Bad crypto pdocast linkin

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bad crypto pdocast linkin

The Bad Crypto Podcast. Online streaming podcast network. twitter-link linkedin-link facebook-link The Bad Crypto Podcast Overview. Founded Year Technologists and crypto-enthusiasts Joel Comm and Travis Wright attempt to demystify the world of bitcoin, blockchain, litecoin, ethereum, alt-coins. We are celebrating 3 years of blockchain and cryptocurrency podcasting here at the line for our Happy Birthday to us episode # of The Bad Crypto Podcast. CRYPTO HEDGE FUNDS LONDON

Don't take anything we say as gospel. Do not come to our homes with pitchforks because you lost money by listening to us. We only share with you what we are learning and what we are investing it. We will never "pump or dump" any cryptocurrencies. Take what we say with a grain of salt. You must research this stuff on your own!

Kind of like a crypto-for-dummies masterclass. What in the world are you listening to? Stay tuned and we promise it will be worth your while. Why is Ripple so fast when you come with these global payments? The circulation on them is approaching 39 bln, but the total supply is closer to bln. What is with the 55 bln in lock-up, in escrow? Jedd was covering Stellar Lumens, which just announced a really big deal with IBM and people want to know when we are going to get the household name announcement from Ripple?

Does the higher price of XRP reflect higher adoption or utilization? As Ripple increases in value, are those transaction costs going to increase like they did with Bitcoin? When do you see a complete flippening happening from fiat to crypto with mass adoption? Is that just rumor or truth? The word is: Coinbase. What are your experiences with getting listed on some of these changes and what are some of the costs associated with being listed? I think Bitcoin does solve a problem; it is a store of value, it is digital gold.

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Bad Crypto Podcast bad crypto pdocast linkin

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Erin Cell, Producer, Bad Crypto Podcast Exit Poll from Consensus 2019

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