How to help the world become a better place to live

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how to help the world become a better place to live

In what way do you want to make the world a better place? Notice any small daily actions that point you in that direction. They help give your life a sense. Thinking machines: Can there be? Are We? D. Partridge, Y. Wilks (Eds.), The Foundations of Artificial Intelligence, Cambridge Univ. Press (). Reduce the waste you produce and compost. PRIMA SCOPERTA DEL PETROLIO INVESTING

We can all benefit from these things. What they all have in common is that these things can all inspire others to follow suit. Whatever way you choose to help the world become better, your actions have the power to inspire the people around you. And that's how you can make the world a better place. Stand up for equality A lot of the world's human conflicts can be traced back to inequality.

Whenever a group of people is treated unfairly, there is going to be a conflict eventually. And the world will be a worse place because of it. Whether that's: Mistreatment of anyone who doesn't follow the rules of the Bible. The still existing gender pay gap. Hate speech. You have the power to speak up about it. Even though you are not directly experiencing any negative effects of these inequalities, you can make the world a better place by speaking up and acknowledging your own stance. So the next time your colleague makes a slightly sexist joke, or you see someone being mistreated because of their sexuality, just know that you have the power to show your disapproval.

Stop consuming animal products I recently shared a newsletter in which I talked about my personal view on sustainability in the world. As a result, a lot of our subscribers said "screw this shit, I'm outta here! In fact, it was the worst email newsletter I ever sent if you looked at the number of unsubscribes and spam complaints.

It showed me that a lot of people don't want to be faced with the urgent message that we need to reduce our consumption of animal products. So I won't bother you with those pesky details in this article. If you want to know more about how your consumption of animal products impacts the world, here's a decent resource.

As I stated in the introduction, I want to focus on the positives, so here goes: We recently surveyed over ten thousand Americans and asked about their lifestyle. If you want to make the world a better place, I would argue that sustainable behavior is a fairly safe gamble. While it may require some sacrifices, rewards like psychological well-being and satisfaction, and the continued existence of natural resources, make at least trying worth it.

Be happier I started Tracking Happiness this website a long time ago. At the time, it was just a small one-man show. A tiny blog. This tiny blog was entirely focused on happiness. Its message was that the most important thing in life is - you guessed it - your happiness. Nothing else. Wealth, success, love, adventures, fitness, sex, fame, whatever. It all doesn't matter, as long as you're happy. After all, happiness is correlated to all kinds of positive things, from confidence to creativity.

It's because there's a lot of proof that shows that more happiness in the world would lead to fewer conflicts. Also, being happy at what you do makes you better at what you do. The point I'm trying to make here is that the world is not only better with you in it. The world would be a better place if you were as happy as you can.

We all deserve to be happy. If you focus more on your own happiness, you're indirectly making the world a better place. Spread your happiness to others Now that we know that a happy world is a better world, it must be clear why it's important to spread happiness to others.

Studies have found that laughter is contagious and that the act of smiling can help make you feel happier. Our tendency to mimic the facial expressions and body language of those around us can have a powerful effect on our moods. But spreading happiness is not only a great way to make the world a better place, it's also surprisingly effective at making ourselves happier. By trying to lift the mood of others, we will indirectly lift our own happiness as well. How can you put this to practice?

Smile to a stranger. Laughter is one of the best remedies for sadness. Do something nice for somebody else, a random act of kindness. Make a compliment to somebody else and notice how it affects their happiness. Allow yourself to be vulnerable Being vulnerable is often thought of as being weak. This is especially true for men, even though most of them are probably not aware of it including yours truly.

I'll use myself as an example: I often find it hard to show my emotions, especially around people that I don't personally care about. If a colleague has a terrible day at work, I'm probably the last guy in the room to give that person a hug. It's not that I don't want to be compassionate, it's just that I grew up with the idea that needing support is a sign of weakness.

As if asking for help is somehow bad. This train of thought has kept me from showing appreciation , love and compassion, even though I really wish I should have. I try to get rid of this notion, and it's proving to be a challenge so far. But I believe the world would be a better place if more people tried to let their guards down. Here's a great article that contains actionable ways to show compassion.

Be a volunteer Most people see volunteering as a good and noble endeavor, but many are reluctant to actually volunteer. Volunteering is a fantastic way to make the world a better place. Most volunteers spent their time helping those who need it most. By doing so, they are indirectly reducing the amount of inequality in the world which was the first thing to do in this article. It may not come as a surprise that volunteering is also proven to positively enhance your own happiness.

A study found that people who volunteer consistently report to be healthier both physically and mentally than those who do not. Another important finding of this study was that those who were less well socially integrated benefited the most, meaning that volunteering may be a way to empower groups who are socially excluded otherwise. Pick up trash Picking up trash is probably the most actionable way to make the world a better place, from an environmental and ecological point of view.

There's simply nothing that stops you from going out right now, to bring an empty trash bag and to fill it by picking up trash. Depending on where you live, you can fill one or two bags of trash by just going for a minute walk around the block. Even though this may seem like an inconsequential thing to do, you should not underestimate the power of inspiration here. Whenever I've gone out to pick up trash myself, I've had multiple people stop by for a quick chat. They all let me know how much they think that it's amazing that somebody spends their free time picking up trash.

As an indirect result, I believe these people are more inclined to think twice before throwing out their garbage on the street. In fact, there's a growing movement of people that go out there to pick up trash in their free time.

There is even a subreddit with over , members that talk about their experiences picking up trash. That's probably because picking up trash is one of the simplest and most actionable ways to help make the world a better place. Don't judge others too soon Have you ever noticed how easy it is to judge others, without actually knowing what they're dealing with?

I'm unfortunately a perfect example of this questionable habit. I recently saw an overweight man riding a bicycle. The shirt he was wearing was undersized and his pants were a little down. As a result, he showed a massive buttcrack to everyone he passed on the street. According to most standards, this was not a pretty sight.

My girlfriend - having a better functioning moral compass than I have - quickly pointed out that I have no idea what shit he may be dealing with. It's so easy to judge others for the way they look, dress, behave or appear. What we don't know is how quickly our way of thinking becomes adapted to those negative judgmental thoughts.

Especially when nobody ever speaks up about your negativity. I'm happy my girlfriend made me realize how judgmental I was. Hell, maybe I should have asked her to write this article instead of me. I recently saw this image on Twitter, that perfectly encapsulates what I mean here: — the Awkward Yeti Nick Seluk theawkwardyeti June 11, My point here is that judging others comes easy for most of us. It's tempting to point out flaws in other people, as it makes us feel better about ourselves.

There is a pressing need to educate and sensitise the masses about the harmful effects of plastic and styrofoam. While plastic usage not only affects the environment, the carcinogens emitted from styrofoams can also cause cancer. Proper awareness can play an instrumental role in creating an environment movement among the masses on the use of non-plastic and styrofoam products. Also Read:7 smart, everyday ways to save water before it's too late 3. Shift to biodegradables: While plastic takes years and years to decompose, biodegradable products can decompose within months of their disposal.

These products are fully compostable and turn into manure for the soil. It is important to provide the world with "good garbage" by using compostable products instead of plastic. Plastic bags can be substituted with paper bags, plastic covers can be replaced with cloth or paper covers. And most importantly, the use of plastic and styrofoam tableware products, which is dominating the India food consumer market, needs to be replaced by biodegradable tableware.

Switch to carpools: One of the biggest factors for the increase in our carbon footprint is pollution by automobiles. The rising number of cars is not only a nuisance but a major source of harmful green house gases. Using carpools and local transportation services automatically limits the number of automobiles on the road. Picture courtesy: Pinterest 5.

Plant more trees: While it requires making just a small effort, the thought behind the effort is the most difficult task for people today. From lowering air temperature to absorbing carbon dioxide -- the benefits of trees are innumerable. The net cooling effect of a tree is equivalent to 10 room-size air conditioners that operate 20 hours a day.

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How Can We Make the World a Better Place?

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