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7-Feb, Academic Press, Donald L. Grebner, Pete Bettinger and Jacek Siry Academic Press, Rudolf J. Freund, Donna Mohr and William J. Wilson. Gabriel Aguirre, Zoe Arnold, James Bates, Luke Bettinger, Adriana Milligan-Elliott, Ava Mohr, Ryan Mohr, Victoria Mosinski. Researchers led by Carnegie Mellon University materials scientist Christopher Bettinger demonstrated the new battery. “Instead of lithium and toxic. BITCOIN CASH FUTURE VALUE PREDICTIONS

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Vela became the interim superintendent after Calvin Watts resigned last summer to take a superintendent job in Georgia. Bettinger often questioned district staff about numerous topics, including the budget and student enrollment drops. In addition to the Vela hiring, Bettinger several times has been on the short end of votes, as has Bento. She and Bento voted in August against renewing a contract to hire two Kent Police officers to work at schools because they wanted more community input prior to the vote.

Bettinger and Bento also voted against approval of a resolution in January to lease space for free to the Bezos Academy to run a free, nonprofit preschool for children of low-income families. Bettinger said she voted against the lease in part because she wanted more time to ponder it.

She said the public had no chance to hear about it. Bettinger and Leslie Hamada in June voted against extending the contract of Watts. They have two children who attended and graduated from Kent schools, one who just graduated this month. Leah Bowen resigned in from the board. Set the font size for the numbers and title labels on the axes of the Mohr Circle plot in the Inspector Palette.

Mac OS version is now delivered as a Apple package installer. It has been hardened and notarized by Apple as required by the new Catalina operating system. The Users Manual is now part of the Resource folder of the application so should always be available to the user v.

Changed field tab order in the Mohr circle window Default setting for entry of static friction value is now the coefficient of static friction rather than the angle of static friction v. It is also still in the Inspector for those of you who are used to finding it there but it will, eventually, be removed from the Inspector. Eliminated annoying flashing in the Stereonet view on Windows systems.

If you have entered a 2D stress field in the Mohr Circle view i. These options are only available when the Tensor Window is active and in front. Some menu choices have been renamed more informatively Users manual has been updated Corrected a bug where a newly read in data file would forget the traction and shear vector orientations.

Added a "Tensor Window" command to the Window menu v. You can always turn them back on again in the Plot menu if you want. Program now behaves better if you just change the magnitude but not the orientation of principal stress and then press recalculate. Improvements and fixes to the calculation and display of slip tendency which you turn on via the Inspector palette.

Blues and greens have low slip and oranges and red high slip probability. This colors the actual measured planes not the total region of low slip probability. Clicking on a dot that represents the normal and shear stress on a plane in the Mohr plot window selects the plane in the Tensor window.

You can now select multiple planes at once, either in the planes orientations listbox hold down the shift or command key for contiguous or non-contiguous selection , or in the Mohr plot view hold down the shift key. This will provide additional information on the stress on the selected plane. You can copy and paste from this window.

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