What is ncash crypto

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what is ncash crypto

Nucleus Vision is a data driven platform for the retail market that aims to improve retail shopping with the help of blockchain and IoT-based technology. It was founded at Harvard University in with the intention of changing the retail market. Nucleus Vision uses its native blockchain network. nCash token will have in your everyday life as the retail loyalty program of the future. ugotravel.website #blockchain #nCash #crypto" / Twitter. DERBY 2022 BETTING

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The Nucleus Vision technology is bringing a paradigm change in the mode of interactions of merchants with clients in various physical stores using IoT, the result being faster and quicker financial transactions gateway enriching the modern-day retail experience. When a customer visits the retail outlets, the salesman gets fired up and starts jumping onto the customers. Some of the salespersons starts showing their latest range of products even when the customer does not have a need for it.

But some do asks the customers about what exactly they are looking for so that they can offer the best product that suits their needs. Much savings of time and efforts!! The ION sensor device is installed by the store owners in their outlet.

This device uses phone signals for identifying individuals positioned within metres of the device without the requirement of facial recognition, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This data can also be sold to third parties over the same platform. However, customers gain exclusive right over privacy matters regarding whether they wish to divulge such data or not while completing their checkout formalities.

They can even opt for the incognito mode thus sharing their shopping experience without divulging their identity. The retail outlet thus receives real-time details pertaining to the customer on his arrival. Customers can even bag discounts, earn NCash tokens and recommendation offers for sharing their shopping experience. Users are automatically disconnected once they cross over the meter radar of the device which does not track people geographically.

This functional blockchain invention on the other hand earmarked against the retail product industry hopes to deploy of their devices thus gathering information from more than k customers within the end of second quarter. The year-end target is to have active ION devices spread across worldwide retail stores since all it requires to make the operation successful is a basic 3G or 4G internet connection. If that all sounds slightly disturbing, there is one saving factor: Customers must agree to consent before opening a communication channel.

How this might work in the application is a matter of speculation, given that the technology is yet to be deployed. For instance, will a data donor or customer be expected to consent every single time they enter the scope of a data miner? For what it is worth, the white paper also states that data requests should go through the end user first, thus receiving an nCash reward.

What is Nucleus Vision expecting as a customer base? While presumably this will be retailers and business owners, basically anyone can set up a Nitro ION Miner in their front room, perhaps to collate data from a passing pedestrian or visiting relative. A business model can now be unpacked: Third parties might pay Nucleus Vision for access to massive data pools, which Nucleus Vision sources from a network of data miners, paying out incremental rewards as a reward for sharing this data. A Reddit channel is active, although repeated requests for additional product information have gone unanswered.

Staking with nCash Nucleus Vision is running a staking programme until 15 February , where nCash holders can stake a portion of tokens. Be warned that as per the staking guidelines, that all staked tokens must be locked up until the 15 February date in order to achieve any APR return.

If you withdraw your stake before this date, you will receive no return. This is a very long staking period, especially given the volatility of extremely low-cap cryptocurrency projects. Entering the real estate market In June , Nucleus Vision acquired the Indian company Jiffy Charge, the micro real estate marketplace connecting micro real estate owners with brands and customers think Airbnb for micro spaces.

With a circulation supply of 7. A maximum supply is not provided. Data sourced from Coin Market Cap. Where next for Nucleus Vision? Alongside implementing the new Nitro Network branding, hopefully Nucleus Vision will release a more solid proof-of-concept framework for its hardware, so as to inform early-stage investors of the functionality of the Nitro ION Miner and therefore the utility of the nCash token.

Only then will it be possible to determined whether the project will take off or burn out. There are currently 7. Is Nucleus Vision secure?

What is ncash crypto bitcoin cash australia

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