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Georges Kfoury. 2 yrs Report. Pages Liked by Page. Ginane Bacho's Art. likes this. "In her work,the human figure dominates to tell a. Large multi-strategy/ multi-asset fund: CRD FX Roll Tool: Worked on the development of a custom view for FX trades integrated with Charles River built using. I, Matthew Kfoury, do hereby certify that: Manage treasury operations, international banking, foreign exchange hedging and George Lope/, Grantee. BETTINGEXPERT BLOGGESS

After class, I had a lot of freedom to explore the city independently, and it is in the afternoons and weekends I spent getting completely lost on bustling streets and narrow Hutong alleyways with my friends that I really developed a strong connection to China and began to consider it home. In the evenings, I went home to my host family and practiced Chinese over dinner and conversation.

What I loved most about my year there was that I woke up each morning never quite knowing what was going to happen and where I was going to end up by the evening. To be surrounded by so much newness and so many learning opportunities in every conversation was such an amazing and intense experience.

I feel like I was there for ten years instead of one! As the year continued, I knew that I wanted to stay and finish high school overseas rather than returning for my senior year in the U. After some research online about different options, I ultimately applied and was awarded a full scholarship to spend two years completing an IB diploma at Li Po Chun United World College, an international boarding school in Hong Kong.

While I was there, I had the opportunity to study with classmates from more than eighty countries, and made many incredible lifelong friends. I continued to travel as well, and my friends and I backpacked independently through China and Southeast Asia. I even had the chance to direct a full-length play. I continued to raise money for the organisation in university.

But I do speak and read Mandarin with good proficiency, and can navigate work, travel, and everyday life in China comfortably and confidently. After graduating from LPC, I was eager to continuing study internationally which was also a much cheaper option than studying in the U. I started university at a school called University College Utrecht in the Netherlands.

My freshman year I stumbled upon Anthropology, and found a discipline that allowed me to give structure to the way I had spent my whole life observing, thinking, and understanding the world. I also enjoyed the opportunity to travel around Europe independently, and loved how easy it was to hitchhike from the Netherlands to surrounding countries!

My favourite trip from that time was volunteering on an organic sheep farm in Estonia for a couple weeks and swimming in beautiful lakes along the Russian border. In my fourth semester I had the opportunity to go on a semester exchange to Rhodes University in South Africa, and knew from the first moment that I arrived that I wanted to stay yes, this is a theme! I transferred and completed my final two years of university there, and I was lucky to be able to graduate in with four majors in Anthropology, Chinese, Drama, and Psychology.

South Africa has become home as well, and is a place I hope to continue returning to. Shortly after I arrived in South Africa, I broke my ankle badly in a car accident, and the months of recovery really threw off my sense of balance, physically and psychologically.

After it healed, I found that hiking really re-grounded me in my body, and I began to spend all of the time I could in the mountains. I started regularly going on multi-day hikes, and in my final year at Rhodes I became the hiking coordinator of the Mountain Club, leading day and overnight trips to beautiful locations across the province.

Hiking has since been a very important part of my life. Our team had a lot of success, and won Most Improved Society at the end of the year! I was also able to keep my connection to Chinese language alive from afar by participating in two Chinese speech competitions hosted by the Confucius Institute, and won 3rd and 2nd place in consecutive years.

Tell us about your internships. Foundation, an experiential education organisation that designs immersive learning experiences for middle and high school students throughout China and other parts of Asia. It was very valuable to have work experience at both an NGO and a social enterprise. My favourite holiday work experiences in college, however, were the two summers I spent as a facilitator and mentor for a summer study abroad program for high school students in Beijing.

The programs were run through an amazing organisation called Americans Promoting Study Abroad APSA which endeavours to bring international exposure to students from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in study abroad programs. I loved working with high school students and bringing all of my language skills, knowledge of Beijing, and personal experiences as a study abroad student to my work each day. I also have a little bit of trouble sitting still, so working outside of an office in an environment that was constantly shifting, changing, and asking me to draw on completely different skill sets was very exciting and definitely better suited to my personality!

This work has convinced me that my career trajectory at this point is in experiential education, and outdoor education and study abroad in particular. I have never claimed to be very interested in math and science, but I nonetheless have amazing memories of pig dissections, a trip to the Walter Reed Medical Museum, coding Lego robots, making my own webpage, and so much more. We went on some amazing field trips like the Chesapeake Bay trip or the trip to Pennsylvania coal country that seamlessly merged science, history, and language arts.

Especially as a girl and young woman, I think learning to value my intelligence and being told that my dreams could be limitless has been an incredibly important asset. Additionally, one thing that really stands out about my time at Nysmith is the very casual global diversity of the student body. At many institutions, diversity feels like something that has to be very intentional and constantly highlighted, but at Nysmith it was just a natural part of student life that I only became consciously aware of much later.

I think this was a wonderful foundation that prepared me well for embracing a global kind of livelihood in the years since. This is never the path I would have expected for myself when I graduated from Nysmith in I had no idea that some of the decisions I made while I was at Nysmith and in my early years of high school were going to change my life in such meaningful ways when I was making them. To current students, I would say be open to the unexpected.

Do as many things as you can that scare you or make you uncomfortable. Never stop reading books and imagining different kinds of lives. Leave your smartphone at home pretty much always and look out at the world instead. Pursue every passion with as much dedication as you can muster. That way even if your plans change, which they will, you have the momentum to simply turn yourself in a different direction and keep blazing forward. Do things differently. Spend high school building the groundwork for the kind of life that is most authentic to yourself, and embrace the bizarre!

To current parents, I would say trust your kids and say yes, even if they seem to be creating a path that is perhaps scary or unconventional. They trusted me that I knew what I needed to do to create the kind of life I wanted for myself, and I am so grateful that they allowed me the freedom to make those decisions. Encourage them to work hard because learning itself is valuable and the world is exciting, not because of an imagined end point.

Let them define success for themselves. Let them go. What 5th graders get to hold a real human brain?? An amazing experience! I also really enjoyed the 7th grade trip to Smith Island in the Chesapeake Bay. School Play or Science Fair Project: I loved the 2nd grade play about the 50 states, and I remember how proud I was to perform after so much work went into that unit and all of our projects!

Place to Hang out at Nysmith: For some reason, the Silver Wing bathroom was the place to hang out in 8th grade! Not only do I remember it but I have been known to regularly sing it to friends overseas as indisputable evidence of my American childhood! They have programs in France, Spain, Italy, and China, and to attend the schools in Italy and China you do not have to have studied the language previously!

SYA is designed specifically so that credits can be transferred smoothly back to American high schools. They are affiliated with many private schools around the country and recruit there, but students from anywhere are welcome to apply. Students can apply in 10th or 11th grade. UWC students study the IB curriculum, and the schools are all very values-driven with an intense focus on peace-building, global citizenship, and community service.

American students do not apply to schools directly but through a U. What activities did you participate in? I really enjoyed my time having electives in 7th and 8th grade because I got to try out a bunch of different things. There, I played soccer 3 year varsity and basketball 2 year varsity for 4 years each. I sporadically participated in a handful of academic clubs throughout the 4 years but I could never regularly attend them due to scheduling conflicts with sports.

Another aspect I liked about Caltech was that it requires a broad scientific core which gives us the ability to relate a certain topic across multiple fields, while exposing each student to a wide knowledge base. In addition to academics, I play varsity soccer DIII along with a variety of intramural sports and am doing research with a professor. Tell us about any of your internships throughout high school and college. After my sophomore year, I interned at a early stage tech startup based out of Sunnyvale, CA doing Computer Vision work for them.

This upcoming summer, I will be working at a small hedge fund in New York City. One aspect of Nysmith that I really liked was how everyone encouraged students to push themselves and get as far ahead as they had the ability to. This gave me a good foundation to make full use of the resources I have had since at TJ and Caltech.

Having been at Nysmith for 10 years, another aspect aspect I liked was seeing how the school evolved and how my perspective on the school evolved over that whole period. Students: Make full use of the resources presented to you whether academic opportunities or otherwise. Parents: Kids will get much further in a certain activity if they are doing it of their own will instead of being pushed to do it. Maybe the first half What state were you? I participated in Mathcounts and Math Olympiad during my time at Nysmith!

I loved the broad range of activities that were available to students, and the different paths I could take to explore my passions. I definitely tried out a bunch of after-school clubs, but was quickly drawn to the problem-solving and community fostered by the competition math clubs.

But as for what I liked at Nysmith, one of the biggest strengths of Nysmith is the work ethic and writing skills that students cultivate throughout their time at the school. Also, my passion for computer science started at Nysmith in Mr. After Nysmith, I graduated from TJ in , and am currently a senior at Harvard University studying biomedical engineering and health policy.

Nysmith sparked a love for computer science and technology, and gave me the skillset to jump headfirst into these fields in high school. At TJ, I explored artificial intelligence, parallel computing, and mobile app development, furthering my love for computing. I used machine learning and motor tracking to build software that is now in clinical trials at the National Rehabilitation Hospital.

I realized that I wanted to use technology to address gaps in medical diagnosis and treatment, reduce healthcare disparities, and improve healthcare delivery systems. For example, my team and I are working on building SpecrumVR, a virtual reality VR -based intervention to help autistic adolescents improve their social and interpersonal skills. Together, these experiences have solidified my motivation to pursue a career in using technology to transform healthcare delivery and population health.

It was crazy and unexpected! I feel so fortunate to have been admitted to these schools all of which are wonderful , and can only thank my parents, teachers, and mentors for all the support along the way. Seven years ago, on my first day of high school, I looked around my computer science class to realize I was one of just three girls in a class of thirty students.

As a now-international nonprofit reaching 7, girls annually in forty states and nine countries, we fuse technical education with social change to build supportive peer networks of middle school girls developing technologies for social impact.

These stories emphasize the value of innovative education models in breaking glass ceilings. I primarily speak about how young people can drive change, concrete strategies for improving diversity in technology classes and companies, and what it will take to close the tech gender gap.

Public speaking has become one of my biggest passions, and Nysmith definitely helped me hone my ability to speak in front of a crowd! Nysmith taught me so much about work ethic, dedication, and going out of your comfort zone. I came to Nysmith in 4th grade from my local public school, so it was a very different environment.

The classes were much more challenging, the students were much more focused on academics, and it was a very different environment in general. But, it afforded me so much room to grow and learn; I discovered a love for writing, found my niche in math, and built such strong friendships with my peers. Nysmith taught me how to work hard and dream big, be creative science fairs and art classes!

Please describe Nysmith in sentences. Nysmith is a place that will challenge and nurture you; through the plethora of opportunities both academic and non-academic , students, and teachers at Nysmith, you will discover your talents and cultivate your passions. In a single year, you will have the chance to visit a coal mine in Pennsylvania, build windmills for a science fair project, and engage in water balloon fights on field day. You will find friends for life, make memories that you will take with you to high school and beyond, and learn more than you ever thought possible.

Enjoy the experience, cherish your friends, and explore your interests! I enjoyed writing, and decided to pursue an undergraduate degree in communications at American University. AU had the best program for communication, so it seemed like the best choice. In undergrad, I joined the Catholic Student Association, where I served as a community service chair and spiritual group leader for a couple of years.

I gave a lot of attention to my classes, taking courses ranging from cross-cultural communication, to law, to philosophy. I enjoy many subjects, but I developed an interest in psychology, selecting it as my minor, and helping out in the Emotions and Positive Psychology lab as a research assistant.

I loved college, wanted to continue being involved in academia, and was interested in the theoretical side of writing. I received a graduate writing fellowship from American University while working at the Writing Center. I also had the opportunity to undertake a year-long internship at the Library of Congress working in the Young Readers Center. My first internship was at a literary non-profit, The Heart of American Foundation, which renovates learning spaces and gives books to schools in need.

After, I worked for the American University library, interacting with the university community and providing technological assistance. During my senior year of undergrad, I chose Nysmith as my internship site to gain field experience in educational psychology as part of my psychology minor requirements. It was amazing revisiting my elementary and secondary school experiences through this program, as I was reminded of how caring our teachers were and how much we learned.

I enjoyed it dearly. In the long-term, I hope to work in curriculum development. Some of the people I met Brianna B. Nysmith expanded my view of what people our age are capable of. It also gave me multiple chances to use my creative abilities. I often saw art in things — assignments, math, science. I also was confident going into academic environments later in life. To a Nysmith student: consider every day as a chance to grow.

How would you describe Nysmith in two to three sentences? Nysmith is a well-connected community in which you can learn from your peers, teachers, and staff. You realize everything you study is integrated! I was Colorado on my to-do list for one of the places to visit. I always liked math! The math at Nysmith was always taught with a real-world context, which made it more interesting.

During middle school, I had swim practice before school five days a week thanks Mom! Throughout my swimming career, I learned that hard work really does pay off, and I translated that to my education and my career as well. I continued swimming competitively, and represented Westfield at the Virginia High School State Championship each year. My dad pushed me towards going to engineering school, where I discovered and majored in Systems Engineering — the perfect major for me — as it combines business, technology, and math.

I also found my love for coffee, tennis, spin classes, Charlottesville and studying at libraries, and made some of my best friends many of which were at or in my wedding this fall! I have been very fortunate to begin my career at Deloitte; Deloitte is similar to Nysmith in several ways — everyone is very intelligent and supportive and everyone brings a unique perspective. Most of my projects have been designing and developing end-to-end analytics tools using the agile methodology, which focuses on the end-users and delivering working software iteratively.

Nysmith allowed me to get way ahead in math — when I went to public high school, I was the only freshman in Calculus. By senior year, I was taking math courses beyond AP. When I went to UVA, I was able to quickly finish the math classes required for my engineering degree and focus on the courses related to my major Systems Engineering and some more-fun electives. This math background has made me a very logical person now — I like to know the facts, the details, and the end-to-end process when tackling problems at work.

This has allowed me to build strong, genuine relationships and I believe, has helped me become more successful. Keep in touch with Nysmith students after you graduate — they go off to do amazing things! I remember having a new digital camera, and taking some panoramic photos of the NYC skyline. I also never missed a dance… do they still have those?! I still have a mark on my right hand from where it landed! No… What state were you?

North Dakota bonus, my country was Bolivia! I liked many of my English teachers like Mrs. Tyson, Mrs. Stephens, and Mr. Stephens despite not really liking the class itself. Outside of school I read a lot of books. I played football in the county league in 6th-8th grade and I also fenced foil for three years in middle school. I do remember talking to my teachers a lot at lunch in middle school. Tyson a decent amount.

I went to Sidwell Friends for high school which was very different than Nysmith. It was in the city and also had a much stronger slant towards liberal arts. My two big activities in high school were running and robotics. I ran cross country, indoor track, outdoor track as a 1mi, 2mi, 5k and steeplechase guy. Robotics then took up much of my time outside of school. We competed in FTC in the fall and underwater robotics in the spring. I also was part of the outing club which did a lot of outdoors trips.

I majored in engineering physics and aerospace engineering with a minor in materials science. I basically specialized in material strength prediction and fracture mechanics of composites and metals, condensed matter physics, and numerical methods. As a result, a lot of my time was taken up taking math and engineering classes.

Outside of school, I was on the board of the climbing club for three years and would frequently go climbing in southern Illinois on weekends and breaks. I also was in Sigma Phi Delta fraternity which was most of my social life outside of the climbing club. Tell us about any of your internships and your current job at Boeing. My only internship in college was at Boeing after junior year.

I was out in Seattle area working in Composite Structural Methods and Allowables which basically comes up with the strength of different materials and the methods to analyze an airplane part. Those tools get passed out to the different airplane programs for use in actually building and designing the aircraft you fly on. For my full time position, I hired into Airframe structural design where I worked on designing parts in the wing.

Seattle is an amazing city and I really like it. It has so much outdoor stuff between hiking, climbing, mountaineering etc that I am always busy on the weekends. The city is also very laid back, has tons of outdoor spaces, great food, and great beer. Contrary to popular belief, it does not rain all the time. The summer is actually like 75 and sunny We got rain about 4 days this summer, hence all the wildfires.

Nysmith was very good at making me do things that I really did not want to do. This was really good because it forced me to get experiences that I would not have gotten had I been left to my own devices. I would not have gone anywhere close to being on stage for a play or something without being required to.

Or, to be up in front of lots of people presenting a science fair project. Because Nysmith forced me to do that, I knew that I was capable of it for those situations later in life where I did have to do public presentations. This could be in terms of math class progression or what books you read in English. Make sure you leverage that in high school. If you belong in a higher math class, push for it. There were more than a couple times in high school that I ended up redoing some things that I had done at Nysmith and not really putting any effort into it.

I think my favorite was I built suspension bridges out of popsicle sticks. I tested how much load they could carry vs how many support towers they had. Place to hang out at Nysmith: I remember spending a lot of time in the courtyard next to the silver wing which had just opened at the picnic tables by the door. Both of those books I currently still have sitting on my bookshelf which is pitifully small. Classroom story involving one of your teachers: I remember Mr.

Stephens in 7th grade giving us a very long lecture with musical demos about how we were miserable at singing happy birthday to someone. He thought we sounded too sad because the beat was too slow. I barely remember being alive in 2nd grade let alone what I did back then. I felt that in all of those classes, I was so easily able to learn new things every day and it seemed like a lot of my classmates enjoyed those subjects too.

It made our days go by quickly, but we would be having so much fun! Both Social Studies and English let my creative side go wild, but still honed the development of my critical thinking skills while Computer class helped me develop my technical and problem solving skills.

All of those skills combined are what helped me figure out what I have been trying to do with my career path at the moment. During my time at Madeira, I made lifelong friends and made some of the best memories I have to look back on. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. I participated in Varsity Tennis my freshman year and was the 4th seed — pretty impressive for a freshman! My sophomore year, I participated in the same sports.

My junior year, I participated in tennis exclusively because at the end of the fall semester, I had surgery on my elbow so I could not play. I still wanted to show my dedication to the team and be there for them as a motivational figure so I signed up as a captain. It was a tough position to be in — I wanted to be playing this sport that I loved so much, but had to watch on the sidelines as all of my teammates excelled. Moving onto my senior year, I was back on the tennis team in the fall semester, I joined the musical as a technical assistant behind stage with fellow Nysmith alum Hannah Cohn as our lead technical stage manager!

During my senior year, I interned with a family friend who is a Forensic Pathologist and that solidified what I was interested in pursuing in college. I attended the summer session before the fall semester started so I could make an easier transition from a small single-ED school to a LARGE co-ed school. You can adjust your preferences at any time through the preference link in any electronic communication that you receive from us.

About the event Date: Thursday, October 7th Time: 9. The event has no cost, but limited capacity. If you are not able to participate on the date of the event, get registered and we will send you the event recording. Serving more than 40, institutions in approximately countries, we provide information, insights, and technology that drive innovation and performance in global markets.

Our year Reuters heritage of integrity enables customers to make critical decisions with confidence, while our unique open platform, best-in-class data, and cutting-edge technology bring greater opportunity to our customers. By advancing our customers, we drive progress for the entire financial community.

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Science Fair Project: Tap dancing science fair project thanks Dad for the help with that!

Bitcoin guru Which factors predict the recovery of natural heart function after insertion of a left ventricular assist system? Science Fair Project: Redox Rocks! Brain tissue fractionation. Permanent mechanical circulatory support in patients of advanced age. SYA is designed specifically so that credits george kfoury forex be transferred smoothly back to American high schools. To make a long story short, rowing in college was similar except that it took less time to go from being awful to being decent. So I made the more info boat, and we had a very special couple years… as a sophomore we won literally everything, were national champions, and this time went back to Henley and actually won it.
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Fibonacci trading forex factory I continued swimming competitively, and represented Westfield at the Virginia High School State Championship each year. The specificity of the antibody for tau oligomers was also confirmed by Western blot using AD human brain homogenates Fig. The research was focused on solutions to mitral valve regurgitation. For example, my team and I george kfoury working forex building SpecrumVR, a virtual reality VR -based intervention to help autistic adolescents improve their social and interpersonal skills. Not specifically anything we did, just that we were there. I barely remember being alive in 2nd grade let alone what I did back then.
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Ico bubble ethereum Clinical report of long-term support with dual Jarvik biventricular assist device. As I noted above, Nysmith really fostered my love of learning! Carlivatti ran as well. Do posttransplant outcomes differ in heart transplant recipients bridged with continuous and pulsatile flow left ventricular assist devices? I also have a little bit of trouble sitting still, so working outside of an office in an environment that was constantly shifting, changing, and asking me to draw on completely different skill sets was very exciting and definitely better suited to my personality! Case 6— Noncardiac in patients with a left ventricular assist device.
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Posterior anterior placenta better homes You can help correct errors and omissions. I also was confident going into academic george kfoury forex later in life. It was in the city and also had a much stronger slant towards liberal arts. Plates were washed one time with TBST containing 0. This turned out to be true, and I was hooked from my first day of class. Tissue and blood were collected at the appropriate time points. How is the landscape of FX trade execution evolving?
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The market plays on the psychology of investors; mastering trading psychology greed, fear is very important to the long-term success of traders. No one has perfect scores in the trading market, and there is no shame in having losses; you have to handle them well.

When it looks like a trend has gone too far, accept it and be patient, wait for when it is about to reverse. Trading is boring. It is a very dull game, even when you are making money. It is full of uncertainties, and the tricky thing is that you have to predict the next market move to make money.

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