Betting odds decimal to fraction table

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betting odds decimal to fraction table

For decimal odds between and , the formula is as follows: / (decimal odds - 1) = American odds. How do you convert decimal odds to fractional? To. Fractional odds to Decimal odds conversion table ; 1/1 or Evens, ; 11/10, ; 6/5, ; 5/4, Convert odds between Fractional, American and Decimal format and see the implied odds at each. Learn how to convert betting odds using our odds conversion. MAURO BETTING TWITTER SIGN

Stipe Miocic was a slight underdog at 2. We need two formulas for to work out the American odds for each fighter here. To convert this into American odds, we again need two formulas. You can recognize the favorite by evaluating which of the fractional odds equates to less than 1. McGregor stepped into the Octagon as the favorite.

This implied probability is converted into various different odds formats, and can be caculated back again easily too. Read about US Moneyline odds in more detail. The odds are fairly simple to work out in format and are a cross between decimal and fractional odds in their presentation, in that they exhibit the net return similar to fractional odds, but are presented in a decimal format.

To understand Hong Kong odds , the punter should assume that they are placing a 1 unit bet on a selection. The odds reflect the profit that will be obtained from striking that bet. HK odds of 0. Whereas with US betting odds returns are calculated a stake of , in Indonesia, they are calculated to a stake of 1. Read further about Indonesian odds here. For instance, Manchester United are playing Newcastle at home.

Manchester United are available at Indonesian odds of This means a 3 unit bet will give a 1 unit profit and total return of 4 unit. Andy Murray is playing Rafa Nadal in France on a clay court. Murray is available at Indonesian odds of 2. This means for every 1 unit staked, if Murray wins, 2.

Even money bets are quoted as 1. Malay Odds Malay odds are effectively the opposite of US odds. If the number is positive, then it indicates what you will receive for an outlay of 1 unit. For example, odds of 0. So a bet which was An even money bet is indicated as 0. Read more on this here.

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