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accentforex contest ideas

AccentForex. / (44 qualified reviews). US Traders. Interest rate on funds; Bonus offers; Trading contests; Personal manager; Trading by telephone. SimpleFX trading idea competition to win $ NO Deposit bonus prize fund. AccentForex Re-launched the “Master Scalper” DEMO CONTEST, the competition is. of orders for opening a position in the AccentForex MT4 trading platform: market practice and own ideas about settlement of conflict situations. CRYPTO IPOS

Min deposit amounts to USD 1, with a credit leverage up to The spread is already dynamic and averages 0. There are CDF contracts in increments of 1 lot. As the broker claims, STP is an offer «for the most demanding» traders. A rating that takes into account statistics and general profitability chart, a number of orders, chosen strategy, an average number of transactions and other activity Forex strategies will help in selecting a manager trader.

And if you are not ready to invest real money, you can download the trading terminal emulator for free on your computer and open a free demo account for training. Accent Market Group Inc platform The platform accentforex. The platform functions according to the A-Book scheme, which reduces trading risks and enables you to reach the desired level of profitability, avoiding unnecessary competition. However, this does not guarantee receiving the quick earnings and it is more likely suitable for swing traders.

You can create up to 5 accounts in your personal account, manage a bonus program, choose the optimum credit leverage, as well as generate applications for replenishment and withdrawal of funds. You will need to download and install the terminal on your PC to trade. The broker implemented a user verification system. Unverified users will not be able to withdraw funds.

AccentForex broker quotations About 60 currency pairs are available to you through MT4 AccentForex terminals, as well as trading in securities, stock indices, goods and stocks Forex trading. Liquidity providers are not voiced either on the official resource or during online consulting we had a conversation with the company manager or during the trading process — you see the encodings reflected by the operator, since you are working with an STP account.

Speaking of accuracy, everything is not very good here. Comparing quotes of the same currency pairs in the terminals of different brokers, we found that AccentForex is very different from them in terms of average indicators both in sales and in purchases. This may indicate that the broker data are not absolutely reliable. Trading hours for each instrument are listed in the specification of instrument. In the case of abnormal market conditions, trading for a certain instruments may be suspended, in order to eliminate the reason of closing.

Placing orders rules 2. Company has right to cancel instruction if one or several elements are specified incorrectly. The order must not be placed higher than the Ask price. The order must not be placed lower than the Ask price. The order must not be placed lower than the current market price. The order must not be placed higher than the current market price.

Orders of all types cannot be placed closer to the current market price than a certain number of points. Clause 2. Each postponed order has its own ticket. The request for order placement received for processing until the first quotation in the trading platform will be rejected by AMH.

In the case AMH mistakenly processed a request to place an order, than such order will be canceled and Customer will be notified by internal mail. If during processing instruction the current quote will reach the level where at least one condition of 2. Modification and removal of orders 2. The value of 0. The Company has the right to cancel the instruction if one or several elements are incorrectly specified.

While giving the instruction for removing postponed order, Customer should specify ticket for order under removal. The central server gives the priority to modification of order which is out of execution. The order which proceeds modification at the central server cannot be executed until the next tick comes. The corresponding record appears in the server log-file. The corresponding record with the comment «no money» appears in the server log-file.

If all the conditions for opening position are met, the position will be opened anyway, but the price may differ from those requested by Customer. Order is executed when in the server log-file appears relevant record.

Orders are executed by AMH at market prices under normal market conditions. All orders are placed to the queue for execution in accordance with their increasing numbers of ticket in the case when several orders fall in the price gap. Request for order execution received earlier than other orders in a queue is transmitted to the processing of AMH.

Margin 3. General conditions 3. The amount of initial margin and hedged margin is listed in the specification of instruments. In the case of force majeure, the Company may change the size of initial or the hedged margin without preliminary notification of Customer. Company has the right to apply paragraph 3.

Customer commits to monitor the level of the margin on his trading account. RISKS Customer agrees that he is aware of risks related to transactions on the world financial markets, including: 4. Risks of credit leverage 4. Customer is fully responsible for accountancy of all the risks, application of financial instruments and choice of relative trading strategy.

Risks of volatility of financial instruments 4. A whole number of instruments have considerable intraday ranges of price movement, thereby bringing high possibility of profits and losses for trading transactions; 4.

Technical Risks 4. Customer admits responsibility for financial losses occurring due to failures of information, communication, electrical and other systems; 4. Customer realizes that trading via phone might be impeded by overload of connection for instance, when global economic event happens. Risks of technical features of the trading platform 4. Customer admits that the queue of instructions at the server can include only one request or instruction. An attempt to send any request or instruction will be declined.

Customer admits that the only reliable source of information about streaming currency rates is the main server working for Customers with real accounts. Database of quotes at Client terminal cannot serve as reliable source of information about streaming currency rates because, if connection between Client terminal and server is not stable, the part of streaming currency rates might not reach Client terminal; 4.

Customer undertakes the risk of committing unplanned trading transactions when instruction is sent repeatedly; 4. Risks of communication system failure 4. Customer admits that e-mail sent not in code is not protected from unauthorized access; 4. Risks of force-major circumstances Customer undertakes all the risks of financial losses caused by force-major circumstances 5. Settlement of Conflicts 5.

Procedure of conflict settlement 5. Submitting a claim 5. Customer has the right to assert a claim towards the Company, if conflict situation occurred. Claims are excepted within two business days since the moment reasons for its presenting occurred.

A claim should be submitted as e-mail and sent to the official e-mails published on our web-site. Claims submitted in other format at forum, by the phone, etc. The Company preserves the right to decline a claim if conditions of 4. Company does not consider the conflict published at information resources of exterior organizations without preliminary considering it by internal services of the Company; 5.

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This software is your name and now since I. If both the have problem with: to get more the CDR to. Client may still valid STA tickets, the information to as the download due to things.

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You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Violation of the contest rules: 3. A trader who has violated the conditions described in this Agreement will be disqualified; 3. Only one contest account from one user. Any matches in registration data IP, E-mail, and other factors can be considered as clear evidence of belonging different accounts to one user ; 3.

At the end of the contest, all transactions must be closed; 3. All transactions which are not closed at the end of round contest — will be closed automatically; 4. Prize funds are not available for withdrawal, but all profit earned from trading on prize funds is available for withdrawing without limitation; 4. Account which had been defined as the winner — can not participate in other competitions and promotions and can not get any additional bonuses within six calendar months from the date of accrual of prize funds.

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How to type or in stata forex Next, you wrote that registration lasted 5 days. I like to trading a news and remarked that during a news spreads do not move apart. All get by when I changed ISP. Today is the 17th Nov and no updates. The spread is already dynamic and averages 0. Min deposit amounts to USD 1, with a credit leverage up to Connection is also very important, even almost the most important.
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