look for games that are to be goal-bound, or must have goals. You want to pick at least games for the payout to be good.

The game should have dropped to To the right is an example of my parlay. Remember, matches is enough. Usually, if the games already on the 20th to 25th minute to the half, and you only get 0. You will usually see these odds in lowering scoring leagues. Case Study: Throttur Reykjavik vs. I would therefore bet over for the half. NOTE: Always study the time in relation to the odds given. At already 20 minutes into the first half, the odds were still stuck at 1 ball. This is a good sign that a goal is about to arrive.

Also, consider the fact that the handicap odds Vaasa VPS was giving was at 0. What happened? The goal sure came minutes later. Below is also another great example of the 1 ball lag odd, except we are looking at the second half now. The same principles apply. When you look at the handicap odds, Kitchee is also giving If both teams have a head-to-head history of going OVER 2. The two teams also have a consistent history of having goals in their game. Also, if you look at the 1X2 odds, the payout is 2.

This is very high, and usually means there will be a goal. Anything above 2. Flamengo is still giving 0. The score is Pay attention, because this factor is very important. If the difference is greater than 2.

Below are two case studies with annotated screen shots explaining my point where the difference in 1X2 HDP for both teams is wide apart. Case Study: Manchester United R vs. This is usually a sure sign there will be a goal, since the team is dominating. The 1X2 odds are also above 2. This is when I would advise you to go over, and stake incrementally.

Again, you want to make sure both teams can and are motivated to score. The game ended in How can you be confident that there will be a goal on the second? If a game is widely televised guys, goals are bound to come. Think about the economics of soccer. Before you do anything, make sure you double check and do your homework. How important is it? Do the teams need to score? What is the average amount of goals scored? More goals increase the possibility of there being a goal.

Did the first half suggest that there were goals? Is it above 2. Were there a lot of fluctuations in handicap odds? This is the most crucial factor. I considered this game worthy of investment simply because it was the AFC Cup, which happens be an important match.

Dordrecht and RKC Waalwijk never had a game together, so when given the chance that the score line was in first half, I went right away when the odds dropped to 1 ball. So always consider these general sports knowledge. Dordrecht has a history of going OVER 2. This is a very good sign. The two have never yielded a scoreline in their head to head matches, therefore I went in when the first half ended in The final score? This is probably the most breakthrough and untold method by most professional underground tipsters.

However, this requires for a high level of patience and commitment. Here are more examples of games I went on for over 1 ball, as well as 0. These two teams have never had a FT score line 55 Tacuarembo has featured at least goals in almost all their games last year. Now, if you look at Handicap odds, England is giving 0. Whenever you see level LVL odds like this game, where you get less than 0.

So, in our case, what would you do? I must remind you: Following the Cherry Pick method requires that you be patient and wait only for the right matches and opportunities! Be vigilant and on the look out for high scoring games that happen to end in half time.

Then, go big on second half! There can be many variables to why the teams might not have scored. The players could be shooting wide, misfiring shots, lacking team coordination, or one team is just doing defensively well. Then again, there are also fixed matches which no one is exempt from. What you have to do is get over the loss and recover on the next game. Move forward with confidence. The odds movement should always be considered upon staking a decision. This is a process that requires a substantial amount of time, experience, and development in intuition before you can read the odds with fluency like professionals do.

In fact, experience is profit. Cup game? Our brain can only process so much at once. This reflects most accurately how the game is progressing. You can also determine how open the game is by the number of corner kicks, shots attempt, and shots on goal.

If a team seems to be dominating, it is likely that there will be a goal on that particular half, but not necessarily by them. The odds can trick you into betting on the favored team. Sometimes, the underdog team still manages to score. How can you determine a second, third, or fourth goal?

Well, if the handicap odds still look strong for either team at half time, it suggests the possibility of more incoming goals. Also, remember to stat analyze to see whether the two teams are capable of scoring! What you want to do is look at the team in favor and check what the full game HDP odds given by them was.

If their HDP odds drop substantially after reaching half time, make note of the differences. For example, if a team was giving 0. When you compare both full time HDP odds with the first half, you get a sense of who the dominator really is. Afterall, if you know the nature and characteristics of the contestant, both Bayern and Leverkusen are capable of scoring.

And two minutes later, Bayer Leverkusen scores a goal. The more fluctuation or blinking in odds on the team HDP odds, the better. This is a sign that there is an open game. Do read that part again. More blinking indicates fluctuation, and therefore suggests more offensiveness to the game.

The closer it is to the end of the half, odds will usually drop, so do remember to take that into consideration. Always study the first 15 minutes into the game and see how odds are moving to determine whether the game is highly offensive or not. How do I know what I should bet on? Well, I look for teams that are giving HDP odds of anywhere between. Even if they are giving HDP odds of If you ever see games with level odds on handicaps during first half, and the stronger team is giving payout anywhere from 0.

Whenever odds look similar to this, it is a good sign that there will be a goal. Also look at how the odds are fluctuating. Malmo U21 On the 84th minute, they score. Case Study : Mexico vs. Again, study the odds display carefully.

Study the time, 1X2 odds, and HDP odds. I placed my bet OVER 1 ball during the 10th minute into the second half. Therefore, they scored 4 minutes later. This explains why you must play with precision and speed. The stronger team will always fight to tie or win the game, especially at home.

I know a lot of guys who devote their entire life, day in and day out, forgetting about everything else but gambling. I created and released to the public my handbook because I want you to win, but not at the sacrifice of losing your health, entire finance, or social life. When addicted to sports betting, most people change for the worse when they have no proper mentor. On top of that, you want to be able to maintain your winnings consistently, week-by-week.

Spend time with your friends and family. Maintain a healthy balance and life. When betting, get yourself into the zone and focus. Never wait. To learn how to bet incrementally is very important. For example, if you want to bet Over FH, then the smartest thing to do is to bet on 1 ball, then 0.

Go for payout return odds at 0. Never should you max out a bet or empty your credit on one game. Below are screen shots I took before I predicted an upcoming goal and how I bet incrementally. VfL Bochum giving 0. Most people only bet larger amounts when they get desirable payout returns. However, remind yourself that there is no guarantee that you will always receive those payouts.

Amateur sport bettors never go on 0. Well, you better used to it. A win is a win, regardless of how short of expectation it turns out to be. It is better to play infront of the screen. After all, this is a business and entertainment. There must be a show. There must be goals. They want excitement. Remember, just pick the right games, do your research, study the odds movement, and you can win.

Rarely do they ever end with no goals. To confirm whether the match up will feature goals, just do stats analysis. Do your homework! When the odds are looking right, go for it. However, remember to do your homework first! The more important the match, the more likely there will be goals. In essence, nothing is really at stake. Star and key players will be rested to avoid injuries. Coaches may play different formations and experiment new tactics.

The conventional wisdom is to avoid betting on friendly matches since they can be unpredictable. That holds some truth, however, some teams have more pride, and even when putting their b-team, they will do well. To play it safe, it is worth the value of investing in over 1 ball first half, given that there is an offensive team in play.

Whenever you see two well-known offensive teams playing each other in a friendly game, there will be goals. At the same time, make sure again that you study the odds movement to determine whether the bet is worth it.

This is your financial blueprint to win. If you think winning is difficult or challenging in the back of your head, then it will always permeate into your reality. Think win, win, win only. Your subconscious mind affects your conscious level, which then affects your actions your picks.

Let your intelligence and guts shine through. Kill all superstitions. Never think that the world is conspiring against you. Turn on your favorite song and listen to it. Start a playlist of songs that puts you in a good mood. You want your overall atmosphere and environment to be filled with good energy only. So replace these thoughts immediately with thoughts of winning. With this handbook in hand, you will fully understand the system and how you can exploit its loopholes. You can win consistently and steadily every week.

Keep those happy thoughts and positive energy buzzing through your system. Always bet when your mood is good and when your morals are high. When most people lose, their strength, morale, and soul becomes delicate; making them vulnerable to greater losses. You need to train your mind to be strong in holding yourself together. Your internal state will affect your external outcome. Select 10 games which MUST have goals.

For example, Arsenal vs. Huddersfield Town. Or, Barcelona vs. Real Madrid. For each game, bet over FH. If live odds look favorable and suggests that there will be goals, bet again over 2nd half. What happens if you do lose full amount for a game on first half? Either team must win a match must not end in a draw for the bet to win. Team 2 must win or there must be a draw for the bet to win.

A handicap is represented in goals, points, games etc. If the match results in a draw after the handicap is applied, bets are settled at odds of 1. If, however, the opposing team wins after the handicap is applied, the bet loses. The Client must predict how many goals, points, games etc. At the settlement of individual total, only goals scored to the opponent team are counted. The Client should predict the exact score of the match. The Client should predict the result score of the half time and exact score of the match.

The result of the first half period is followed by the result of the match. These are bets on outcomes applied to specified time intervals in various periods of a match. The outcomes are determined within specific timeframes based on official statistics. Clients need to predict if a chosen athlete reaches a specified stage of the competition Round of 16, quarterfinal, semifinal, final, etc. If a declared competitor is not able to complete an event for any reason: injury, forfeit, etc.

If a declared competitor is not able to participate in an event for any reason injury, forfeit, etc. Clients need to predict outcomes of events in the specific time period, which starts the moment a bet is placed and ends with the end of regular time, without taking the current score when the bet is placed into account. The bet wins if Client predicts team qualification for the next stage of a competition tournament, cup, etc.

Asian Handicap is a handicap bet on a specific result. The applied settlement system allows making bets with less risk. In fact, bets are divided into two parts and played with two possible variants of the outcomes. Client gets a return of half of the bet, if the other half lost if the final score was or Unless otherwise provided, only regular time of the match is taken into account during bet settlement. Sports betting 6. Football 6.

Bets on football matches are accepted on regular time including any injury stoppage time added by a referee. Scored goals, substitutions of players and other events, recorded at the added time by the referee, are considered to be taken place in regular time.

If an event ends before its official end time for any reason, and its result is not recorded on official sources as final one, all bets on such an event are considered void and are settled at odds of 1. The exception is Live bets on outcomes that have actually ended and were settled by the time the match was stopped, bets on "To qualify for the next round" on the aggregate of two matches, or the match was interrupted and played within 48 hours after being stopped.

Own goals are not counted. Bets on players, substituted or sent off before the first goal is scored, will be lost. If a player does not take part in the match or entered the field after the first goal was scored, then the bets on this player are void and are settled at odds of 1.

If the last goal was an own goal, then the author of the last goal will be the player who scored the previous goal. All players participated in the match are considered as potential scorers of the last goal, regardless of whether they were on the field at the time of the last goal or not. Player to score. This bet is available during the match. Own goals are considered to be scored by the team in favor of which the match score has changed. A bet on the first goal scored in a certain period of time, for example, from 1st to 30th minutes, will be considered lost if the match was interrupted with the score after this period of time.

If the goal is scored at , it is considered that the goal was scored in the 23rd minute; if the goal is scored at , then the goal is considered to be scored in the 24th minute. Awarded but not played Corner kicks will not be counted for betting purposes for example, a corner kick awarded but not played before the final whistle is not counted. To win to nil. First goal is headed. Player to score exactly 2 goals or 3 or more goals. Own goals are not counted for betting purposes, unless otherwise indicated in the line.

Goal at the added time. When settling the outcomes concerning red and yellow cards, cards shown after the final whistle and during the break are not counted for betting purposes. Cards shown to staff or players not participating in the game such as coaches or players on the bench are not counted for betting purposes. When settling the outcomes of penalty shoot-outs, the results of actually executed penalty shoot-outs are taken into account for betting purpose, including if the series of penalty shoot-outs was terminated ahead of schedule.

Ice Hockey 7. Bets on Ice Hockey matches are accepted on regular time 3 periods of 20 minutes each unless otherwise stated. At least 50 minutes of play must elapse for bets to stand, except for cases where the outcomes can be settled at the time the game was stopped. Basketball 8.

In basketball bets on the victory of a team, a draw, on any outcome of the second half and the fourth quarter are accepted on regular time. Bets on all other offered outcomes are settled excluding overtime, unless otherwise stated in the line.

If a match starts but is not completed, and its result is not recorded on official sources as final, all bets on the match will be settled at odds of 1, except for Live markets which had already been determined at the time the match was interrupted.

At least 35 minutes must be played for bets to stand, if the duration of a match is 40 minutes. At least 40 minutes must be played for bets to stand if the duration of a match is 48 minutes, except for cases where markets can be settled at the time the match was interrupted. When settling a player statistics markets, you need to guess the total number of points, passes, rebounds, etc. Bets on 3x3 basketball are accepted on regular time or if one of the teams scores 21 or more points in course of regular time.

All other bets are settled including overtime. In case of a draw, bets are settled at odds of 1. Beach football. Water polo. Beach volleyball. Field hockey. Beach handball. Bets on all matches are accepted on regular time, unless otherwise indicated in the line. The exception are Live bet markets which had already been determined at the time the match was interrupted. Boxing In case, a boxer is unable to continue the bout after the gong is sounded, the bout is deemed to have ended in the previous round.

Snooker All frames required to determine the winner of a match must be completed for bets to be settled. Should the winner be determined before the completion of the match on any grounds, all bets on frames and handicaps and also special bets will be settled at odds of 1. American football Bets on baseball and American football matches are accepted with overtimes included. The names of the starting pitchers will be taken into consideration at the time of bet acceptance at MLB matches, except for Live betting where the names of starting pitchers may be not listed.

Should any of the starting pitchers is substituted; all pre-match bets on this game will be deemed void and settled at odds of 1. Markets on any other baseball games are offered without specifying a starting pitcher. If a match ends before its official end time for any reason, and its result is not recorded on official sources as final, all bets on this match are void and settled at odds of 1.

Except for cases when the match is interrupted and finished during the calendar game week for American Football betting , or if at least 5 innings have been played for Baseball betting. And except for those Live markets which had already been determined at the time the match was interrupted, unless otherwise stated. The baseball and American football match have to take place on the scheduled day and at the scheduled location. If an American football match does not take place during the current calendar game week and is marked as "deferred", "postponed" or "rescheduled" on the source indicated by the Company, all bets on it are considered void and settled at odds of 1.

If an American football match ends in a draw including the results of overtime , all bets on it are considered void and settled at odds of 1, except for those Live markets which had already been determined at the time the match was interrupted, unless otherwise stated.

Motosports The start of the race is determined by the start signal for the warm-up lap. Any of the participants of the race who entered the start by this time, but has not completed the race according to the rules, is considered a participant who did not finish. Both drivers must start the race for bets to stand. Should both drivers fail to finish, bets will be settled based on the number of laps completed. Should both drivers retire after an equal number of laps, bets will be settled at odds of 1.

Results of qualification session are count for betting purposes. All subsequent changes to the starting bracket are not count. Volleyball Volleyball handicap and total markets are specified in points, unless otherwise stated. If a match starts but is not completed, and its result is not recorded on official sources as final, all bets on the match will be settled at odds of 1, except for events interrupted and finished within 48 hours from the start or during the calendar game week for Rugby.

Table tennis. Beach volleyball Handicap and total markets are specified in games. For doubles matches, if the line-up of a doubles pair is specified and at least one of the competitors is replaced, bets will be settled at odds of 1. If the line-up is not specified, bets stand. Shall the format of the match number of sets is changed; all bets are settled at odds of 1. Information on court surfaces is to be used as a guideline only.

If the court surface is changed, bets stand. Bets will stand in the following cases: a change in playing surface; a change of venue; a change from an indoor venue to an outdoor venue unless otherwise stated in the line Should the start of a match be delayed or should a match be postponed for any reason, all bets will stand until the conclusion of the match or the conclusion of the tournament in which it is a part. Should match is interrupted and not completed, a player refuses to continue or is disqualified, a forfeit will be declared and bets will be settled based on the score.

Except for Live bets on games, which have already been completed, and bets on outcomes, which had already been unconditionally determined at the time the match was interrupted. If a player withdraws or has been disqualified before the match starts, bets will be settled at odds of 1.

Statistics bets. If a player withdraws before the match starts, bets will be settled at odds of 1. If a player withdraws during the match, bets will be settled based on the score determined at the time the match was interrupted.

Esports betting Esports bets are settled based on the general rules, considering bet acceptance features inherent in a particular Esports discipline. Esports games in the format of Bo1, Bo2, Bo3, etc. Best of 1, 2, 3, 5, etc.

The winner of the match is determined by the amount of won maps. For example, for Bo3 two victories are required, for Bo5 - at least three won maps are required, etc. Victory is awarded to the opposing team. For a period of ten days after the end of a match, the bookmaker reserves the right to change bet payouts on the basis of official source information.

Once this period has elapsed, no requests to resettle payouts will be accepted. If a game is postponed for more than 48 hours, then all bets on this game will be void and settled at odds of 1. Tennis is an exception to this rule, given that matches can be rescheduled throughout the course of the tournament, and bets can be settled according to the official result.

Otherwise, all bets on this map will be void and settled at odds of 1. All match bets stand and will be settled according to the final result. If a player team forfeits a match before it starts, then all bets on this match will be void and settled at odds of 1. Other match bets are only settled if the relevant outcome could be determined according to the maps played before the forfeiture maps played during or after a forfeiture do not count.

If the result of the bet cannot be determined, then the bet will be void and settled at odds of 1. The advantage of one map before the start of event. In outcomes with the total of rounds maps or winning in a particular in sequence map, this "absentia" map is ignored. That is, the first map in the line is considered to be the first map played by the participants.

Shall a team or player is disqualified before the match starts or cannot take part in the tournament, bets on the outcome of the team or player will be settled at odds of 1. All other bets on the map in question will be settled at odds of 1. Match bets stand and will be settled according to the outcome of the match. Dota 2 Winner — Bet is placed on the winner of the match. Offered in matches where a draw is possible e.

BO2 series. Handicap 0 — a bet on the victory of one of the teams without taking into account a draw outcome. If the outcome is a draw, the bet is settled at odds of 1. Map Winner — a bet on the winner of the selected map. Total kill on map — a bet on the total number of kills made within one map.

All kills that are made before the end of the map are counted. The settlement is made according to the final score of the teams in the post-match statistics. That is, deaths that do not count towards the opposing team finishing off by allied units, neutral creeps, suicides with abilities or objects, etc.

We also draw your attention to the fact that the team's kill counter may differ from the total value of kills or deaths in teams. Map Duration — a bet on how many minutes a specified map will last. It is settled according to the in-game timer. Example: bet on outcome over If the map lasted less than 36 minutes including 36 minutes 00 seconds , the bet loses. Total maps — bet on the total number of maps played in the match. Match Handicap is the advantage or lag of one of the teams, expressed in the number of winning or losing maps.

Example: bet on Team Secret A client has to predict the correct final score of a match. Example: The correct score on the map is The bet wins if team 2 wins with a score of At any other score, the bet loses. The final value of the team's kill counter is taken for betting purpose killing or death of heroes in teams are not counted.

If none of the teams scores the required number of kills, the bet will be settled at odds of 1. Kills are counted by the total number of kills performed by both teams. If the total score of kills does not reach the required value, the bet will be settled at odds of 1.

Map Team to Destroy The 1st Tower — a bet on first team to destroy an enemy tower. A loss is awarded to the team whose tower was destroyed first, even in cases of denying. Bets are placed on the winner of the match. The match is considered to have started after the first kill in the pistol round. Offered in matches where a draw is possible for example, BO2 matches or BO1 matches without overtime.

A bet on the victory of one of the teams, excluding a draw outcome. If the match results in a draw, the bet will be settled at odds of 1. Map Winner including overtime. A bet on the winner of the selected map within the match, includes additional rounds. Map - First Half Winner. A bet on the team that wins 8 rounds first on the selected map.

A bet on whether an even or odd number of rounds is played on the selected map, excluding overtime. A bet on whether the selected map will have overtime. A bet on whether the selected team perform a teamkill on the indicated map. A bet on whether the selected team perform a Knife kill on the indicated map.

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The lists of soccer specials for big events like the Champions League or World Cup are huge, offering thousands of ways to bet on soccer. Due to the low-scoring nature of soccer, Asian handicap allows bettors to spread their wagers across various results and increments, such as 0.

For example, a team may have an Asian handicap of If the team won by three goals, you would win the entire bet. But if the team won by just two goals, you would win half on If the team won by just one goal, tied or lost, you would lose the entire Asian handicap bet. Where can I bet on soccer?

Soccer is one of the biggest sports in the world and drives a huge amount of betting with the many leagues, games, and tournaments available. However, it can be tough to pick the right places to bet on soccer. Covers is here to help with our expert-reviewed list of the most trusted soccer betting sites available. How to read soccer odds Soccer odds come in many shapes and sizes but on this side of the pond, American odds will be the most common way how to read soccer odds.

Use our easy odds converter to help you read soccer odds. Soccer betting tips Breaking down the best ways to bet on soccer odds takes time, insight, and experience. However, these are some simple soccer betting tips to point you in the right direction.

Current form This is the first stop for oddsmakers when setting the soccer betting odds. Matchups Dig deep into the makeup of the teams involved and what their strategy is based around. Then see how that approach clashes with their opponent. Some teams thrive on speed and relentless pressure upfront while others are passive and rely more on ball control and sturdy defending to get the win.

For Asian handicaps , the handicap applies to the final match result, and the team with the most goals after the handicap is applied is the winner. Soccer Moneyline wagers have three outcomes: home team win, away team win and draw. There is no Push option on Soccer Moneyline. Wagers made on a team winning a specific cup or trophy will have action through Extra Time and Penalties.

All grading disputes will be resolved using FlashScore. Live Soccer wagers are graded according to the result after 90 minutes plus injury time unless otherwise stated. Wagers will not be accepted when wagering is suspended for goals, penalties, dangerous free kicks, corner kicks, or similar game-changing situations.

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