Geforce 1080 afterburner ethereum

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geforce 1080 afterburner ethereum

Once you get artifacts or a lockup, back down 25 to 50 MHz and typically that is your stable result in it's highest threshold -- under the. I have two EVGA GeForce GTX Ti FTW3 running together at W with combined hashrate of 64Mh/s. They are mining ETH on's. MSI Afterburner 'fast' Ethereum mining settings on FE (the GTX and GTX ) really weren't happy with memory overclocking. VICTORIA JOHNSTON BETTER PLACED HR

As a result, the driver crashes when you turn off or restart the mining software. It's important to note that switching from P2 to P0 doesn't make a hash rate higher. It just enhances stability when you turn your mining software on or off and reboot it. Another important thing is that Force P2 state is restored anytime you install a new Nvidia graphics card, so make sure to double-check.

Miners had to increase energy consumption to maintain the hash rate which affected energy efficiency. It's important to note that with each new Ethereum epoch they change every four days energy consumption of Nvidia GTX 10xx graphics cards will increase by a bit until it reaches the GPU max power limit.

It can happen approximately in 1. The problem was fixed for the 16xx, 20xx, and 30xx. Turn on the mining software without overclocking. The GPU starts consuming less power and the temperature goes down. At some point, the speed will start falling.

Start raising the core clock little by little. The speed lost at Step 2 must be fully restored now. However, after the release of ETHlargementPill-r2 that lowers timings for this type of memory, they started mining Ether quite successfully. The pill makes memory less stable and lowers max overclocking potential. For the earliest GTX card revisions Rev. A the pill is unstable even at standard clocks, so to ensure GPU stability you have to lower the memory clock. If the mining software is still unstable after that, you should use the soft alternative to the pill for such GPUs.

The higher you set this parameter, the more it lowers timings but also stability. After you successfully activate the pill or apply the —mt parameter, follow the same overclocking process as with the and The overclocking algorithm is simple.

Lower PL to the min value. Check whether higher PL leads to a higher hash rate. If it does which it does for some and Ti models , find the max hash rate you can obtain by raising PL. Do the following steps next. The and Ti overclocking is the same as with the 20xx series. So make sure to limit your GPU appetite. The is easy to overclock. The first step is to overclock the memory to the stable maximum.

Then lower PL. Go back by a few percent. At some point when you lower PL, the core clock may start fluctuating, going below 1 GHz from time to time and then going back in a second. It means that the graphics card doesn't have enough Power Limit. This effect is called throttling. When the card heats and fans are overclocked, make sure to raise PL a little.

Nvidia includes the fan power consumption into PL, so the core may start lacking power. The bottom line is that you shouldn't over-constrain PL. You will get the best result on Windows 7 by setting the core voltage at mV and lowering the core clock. With good memory you will get a hash rate of In this case first you need to restore the operating mode after reloading, and only then activate mining. Otherwise, the driver will crash periodically. It makes no sense to save 10 W per GPU.

The core is excessively powerful for Ethereum mining, so you should limit it as much as you can first, without throttling. Then you can overclock the memory. Windows overclocking. Bring the memory clock to a minimum. It should be around MHz. Start setting the voltage in the lower range mV — mV — mV — mV. Find the value that brings the memory clock down to MHz P3 state , and make one step up from it.

Make sure that the memory clock is now above MHz. Lower the core to the min value. Activate mining. Then you have two options. Then you can raise the clock a little and check whether the hash rate is growing. If it is, keep raising the clock until you reach the limit. Find the limit after which the core starts fluctuating and falling below 1 GHz.

Just keep in mind that the acts as the excessively overclocked with a weak power supply. Furthermore, it lowers stability. Such systems make overclocking easy. I was able to get This can vary though! When I set my power to 74, performance degraded, so you must try different settings to tweak your GPU. Monitor closely for stability before leaving unattended.

When done testing, click the windows icon to apply settings at windows startup automatically! Share your final results in the comments below! Go to the search the web and windows box next to the windows startup icon and type in run.

When the run window pops up type in shell:startup Now you should be in the startup folder where you can add batch files. Right-click and select paste or you can click the home tab and select paste.

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GTX 1080 Ti Overclocking for Mining Ethereum (How to MAXIMIZE HASHRATE)

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GTX 1080Ti Ethereum Classic Mining Test 2021

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