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erpa eos crypto

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Often, in order to add to our collections of new mineral substances, we found ourselves obliged to throw away others, which we had collected a considerable time before. These sacrifices were not less vex- atious than the losses we accidentally sustained. Sad experience taught us but too late, that from the sultry humidity of the climate, and the frequent falls of the beasts of burden, we could preserve neither the skins of animals hastily prepared, nor the fishes and reptiles placed in phials filled with alcohol.

I enter into these details, because, though little interesting in them- selves, they serve to show that we had no means of bringing back, in their natural state, many objects of zoology and compa- rative anatomy, of which we have published descriptions and drawings. Notwithstanding some obstacles, and the expense occa- sioned by the carriage of these articles, I had reason to applaud the resolution I had taken before my departure, of sending to Europe the duplicates only of the productions we collected.

I cannot too often repeat, that when the seas are infested with privateers, a traveller can be sure only of the objects in his own possession. XIII science. When a ship is condemned in a foreign port, boxes containing only dried plants or stones, instead of being sent to the scientific men to whom they are addressed, are put aside and forgotten.

Some of our geological collections taken in the Pacific were, however, more fortunate. We were indebted for their pre- servation to the generous activity of Sir Joseph Banks, President Of the Royal Society of London, who, amidst the political agita- tions of Europe, unceasingly laboured to strengthen the bonds of union between scientific men of all nations. In our investigations we have considered each phenomenon under different aspects, and classed our remarks according to the relations they bear to each other.

To afford an idea of the method we have followed, I will here add a succinct enumeration of the materials with which we were furnished for describing the volcanos of Antisana and Pichincha, as well as that of Jorullo: the latter, during the night of the 20th of September, , rose from the earth one thousand five hundred and seventy- eight French feet above the surrounding plains of Mexico.

The position of these singular mountains in longitude and latitude was ascertained by astronomical observations. We took the, heights of the different parts by the aid of the barometer, and determined the dip of the needle and the intensity of the mag- netic forces. Our collections contain the plants which are spread over the flanks of these volcanos, and specimens of different rocks which, superposed one upon another, constitute their ex- ternal coat. We are enabled to indicate, by measures sufficiently exact, the height above the level of the ocean, at which we found each group of plants, and each volcanic rock.

Our journals furnish us with a series of observations on the humidity, the temperature, the electricity, and the degree of transparency of the air on the brinks of the craters of Pichincha and Jorullo; they also contain topographical plans and geological profiles of these mountains, founded in part on the measure of vertical bases, and on angles of altitude.

Each observation has been calculated ac- cording to the tables and the methods which are considered most exact in the present state of our knowledge ; and in order to judge of the degree of confidence which the results may claim, we have preserved the whole detail of our partial operations. It would have been possible to blend these different materials in a work devoted wholly to the description of the volcanos of Peru and New Spain. Had I given the physical description of a single province, I could have treated separately everything relating to its geography, mineralogy, and botany; but how could I interrupt the narrative of a journey, a disquisition on the manners of a people, or the great phenomena of nature, by an enumeration of the productions of the country, the description of new species of animals and plants, or the detail of astrono- xiv mical observations.

Had I adopted a mode of composition which would have included in one and the same chapter all that has been observed on one particular point of the globe, I should have prepared a work of cumbrous length, and devoid of that clearness which arises in a great measure from the methodical distribution of matter. Notwithstanding the efforts I have made to avoid, in this narrative, the errors I had to dread, I feel con- scious that I have not always succeeded in separating the obser- vations of detail from those general results which interest every enlightened mind.

These results comprise in one view the climate and its influence on organized beings, the aspect of the country, varied according to the nature of the soil and its vege- table covering, the direction of the mountains and rivers which separate races of men as well as tribes of plants ; and finally, the modifications observable in the condition of people living in different latitudes, and in circumstances more or less favourable to the development of their faculties.

I do not fear having too much enlarged on objects so worthy of attention : one of the noblest characteristics which distinguish modern civilization from that of remoter times is, that it has enlarged the mass of our con- ceptions, rendered us more capable of perceiving the connection between the physical and intellectual world, and thrown a more general interest over objects which heretofore occupied only a few scientific men, because those objects were contemplated separately, and from a narrower point of view.

As it is probable that these volumes will obtain the attention of a greater number of readers than the detail of my observations merely scientific, or my researches on the population, the com- merce, and the mines of New Spain, I may be permitted here to enumerate all the works which I have hitherto published con- jointly with M.

When several works are interwoven in some sort with each other, it may perhaps be interesting to the reader to know the sources whence he may obtain more circumstantial information. Astronomical observations, trigonometrical operations, and ba- rometrical measurements made during the course of a journey to the equinoctial regions of the New Continent, from to This work, to which are added historical researches on the position of several points important to navigators, contains, first, the original observations which I made from the twelfth degree of southern to the forty-first degree of northern latitude ; the tran- sits of the sun and stars over the meridian ; distances of the moon from the sun and the stars; occultations of the satel- lites ; eclipses of the sun and moon ; transits of Mercury over the disc of the sun ; azimuths ; circum-meridian altitudes of the moon, to determine the longitude by the differences of declina- tion ; researches on the relative intensity of the light of the I N T R O D U C T I O N.

Secondly, a treatise on the astronomical refractions in the torrid zone, considered as the effect of the decrement of caloric in the strata of the a i r ; thirdly, the barometric measurement of the Cordillera of the Andes, of Mexico, of the province of Venezuela, of the kingdom Of Quito, and of New Grenada; followed by geological observa- tions, and containing the indication of four hundred and fifty- three heights, calculated according to the method of M.

Laplace, and the new co-efficient of M. Ramond ; fourthly, a table of near seven hundred geographical positions on the New Continent; two hundred and thirty-five of which have been determined by my own observations, according to the three co-ordinates of longitude, latitude, and height. Bonpland has in this work given figures of more than forty new genera of plants of the torrid zone, classed according to their natural families.

The methodical descriptions of the species are both in French and in Latin, and are accompanied by observations on the medicinal properties of the plants, their use in the arts, and the climate of the countries in which they are found. Bonpland has added the plants of the same family, which, among many other rich stores of natural history, M. Richard collected in his interesting expedi- tion to the Antilles and French Guiana, and the descriptions of which he has communicated to us.

Essay on the geography of plants, accompanied by a phy- sical table of the equinoctial regions, founded on measures taken from the tenth degree of northern to the tenth degree of southern latitude. I have endeavoured to collect in one point of view the whole of the physical phenomena of that part of the New Con- tinent comprised within the limits of the torrid zone from the level of the Pacific to the highest summit of the Andes ; namely, the vegetation, the animals, the geological relations, the cultiva- tion of the soil, the temperature of the air, the limit of perpetual snow, the chemical constitution of the atmosphere, its electrical intensity, its barometrical pressure, the decrement of gravitation, the intensity of the azure colour of the sky, the diminution of light during its passage through the successive strata of the air, the horizontal refractions, and the heat of boiling water at different heights.

Fourteen scales, disposed side by side with a xvi profile of the Andes, indicate the modifications to which these phenomena are subject from the influence of the elevation of the soil above the level of the sea. Each group of plants is placed at the height which nature has assigned to it, and we may follow the prodigious variety of their forms from the region of the palms and arborescent ferns to those of the johannesia chu- quiraga, Juss.

These regions form the natural divisions of the vegetable empire ; and as per- petual snow is found in each climate at a determinate height, so, in like manner, the febrifuge species of the quinquina cin- chona have their fixed limits, which I have marked in the bota- nical chart belonging to this essay.

Observations on Zoology and Comparative Anatomy. I have comprised in this work the history of the condor ; experiments on the electrical action of the gymnotus; a treatise on the larynx of the crocodiles, the quadrumani, and birds of the tropics ; the description of several new species of reptiles, fishes, birds, monkeys, and other mammalia but little known. Cuvier has enriched this work with a very comprehensive treatise on the axolotl of the lake of Mexico, and on the genera of the Protei.

That naturalist has also recognized two new species of mastodons and an elephant among the fossil bones of quadrupeds which we brought from North and South America. For the des- cription of the insects collected by M. Bonpland we are indebted to M. Latreille, whose labours have so much contributed to the progress of entomology in our times. The second volume of this w o r k contains figures of the Mexican, Peruvian, and Aturian skulls, which we have deposited in the Museum of Natural His- tory at Paris, and respecting which Blumenbach has published o b - servations in the ' Decas quinta Craniorum diversarum gentium.

Political essay on the kingdom of New Spain, with a phy- sical and geographical Atlas, founded 0n astronomical observations and trigonometrical and barometrical measurements. This work, based on numerous official memoirs, presents, in six divisions, considerations on the extent and natural appearance of Mexico, on the population, on the manners of the inhabitants, their ancient civilization, and the political division of their territory.

It embraces also the agriculture, the mineral riches, the ma- nufactures, the commerce, the finances, and the military defence of that vast country. In treating these different subjects I have endeavoured to consider them under a general point of v i e w ; I have drawn a parallel not only between New Spain, the other Spanish colonies, and the United States of North America, but also between New Spain and the possessions of the Eng- lish in Asia; I have compared the agriculture of the countries situated in the torrid zone with that of the temperate cli- mates ; and I have examined the quantity of colonial produce I N T R O D U C T I O N.

XVII necessary to Europe in the present state of civilization. In tracing the geological description of the richest mining dis- tricts in Mexico, I have, in short, given a statement of the mineral produce, the population, the imports and exports of the whole of Spanish America.

I have examined several ques- tions which, for want of precise data, had not hitherto been treated with the attention they demand, such as the influx and reflux of metals, their progressive accumulation in Europe and Asia, and the quantity of gold and silver which, since the disco- very of America down to our own times, the Old World has re- ceived from the New. The geographical introduction at the be- ginning of this work contains the analysis of the materials which have been employed in the construction of the Mexican Atlas.

Views of the Cordilleras, and monuments of the indigenous nations of the New Continent. I have given in this work a description of the teocalli, or Mexican pyramids, and have com- pared their structure with that of the temple of Belus. I have described the arabesques which cover the ruins of Mitla, the idols in basalt ornamented with the calantica of the heads of Isis ; and also a considerable number of symbolical paintings, representing the serpent-woman the Mexican Eve , the deluge of Coxcox, and the first migrations of the natives of the Aztec race.

I have endeavoured to prove the striking analogies existing between the calendar of the Toltecs and the catasterisms of their zodiac, and the division of time of the people of Tartary and Thibet, as well as the Mexican traditions on the four regenerations of the globe, the pralayas of the Hindoos, and the four ages of Hesiod.

In this work I have also included in addition to the hierogly- phical paintings I brought to Europe , fragments of all the Aztec manuscripts, collected in Rome, Veletri, Vienna, and Dresden, and one of which reminds us, by its lineary symbols, of the kouas Of the Chinese. Together with the rude monuments of the abo- rigines of America, this volume contains picturesque views of the mountainous countries which those people inhabited; for example, the cataract of Tequendama, Chimborazo, the volcano of Jorullo, and Cayambe, the pyramidal summit of which, covered with eternal ice, is situated directly under the equinoctial line.

This work may be considered as the Atlas to the historical narrative of the travels. This influence is so much the more perceptible in proportion as man is farther removed from civilization. I could have added t o this work researches on the character of languages, w h i c h a r e t h e most durable monuments o f nations. I h a v e collected a n u m b e r of materials on the languages o f Ame- rica, o f which MM.

Frederic Schlegel and Vater have made use ; the former in his Considerations on the Hindoos, the latter in his Continuation of the Mithridates of Adelung, in the Ethnographical Magazine, and in his Inquiries into the Population of the New Continent. These materials are now in the hands o f my brother, William von Humboldt, w h o , during his travels in Spain, a n d a long abode at Rome, formed the richest collection o f American vocabularies in existence.

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