Bethlehem israel jesus birthplace nazareth

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bethlehem israel jesus birthplace nazareth

The Church of the Nativity is on the site in Bethlehem where Jesus Christ is thought to have been born. Photograph by Walter Bibikow, Getty. Jesus was born in Bethlehem, but his home was in Nazareth. That is where he lived with his mother Mary and Joseph. According to the Gospel of Matthew, the first Gospel in the canon of the New Testament, Joseph and Mary were in Bethlehem when Jesus was born. INTERACTIVE BROKERS FOREX ROLLOVER RATES

The small area of land to the east that is directly associated with the ensemble, is known to contain as yet systematically unexamined and largely undisturbed evidence of occupation and burial from the early centuries AD back to at least the mid-2nd millennium BC. The approach to the Church via Star Street and Paul VI Street retains the street width and line fossilized by urban development since c.

The traditional 19th and 20th yellow limestone buildings either side of this route incorporate traditional design and appearance, with living accommodation above and workshops at street level opening out on to the street. These are not part of the property but need to be protected and conserved as part of the approach to the church. The roof structure of the main Church is highly vulnerable to lack of maintenance and repair. Great urban pressure is acknowledged in the surrounding urban areas, to which largely unregulated tourism and traffic contribute.

New constructions, some large, are disturbing the traditional urban fabric near the Church of the Nativity and are having a negative impact on views to and from the property ,and on its sense of place and spiritual associations.

Authenticity Located on the spot believed to be the Birthplace of Jesus Christ for some years, the Church of the Nativity is one of the most sacred Christian sites in the world since at least the 4th century AD up to the present. The sanctity of the site is maintained by the three churches occupying it. The construction of the church in AD above the grotto, and its reconstruction in AD, commemorates the birth of Jesus and attests to seventeen hundred years-long tradition of belief that this grotto was indeed the birthplace of Jesus Christ.

The association of the place that was believed to be the birthplace of Jesus is documented from the 4th century AD and from then on the buildings added to it have been constructed to enhance this religious significance. The majority of the existing church today dates beck to the 6th century AD, but retains part of the 4th century floor and some parts of its walls and columns, and have 12th century and later additions that are obvious in the icon painting on the columns of the church.

The 12th century additions reflect the Crusades that led to one of the upsurges in pilgrimage activity. From medieval times the church has been supported by monastic communities for which there is strong material evidence. The buildings of one of the monastic complexes date back to at least the 12th century while there is evidence under the others for earlier monastic buildings dating to the 12th century. Apart from the Armenian Convent, most of their current apparent structures date from the 19th and 20th centuries.

All elements of the church associated with the original church, its re-building in the 6th century, and its alterations in the 12th century need to be clearly identified and a conservation plan agreed to ensure repair and restoration respect as much as possible of the existing fabric that is crucial to understanding its significance.

The Church of the Nativity and its monastic complexes and the town of Bethlehem developed in tandem over the centuries. The current lack of control of development, traffic and tourism in the immediate urban surroundings of the Church is threatening this relationship and the ability of the property to convey fully its spiritual links. The management is currently supplemented by an advisory committee formed by the Palestinian President. A technical plan for the restoration of the roof of the Church of the Nativity has been developed by the advisory committee that was formed by the Palestinian president in full cooperation with the three churches in charge of the church.

Intervention to restore the roof of the church was indicated as a priority by the international team who worked on the plan, and the works are expected to start during the year. A Conservation Strategy needs to be developed for the Church of the Nativity to guide the repair and restoration of the roof and future conservation interventions in order to optimise retention of the fabric relating to the 4th, 6th and 12th century interventions. Such a Strategy should synthesize the conclusions of the detailed investigative reports into a clear statement of the significances of the various elements within a comprehensive conservation philosophy for the proposed work.

Conservation Plans also need to be developed for the other ecclesiastical buildings. The nearest water is in Wady el Melek, on the north Ras el 'Ain , and at the springs near Muwarah on the south. Beit Lahm had about 55 inhabitants; all Muslims. British Mandate period[ edit ] In the census of Palestine conducted by the British authorities , Bait Lam had a population of ; Christians and Muslims. In , Templer functionaries appealed to Paul von Hindenburg and the Foreign Office not to use swastika symbols for German institutions in Palestine and voiced opposition to the boycott of German Jewish shops.

On 20 August the German government called on German Christians in Palestine to join the Wehrmacht and men enlisted. In summer , German internees, mostly young families with children, were deported to Australia , leaving those who were too old or sick. In December and in the course of another German internees, mostly wives and children of men who had enlisted in the Wehrmacht, were released - via Turkey - to Germany for the purpose of family reunification.

In , they were allowed to emigrate to Australia. By 14 May , when Israel declared independence, only 50 Templers remained in the country. Much of the original Templer architecture survives, and is similar in style to the homes built by the Templers in other parts of the country, such as Sarona in Tel Aviv , Wilhelma today Bnei Atarot and the German colonies of Haifa and Jerusalem.

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