Jim rogers investing in russia

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jim rogers investing in russia

Rogers: I would tell you three markets I would love to invest in none of which I can. It's illegal for Americans to invest in Russia now. JIM ROGERS, chairman of Rogers Holdings, tells Puneet Wadhwa in an interview that investors should buy asset classes that they know and are. What are your thoughts on Russia in general and on Russian stocks in particular? Jim Rogers: Well, I'm optimistic about the future of Russia. PHIXR BETTING TIPS

People would eventually need assets for infrastructure. People are not keen to buy bonds. During a period of uncertainty, there will be currency depreciation," he added. Global investment banking firm Jefferies has predicted that the US steel industry would "stand out as a unique beneficiary of a Trump presidency" and that protectionism will significantly rise.

Commenting on the safe-haven status of gold, Rogers said that while the yellow metal was unlikely to surge in the immediate future, it would be a very good investment over the longer term. It will eventually skyrocket as people lose confidence in paper money and in governments.

I see gold prices at much higher levels over the next two or three, or maybe four years. Trump has said he would create an "American Desk" in the Department of Commerce to "protect the economic interests of the American worker and the national interests of the United States. China's main customers are anyway suffering now because of slowing growth. He wished to buy agri-commodities in the next bear market. Rogers said he does not expect central banks to raise interest rates much and believes the market will shrug off concerns about rate hikes.

He said he would hold on to his crude oil bet as crude reserves fall. There always are. We had a big correction a few years ago because of fracking, which turned out to be a bubble. We still have fracking and we still have energy. I don't like to buy when prices go straight up like last week but when things come down I would buy more energy," Rogers. Rogers said while he still owns dollars, he argued that an international currency is supposed to be neutral.

If Washington does not like you, it would put sanctions on you and you cannot use dollars. So many countries are looking for, and they should, for a competing currency.

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Comment Synopsis In an interview to ET NOW, Rogers said he would add more commodities on any correction, as he sees them offering huge opportunities in the long term.

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Jim rogers investing in russia By the way, whenever wars start, the headlines always say the war will be over by Christmas, at least in Christian nations. I love India. Don't buy high and hope it goes higher. They are new things, which are going to develop. On Jan. Ukraine was one of the major breadbaskets of the world, and some of those vast Russian lands were great breadbaskets at times in history.
Seputar forex emas strategy There always are. The material whether or not it states any opinions is for general information purposes only and does not take into account your personal circumstances or objectives. So I see all these things. Jim: We could go on and on. I know that has been the way how some people have valued companies. And that can cause strife for a while," Rogers said.
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Jim: Well, the tensions are going to continue to grow, at least as long as you have the same bureaucrats in Washington. I do notice that some companies and even countries have started pulling back from the sanctions. Even the Germans are starting to reassess the situation. So Russia will become more and more dominant in Ukraine. The east is more or less Russian. Crimea was always Russian until Khrushchev got drunk one night and gave it away.

So I suspect you will see more and more disintegration of Ukraine, which by the way is good for Ukraine and good for the world. People in Spain want to leave. We let Czechoslovakia break up, Yugoslavia break up, Ethiopia break up. These things are usually good. Many borders that exist are historic anomalies, and they should break up. So I suspect you will see more of eastern Ukraine becoming more and more Russian.

Nick: I agree. Jim: Well, anything can happen. That is not good for the US. The Americans have a monopoly, because everyone who uses dollars has to get them cleared through New York. People were already starting to worry in the past few years about the American dominance of the system and its ability to just close everything down. As I said earlier, none of this is good for the US.

We are actually hurting ourselves very badly in the long term. And what did Russia do? Jim: We could go on and on. By the way, the Chinese love all of this. Nothing we have done has been good for America since this whole thing started—nothing. Nick: So why are they doing it? Power corrupts, and it has. You look at the beginning of the First World War, the Emperor, who was 85 years old at the time, made nine demands on the Serbians. Serbia met eight of his demands. The bureaucrats everywhere piled in with great enthusiasm—great headlines about how the war will be over by Christmas.

By the way, whenever wars start, the headlines always say the war will be over by Christmas, at least in Christian nations. Millions of people are being killed. Billions of dollars are being lost. This is not good for anybody. And why did it start? None of that was necessary. Nearly all wars start like that. Why did it happen? The winners write history, so the winners always have a good explanation, but more objective people are usually confused. Nick: Excellent points that you make, Jim.

I want to shift gears a little bit. Investing there is a nice way to get into agriculture and also Russia at the same time. What do you think about companies and stocks that own and operate farmland in that region? Ukraine was one of the major breadbaskets of the world, and some of those vast Russian lands were great breadbaskets at times in history. Communism can and does ruin everything it touches.

It ruined Soviet agriculture, but many of those places have great potential and will revive. That part of the world should be and will be great agricultural producers again. There's an accessible stock that makes it easy to do just that. Although referring to Putin as a criminal, he felt Putin realizes he must do things differently. Rogers cited a pool of billions of dollars the government has set aside for investments to be made alongside private investors.

He cited his own assessment of the low valuation of the Russian market along with an unfortunate concentration in oil and gas. He believes the country has learned its lessons from the past and should be a better investment in the future. Rogers says he is interested in buying the ruble. Rogers commented on the United States in the context of the upcoming election.

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Jim Rogers: Ukraine, Russia, China \u0026 The Coming Crash jim rogers investing in russia

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