Btc city ljubljana cycling team

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btc city ljubljana cycling team

BTC City Ljubljana () is a UCI Women Team cycling team from Slovenia. Partners: Ljubljana cycling club Rog, Company BTC City Ljubljana, 7 municipalities from Ljubljansko barje, local tourist & firefighters' associations. Slovenian cycling team. In more languages. Spanish. BTC City Ljubljana. Equipo femenino de ciclismo esloveno de categoría UCI Women's Team. FUTURE OF ETHEREUM SEPTEMBER 2018

The racing season comprises about 40 starts. In the last three years, the female professional cycling story has exceeded all expectations and received many respectful accolades and achieved excellent results. Men's continental team Ljubljana Gusto Santic The backbone of the continental cycling team Ljubljana Gusto Santic is the ROG cycling association, which has a rich history of top cycling and a year tradition. As early as , Mr.

Fornezzi, but had to turn to Kladje in Cerkno due to the construction of the road. The decision was made immediately at the initiative of Tofa: the Francis Marathon. This way, Franja encourages pedalling as relaxation, spending free time in the nature, and respecting the natural and cultural heritage.

The breakthrough attitude and the recognition of development opportunities help the BTC Company implement successful and sustainable growth that leads to realising the vision of an open company in By implementing innovative solutions and advanced technologies, being open to new business models, and by strengthening strategic partnerships, our BTC City Ljubljana is transforming from an innovative to a smart city which already in the present day offers numerous opportunities for shopping, sports activities and cultural events, education, as well as business cooperation.

In the future, we wish to develop its potential under the brand name BTC Living Lab and establish it as a world-renowned learning environment for developing advanced solutions in different fields, among which we find future mobility and with it the development of autonomous vehicles.

Who knows, maybe someday the spotlight will belong to autonomous bicycles. However, I strongly believe that would not — at least not easily — affect the popularity of cycling, as we know it today. Supporting my belief is the popularity of the Marathon Franja BTC City, which over the last couple of years saw the participation of over 7, registered cyclists.

Most enviable is also the fact that throughout the history, the marathon hosted over , cyclists from more than 70 countries of the world. As part of the UWCT Gran Fondo World Series, the marathon represents Slovenia all over the world and is an invaluable promoter of our country as a green cycling destination. Franja is what gives the BTC Company the momentum and the opportunity to place itself on the global map as a supporter of great sports stories. In cooperation with our partners, we push forward the development of Slovenian cycling, while giving back our breakthrough strength to Franja, together with which we nurture the beauty of cycling along with the participants.

Join us on our journey, where we discover beauties again and again — within ourselves and around us! Dear cycling fans, I cannot agree with this statement, since the organisation of Marathon Franja is every single year very time consuming, while we — the organisers — always try to add something new to each edition. This is why every Marathon Franja is a special challenge for me as its director, even though the event itself may not offer anything new in one particular year.

Today, such a gravel section would be a unique attraction and a challenge for all the riders. Nevertheless, Franja will remain as is. A new event in the scope of Franja is Barjanka, which will offer its participants a special experience, one that can only be provided by the Ljubljana Marshes with their rich flora, fauna, and historical sites. We expect to bring the richness of the Ljubljana Marshes closer to the participants from abroad also in the future.

I am certain that many riders from Ljubljana and its surroundings will be cycling these routes for the first time ever, even though they could be considered as locals. Next year, we plan to organise Barjanka at a competitive level, bringing to life the plan of a threeday recreational and competitive event, which has been a wish of the organisers for several years. The plan is for Barjanka to fill up the day in between these events.

The Hofer Family-School Marathon has taken care of the new generation of cyclists and the activation of families on bikes for several years already. In this manner, Marathon Franja keeps up with global trends and gains further significance as an important sports, social, and tourism event. I always get excited for the weekend in the beginning of June when riders of all generations come together at this incredible cycling event.

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Team BTC City Ljubljana at training camp at Poreč (Croatia)

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