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pegasys ethereum

Developers can now access the tools needed to manage a full-scale Enterprise Ethereum network through Microsoft's tech marketplace. Alto Palo had partnered with PegaSys, a leading company in enterprise ethereum space. Our team has offered ethereum blockchain solution using WP. PegaSys Teku is an Ethereum client built to enterprise standards to accelerate businesses' ability to stake on the network. The Teku client enables. CBS MARCH MADNESS PREDICTIONS

What is your role sort of in the broader ConsenSys community and also in the theorem space? What are your interactions with other teams and other client teams and protocol engineering teams out there? Rob: Yep. We sort of have done done work with Truffle to make sure that we work well with Truffle as well. So making sure that we keep the beautiful decentralized parts of Ethereum really strong while also helping to push forward and ensure that the protocol does grow to be the great protocol it wants to be.

Sebastien: Would you say that within ConsenSys there is this push to get the quality of all the different software coming out of all the different spokes at this Enterprise grade quality and is PegaSys pushing that, is it coming from PegaSys or is it coming sort of a top-down and being brought on to every spoke? I think quite a number of spokes that are really really pushing hard. So it sort of depends on where a spoke is at in its lifecycle I guess. And so for those spokes actually really focusing on the quality is really important.

They might lean more towards trying out the new idea. Sebastien: And then with regards to your interaction with other teams, and so for example, like the Geth and Parity client team, coming from this background of Enterprise and also working with Enterprise building this client, how have your interactions been with there with those other teams?

How would you describe you the interactions with the other teams on this front? Why did you decide to build another Ethereum client? Why not just use Geth and Parity or maybe branch off from them. What was the desire here? Sebastien: Can you talk about why this license is problematic for Enterprise and why Apache because I know that also Hyperledger built everything on Apache for that exact reason. You should have a conversation at some time with Jim Jagielski.

Essentially it comes down to the fears around the viral nature of the GPL sort of license. Whether or not those fears are valid and whether or not how that that really plays out. Sebastien: Okay, that makes sense. So in the GPL license these open source licenses, I guess force users of those software to also open source the things that they built with it.

And so having that consistent infrastructure I think really helps those those sorts of groups. Then you can talk about Pantheon being a part of that and being able to run that in your Java sort of world and make that fit in really well with you there. And so this is kind of nice sort of arc that fits in well for an Enterprise there. Sebastien: Okay, and in my experience in the time that I spent working with Enterprise and trying to convince big companies to start using blockchain etc, so in to late companies were not at all or very little at least thinking about using mainnet and using public chains, a lot of companies were looking at implementing permission chains, what seems very complicated now I think back on it.

Why do you think that companies should be on mainnet? And is that something that you guys are pushing towards? I think that Enterprises will definitely have multiple different chains and multiple different that multiple different chains that they communicate with, having a client that helps make it easy to communicate to a different chains is going to be absolutely essential.

I think the spot at which the cross chain communication happens is going to be an interesting place for research and development over the next months and years. And so how that communication across side chains or across shards sort of happens. I think will be an interesting topic. Sebastien: Have you guys given any thought to how Enterprise might also become stakeholders of the main chain?

So in Ethereum like the beacon chain, do you envision a future where large companies or sets of companies working with Ethereum implementing side chains, shards are also stakeholders of a future Ethereum proof of stake network, or are they just out of tagging along for the ride and using the shared security without any specific stake?

But I think it makes sense. You think this is something that companies are going to want to interact with in the future. But I do imagine that organizations are going to want to be able to influence the direction of the protocol. So we have a good really good system in place for for permissioning and being able to control who can join the network and who can submit transactions. Rob: Yeah, as we as we sort of improve that will be working towards that so at the moment within that the challenge that we need to solve for is what happens in the case of chain reorgs and and how to handle that is where the kind of the challenge in that.

But then you could have sort of a little permissioned private chain or private smart contract happening on the Ethereum of main chain. Rob: So I think the vision is close to that but slightly different and so within that privacy sort of world you would be able to deploy a smart contract to the main chain. And so your first transaction would be deploying a smart contract and then future transactions would be interacting with that smart contract.

And so only participants in that privacy group is what we sort of call it would be able to see anything more than a hash of the transaction. Sebastien: Okay are any companies doing this right now on the mainnet? Rob: Not on the mainnet. How does permissioning work? Then we have sort of our node level commissioning.

So the node level commissioning is being able to have a white list of which e-nodes are able to connect to the network. And so the peer-to-peer network is not broadcasting out to everyone in the world. And so the account level permissioning is restricting which accounts can I guess having again a white list of accounts that are able to submit transactions that are able to do different types of transactions. Yeah that will make a lot of sense in a consortium setting you obviously you only want the members of the consortium people to access this the blockchain and then you might have other permission considerations for the types of API calls that each of the nodes can send to the network and then also like accounts and things like that.

And then the actual sort of management piece. Sebastien: So moving on now to the third P or C, the consensus algorithm. So you guys are working on this IBFT algorithm. Is that correct? Rob: Right. PegaSys is providing an implementation of the specification for private transactions. What's the solution? This guest blog post is made by the PegaSys team and is to be posted on the Truffle blog and promoted by both teams in order to add code to Truffle codebase to add support for them.

The solution involves using a Delegation pattern to help make that work. If so, it would delegate the rest of the business logic to the EEA library. If not, it should just continue processing the transaction with the original web3 methods. Also, it would be very useful to make sure this plays nicely with the getTransactionReceipt methods later in the chain of events.

What to do Exactly? The web3-shim. Who can do this?

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