How to read mlb odds

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how to read mlb odds

Which team will win? The moneyline for MLB odds operates in the same capacity as every other sport with a moneyline. A moneyline bet is a bet on the winner. A baseball run line is a point spread or handicap bet. Bets are based on a point spread. So if Houston is at + runs at odds of + and Chicago is at -. Next to the run line, you'll find odds like those you'd see on the moneyline. For most MLB games, these will be in the range of to , indicating the. ALTERNATE CRYPTO CURRENCY EXCHANGE

It's not necessarily the most interesting all the time because of the monotony of an endless season, but the bottom line makes that occasional dreariness more than worthwhile. I suspect that what keeps many people away from baseball is the perceived difficulty of reading baseball betting lines. Understanding how to read MLB lines and odds doesn't have to be tough, though. Sure, it's different than football, basketball and the other point spread sports, but once you get your mind around how the lines work it is actually easier to deal with in many ways than a point spread is.

A money line is simply a bet on which team is going to win a game. Unlike with a point spread, it makes absolutely no difference how much a team wins by as long as they win the game. Of course, it would be incredibly easy to make money over the long term if all you had to do was pick the better team, but it's not that simple. The sports books have to have some way of evening out the chances of the two teams - making a bet on a heavy underdog as attractive as a bet on a heavy favorite - or they would go broke.

In football or basketball they do that with a point spread. On the money line they do that by changing the cost of a bet. If you were to bet the same amount on two different teams, you would win more than you bet on the team that was an underdog, and make a profit of less than you bet if you chose the favorite. The money line is most often presented as a number larger than , and it can either be positive or negative. A number that is or lower is a favorite, and the more negative the number is, the more of a favorite the team is.

Minus means favorite. Plus means underdog. Lock it in! Run Lines: Another form of baseball betting getting increasingly popular is run line betting. In this type of bet, the favored team is given a mini point-spread of In other words, the favorite must win by two runs, while the underdog team can lose by a run and the bet would win. Los Angeles Dodgers The Dodgers are Los Angeles at Therefore, they need to win by 2 or more runs for a bet to be considered a winner.

Totals: A big part of baseball wagering is totals betting. Next to a game that is available for betting, you will see a number that has been posted by the bookie. It will look like this: Baltimore Orioles vs. If you think the combined score of both teams will not surpass 7. Again, the hard part of baseball betting is showing a profit over the long-haul.

The points connected to all the nuances of baseball wagering are endless.

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how to read mlb odds

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