The jerusalem conference took place between pauls second and third missionary journeys

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the jerusalem conference took place between pauls second and third missionary journeys

As he completes his 3rd Missionary Journey Paul is now compelled by the Spirit to go to Jerusalem. Stopping to say farewell to churches along the way, Paul is. Acts - So these two (Barnabas and Paul), sent at the Holy Spirit's command, went down (from Syrian Antioch [1]) to Seleucia [2] and from there sailed. Council of Jerusalem, a conference of the Christian Apostles in Jerusalem about Paul and his subsequent missionary journeys are given a prominent place. SOLIDITY LANGUAGE ETHEREUM

What about a fireman that goes into a burning building to rescue someone who is inside? Would he have to be brave? Today we are going to learn about someone in the bible who was very brave. Many people told Paul it was dangerous to go to the city of Jerusalem but the Holy Spirit told him to do the brave thing and go. What do you think Paul chose to do? In particular, if you are teaching younger children I would suggest choosing only one part of the story to concentrate on.

Paul was a missionary who travelled to many places teaching people about Jesus. Paul wanted everyone to know that Jesus had died on the cross for them and that he had risen from the dead. Paul knew that it was time to go to Jerusalem and began the long trip.

As he travelled the Holy Spirit also began warning Paul that going to Jerusalem meant that he would have many hardships and even go to prison. Paul knew that obeying God sometimes means that we have to do very difficult things. Paul wanted to get to Jerusalem before the special celebration called Pentecost so he travelled quickly. Sometimes he walked but most of the time he sailed with his friends on a ship. But even though he was in a hurry he sent word for some of his friends from Ephesus to meet him in a place along the way called Miletus.

These friends were elders and Paul told them to always take care of the church in Ephesus. It was their responsibility to be leaders and always help people follow Jesus. After they had prayed together Paul told them goodbye. The elders did not want Paul to leave and go to Jerusalem. Especially when he told them that there would be dangers there and that he would never see him again. But Paul continued on his journey. When the ship stopped in the city of Tyre Paul visited the disciples there.

As he left the men, women and children in the church walked with Paul all the way to the beach and prayed with him before he got back on the ship. Paul met with the Christians there and stayed in the home of Philip, the evangelist. A prophet called Agabus also lived in Caesarea.

When Agabus heard that Paul wanted to go to Jerusalem he acted out a prophecy to show Paul the future. But Paul knew what he must do. Even though there was danger he would go where the Holy Spirit was guiding him to go. Paul had obeyed God and now God would use Paul in amazing new ways. In Jerusalem James, the brother of Jesus, was a leader in the church. Paul told James and others in the church about his Missionary Journeys and how both Jews and Gentiles had become followers of Jesus. But there were many arguments and angry people in Jerusalem.

James and the other Christians advised Paul that he should be careful to show that he respected the Jewish people so Paul went to the temple and participated in a ceremony. But some of the Jews got very angry and told lies about Paul. They said he had shown disrespect in the temple by falsely accusing him of bringing a Gentile into the Temple area where only Jews were allowed to go. It is not clear when Peter came to Antioch and was confronted by Paul Gal —14 , but making yet another conclusion perhaps it was after Paul had planted the Galatian churches thus, AD Acts Paul then went to the Jerusalem council in Acts —29 a year or so later AD 49 , an event probably not the same as what Paul records in Gal —10 another debated issue.

This conclusion is supported in that 1 Paul does not mention the Acts 15 conclusions in Galatians and 2 Luke describes the Acts 15 council as public cf. Acts , 12, 22 while Paul describes Gal as a private meeting cf. Gal

The jerusalem conference took place between pauls second and third missionary journeys crypto virus file name


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The jerusalem conference took place between pauls second and third missionary journeys learn more about bitcoins

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