Online cricket betting sites uk

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online cricket betting sites uk

Betway has become one of the best online gambling sites in Indian rupees thanks to an incredible variety of cricket bets you can place, global coverage of all. Bet and 1xBet are currently among the top cricket betting sites which offer live streaming. Live Betting. Also known as In-play betting, it provides the. A complete guide to the best cricket betting sites UK punters use for beginners ✔️ Check out the top bookies for betting on cricket today! PARX CASINO MY XCLUB ACCOUNT

Take advantage of the greater odds in live cricket betting. Always track the performance of your favourite players. Make a first deposit to use your free bet bonus. A good starting place is to see which players compete in both T and traditional cricket matches and check to see how well they perform in both.

Some players tend to perform better in multiple day test matches whilst others prefer the pace and dynamism of twenty over games. In the same vain, you should pay close attention to batting styles, bowling styles, and the kinds of conditions that teams and players are used to playing in as the climate and the surface plays a huge role in determining the outcome in cricket. For a guide to where to find the best results and stats centres so that you can begin with your research, head over to the results section on our live betting page.

As briefly expressed above, the playing surface and the weather can make all the difference to the way in which the game is played. Bowlers, in particular, prefer to play on surfaces that assist their certain style of bowling.

Pitches that are particularly hard under foot with less grass — often found in Australia, South Africa and England in the summertime — can be favourable to fast pitchers as they tend to retain the speed of the ball as it hits the ground, offering more bounce and pace. Cricket Facts With its origins being traced back to 16th century Tudor England, cricket is one of the oldest team games still in existence. It has gone through many different transformations, seen many different forms and undergone several shifts in public popularity.

In England, it really took off as a popular spectator sport in the 18th century, however there is great evidence to suggest that cricket and betting have always gone hand in hand. Keep reading below to discover a few facts about the sport that have led to its continued widespread appeal. The Ashes Did you know that the Ashes tests between England and Australia is one of the oldest and most popular sporting rivalries in the history of sport?

Almost immediately after the historic Australian win on English soil a newspaper reported that English cricket had died and that the body would be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia. In the follow-up tour Down Under, the English captain at the time, Ivo Bligh, vowed to win the Ashes back and return them to England: thus came the early stages of the legendary Ashes.

After the very public corruption case in , which involved Hansie Cronje, Mohammed Azharuddin and Salim Malik, a report released by the Anti-corruption and Security Unit in showed that bookmakers, fixers and chancers were all involved in sophisticated plots to try to get players to take part in cheating in exchange for money. The landmark report unveiled the extent to which corruption had permeated the modern game and led to the investigation of over high-profile individuals that were later found to have been actively involved in, or closely associated with calculated corruption schemes.

There has since been a number of initiatives that have been set up to try to rid the game of corruption, however still to this day the problem remains. Since then, it has grown to become one of the most popular, most widely-viewed cricket spectacles in the world, with a large number of competitions being played at both the international and domestic level.

Play at the Best Cricket Betting Site! Cricket has gone from being a sport mostly confined to the upper classes where only high stakes games were played between members of the gentry, to a hugely popular spectacle enjoyed by millions around the world. Now, with the rise in popularity of the alternative code of the game with twenty overs, or T cricket, bookmakers offer an abundance of bets on competitions from India, Australia, Pakistan and the West Indies, as well as on the more traditional four and five-day test matches.

In our opinion, we feel as though the first site in our list offers the most complete cricket betting service on the UK market. Choose one of the Indian betting platforms from our list. Note that you might have to verify the account later on before making a withdrawal.

Accept the welcome bonus deal and agree to the Terms and Conditions. Mind the minimum deposit requirements for the bonus. Browse the cricket section. Input the stake. Confirm your online betslip. Cricket is a complex and strategic sport, betting on cricket is much simpler.

You have already chosen your online bookmaker from our list of betting sites above, deposited, and are wondering how to use cricket betting sites from India? Step 1. Educate yourself on betting types. There are a lot of cricket bet types to choose from, the two main are Pre-match and Live betting. Their names are self-explanatory. Other most popular cricket markets bet types are: Moneyline winner 2-way — you have two options to bet on the home or away team to win Moneyline winner 3-way — you have three options to bet on home or away team to win, or option three — Draw Team to win Toss Runs in First X number of Overs — how many runs with the batting team achieve in X amount of Overs Man of the Match Step 2.

Analyze the betting odds — the higher they are, the lower the probability for you to win the bet Step 3. Place your bet — very simple, click on the betting rate of your preferred choice, type in the amount you want to bet, and click on Place a bet! You have placed your first bet on cricket! Step 4. Wait for the game to be over to collect winnings — most reliable bookmakers offer the option to cash out your bet even before the match has ended. Step 5. Check Cricket predictions - if you are new to betting, check the predictions provided from sites like ours.

How do betting odds work? Betting odds look complicated, but they are really very simple! Online bookmakers define them on the basis of two aspects. The probability of an outcome for which they employ their experience, use the past data and make some suggestions. There are three main types of odds in online betting: Decimal, Fractional and American.

Decimal odds show the total amount you will receive if your bet wins for every 1 unit you stake. The Decimals will include the initial stake in the total winnings rather than just the pure profit. Important to note is that when using decimals , your stake is calculated into your potential total winnings.

To breakeven you should place your bets on odds 2. Because the return total winnings will double your stake. Decimal odds below 2. Rates above 2. Which cricket tournaments can I bet on? Betting online on cricket is limitless. You can practically place a bet on almost any tournament that the market offers. Online sites take cricket gambling to a higher level, providing instant access to all of the most exciting cricket tournaments and series. One of the most exciting competitions in the world of Cricket.

The next event from this tournament will be held in India in T20 World cup - Probably the cricket tournament with the biggest sixes. The T20 tournaments have always offered high intensity and lots of surprises. Cricket fans from all over the world are always thrilled to watch this kind of game. Ashes Series — As if the several types of World cup tournaments were not enough, here we have the biggest clash between two continents and two nations - England and Australia.

Even if you are not a resident of any of these countries, for sure you will fancy placing your bet on the Ashes series. IPL is can probably compete with any cricket world cup tournament in terms of public interest inside India. All the best players from the world to participate in thrilling T20 matches. Choose any of our betting websites to place your bets on the IPL.

You can find the best betting tips for IPL with us! Prepare for one of the most popular ODI tournaments on a national level. Test Matches - This is the longest high standard cricket series. The high-class cricket matches are exciting, which makes them perfect for betting. You can be sure to expect more tournaments available for betting in the future such as Ranji Trophy and Vijay Hazara Trophy.

How we are evaluating the Top Indian Betting Sites for cricket? With so many betting sites to pick from in India, it can be difficult to work out which is the right one to join.

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