Braille punctuation indicator forex

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braille punctuation indicator forex

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A piece of advice: you need to have a good dictionary. If a hyphen is used in print, you need to determine if it is being used to separate a word at the end of a line, or if it is for a compound word. If it is used at the end of a line, you don't need to use a hyphen in braille unless, of course, you are also at the end of a line!

If the hyphen is for a compound word, then follow the print format. Hyphens should never stand alone, and a hyphen should never start the beginning of a new line. In phrases like: six- or seven-story house a space should be used after the hyphen on "six", just like in print. Like in print, no spaces are left before or after hyphens in normal usage. Hyphens are also used to indicate a specific number of omitted letters in a word.

When you see this in print, use one hyphen for each omitted letter, without spacing. Hyphens are always used to separate inclusive dates, such as "". If there is an omission, such as " ", no space is left after the hyphen. Dashes: Dashes are often difficult to recognize or differentiate from hyphens in normal print, but there is a simple rule: Hyphens join, dashes separate. No spaces are left before or after dashes, unless it is used to indicate an incomplete sentence.

You may have a dash at the beginning or end of a sentence, but don't divide a dash between lines! Double Dash: Double dashes are typically used in print to indicate ommisions, such as in: "The judge sentenced Mr. Transcribers are generally encouraged not to "edit". Keep in mind, however, that your task is to make the braille easy for the reader, so don't check your common sense and your judgement at the door!

Number Sign: The number sign occupies an unusual place in braille. Some texts will classify the number sign as a "composition" sign, i. The number sign preceeds the letters "a" through "j" to create the numbers. As for the punctuation indicator. You do need it between "R sub y-axis" and a period. Please see Nemeth Code section The reasoning here could be that "R sub y-axis" is all one expression, which represents one value, so it is technical material and so needs to be separated from punctuation by a punctuation indicator.

July 2, at pm kdejute Moderator Sorry, I meant the y in y-axis did not need a letter sign in this instance. I was thinking x-axis instead of y-axis. Thank you for your reply.

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Introduction to Unified English Braille Part 1

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