Ravi balakrishnan economic times forex

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ravi balakrishnan economic times forex

over time; non-financial conditions affect the performance of the economy as well; to emerging economies, including those in Asia (Balakrishnan et al. Ravi Balakrishnan ([email protected]) is International Monetary Fund resident representative time that advanced economies experienced stress. almost six times its pre-crisis level in June larly in economies with a high share of foreign-currency-denominated debt and. CRYPTO ALU

A strategic in-film association would cost Rs 20 to Rs 25 lakh in cash and media spend would be around Rs 50 to Rs 60 lakh. This could increase to Rs 40 to Rs 50 lakh cash and about Rs 1. For instance, Cycle agarbatti is said to have struck a Rs 50 lakh deal to appear exclusively in the soon-to-be launched Jai Santoshi Ma. We plan only on three product placement deals of two crore each, with five off-line arrangements.

Tenders are already being sent in. RoI comes in much later. We need to see what happened to the relation between brand and consumer. The uncertainty about release dates affects the scope of tying in seasonal promotions. These are a lot more measurable since they are linked to the media value of co-promotion.

A good example is Pidilite, which associated with Krrish for a fairly large scale on-ground activation. The off-line model is also embraced by UTV. More importantly, the film allowed the company to showcase its recently launched range of office furniture.

A co-branded ad is charged a little more than entertainment rates the rates for trailers and promotional materials for films , a price substantially lower than that for a regular TV spot. In rare cases, things get even more serendipitous, with an overlap between brand custodians and filmmakers.

In RDB for instance, Coke made a rather late entry into the project courtesy actor Aamir Khan who endorses the cola and lyricist and dialogue writer Prasoon Joshi, creative director on the brand. When competition nudges in and edges out your USP, the marketer gets into overdrive mode to think new. But globally, the best innovations are drive innovations in FMCG.

But glob-ally, the best innovations are ones that are consumer driven. Based on real ones that are consumer driven. Based on real needs, they offer solutions and improve the overall experience. If Surf carried on thinking other detergents are the competition, it would innovate less.

When the HUL brand started thinking of water and its quantum of use for washing as its competition, it moved ahead. And the "do bucket paani bachana hai" campaign, a marketing innovation of sorts, struck home. However, "the trend in India of late is that consumers take a backseat," says Prof. India is one of the fastest growing FMCG markets compared to similar ones in Asia Pacific or Australasia but many of the innovations are either focused on trying to bring in a VFM value for money offering or line extensions.

Mistake 2: The "Innovation Workshop" system For starters, innovation itself is not just an objective to be ticked off the To-Do list after an exclusive annual workshop on an off-site location; preferably with a private beach where environmental conditions are conducive to creative contemplation.

Innovation is an all inclusive, constant, often arduous process. At Kellogg India, for instance, every work week's kicked off with Monday breakfast meetings where employees come together to bounce off and thrash out new ideas and possibilities after experiencing first-hand what consumers are saying about and doing with their food.

Cereal innovators, pardon the pun, are not fashioned over-night. Of course, one way to innovate is to wait for the eureka moment, till the cows come home to moo. But, says Harpreet Singh Tibb, marketing director, Kellogg India, you're better off treating it as an always-on approach. India is the only Kellogg market to have a growing portfolio of savoury breakfast foods.

He says, "The world has been calls a crippling sense of categories and labels have been assigned. In toothpastes there were and maybe still are absurd categories like popular, semi popular, semi-premium etc. These are ways of describing the market and consumer that are frozen in time and treated as inviolable. But to the consumer, they are becoming increasingly irrelevant. Which requires the ability to sift through mountains of data, big and small to pinpoint the brand's place in the consumer's life.

The first step according to Desai is to stop applying hard labels. What you will get are cosmetic not breakthrough innovations. Says Desai, "There's a lot of varianting and incremental innovation but when it comes to new product ideas, you struggle a little.

There are some spaces where it's more visible like food and beverage. Barring a new entry like Paper Boat, beverages have been controlled by very few companies in very limited ways. There are scale issues for them as well and their internal economics does not allow them to service a market that's clearly large and developing a new palette.

The insight: men use fairness creams, albeit in a shroud of secrecy, however the vial always belongs to the mother, wife or sister. But that is not all the personal care category is missing if one bothers to look.

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