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etheral legion

Balega Silver Performance Runner Legion Blue/Ethereal Balega's Silver No Show running socks represent the pinnacle in compression and antibacterial running. Balega Silver No Show Running Socks - Legion Blue/Ethereal Blue · Provides lasting antibacterial running sock performance with fibers encapsulated in Silver ions. Free Ethereal LegioN [COMPLETED] game download, reviews, gameplay screenshots and more. Download from mega, k2s, and other sources. ENFOREX BARCELONA TEACHERS

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A few began to convulse and shake, their bodies under strain from being so close to the power of Chaos. One by one they dropped dead to the floor, overwhelmed by the Warp. Suddenly, the Dreadblade turned away from the Eternal Legion and fled. Once engaged, they would be able to actively hunt the Dreadblade. As soon as they did, however, something went terribly wrong. They immediately leapt into the Warp, hurtling into the unknown. Warning sirens blasted all over the ship, indicating a breakdown in the Gellar Field surrounding the vessel.

Daemons prodded at their defenses, manifesting in corridors and even on the bridge. The Eternal Legion was caught off guard and fighting back vigorously, but could not contain the incursion. They were pushed from the bridge and scattered all over the battle barge.

Xerxes, however, held his ground and fought back the daemons, sealing off the bridge from another attack. Before the possessed navigator could deactivate both the life support and the Gellar Field, Xerxes interrupted his thoughts and engaged him in a mind war. Meanwhile, Ares and his veterans regrouped and gathered the lost squads together, battling the remaining daemons that had entered into the ship. Suddenly, the Eternal Legion dropped out of the Warp and the Excelsior tumbled into the heat of battle between the forces of the Imperium and Traitor Marines.

In the confusion, they collided with a chaos strike cruiser, tearing the command deck clear off of the ship. Disabled for the moment, the Imperial forces, turning out to be a company of Thunder Drakes, finished off the strike cruiser and routed the remaining chaos ships. Gariel and his followers too were taking an active part against Doombreed and his black Crusade, albeit with a more cautious, ponderous approach. Ares proposed that they should join forces and use their newfound advantage to strike at the forces of chaos and end their assault.

The possessed navigator was hesitant to reveal such information, but had a strange change of heart in the middle of the interrogation. Ares found no alternative path to finding the Traitor command ship and was not patient enough to find one. Persuading Gariel to join him, the two chapters made their way toward the Black Nebula. Inside the darkened cloud of gas and lightning, the ships quickly discovered that there would be no way of sensing each other unless they were in visual contact.

Remaining quite close, the ships scoured the nebula to the best of their ability, eventually discovering that the center of the cloud had a vast, empty space. At the very fulcrum of the void, the very epicenter of the Black Nebula, lay the Dreadblade. The massive ship hung in space like a monstrous bat waiting to attack. As the loyalists tread closer, the Dreadblade sprung to life, its engines roaring and its guns lancing deadly streaks of fire. In a mad rush, Ares ordered the Excelsior closer, within boarding distance.

He had to get onto that ship before it could escape. At the precise moment, Ares along with two companies of Eternal Legionnaires, launched wave after wave of assault rams into the hull of the foul vessel. The space marines poured into Dreadblade, quickly securing defensive positions to stage their main attack.

The Mjolnir came about from its initial assault and made a spectacular broadside attack against the engines, knocking them out and causing the Dreadblade to float adrift. It was now a time bomb waiting to explode. Ripping through the defenders, Gariel and his Huskarls paved the way toward the bridge and released the locks on the blast doors.

Doom Now the moment had finally come. Thunder Drake melta weapons left the doorway in ruins, allowing the marines to enter unhindered. Angry beyond belief, Ares shouted in rage for Doombreed to appear, calling him weak and a coward.

With a cackle and a burst of laughter, Doombreed made his appearance, sitting on his throne with a devilish smile across his face. The Daemon merely laughed even more, finally composing himself to speak. He had let his location to be known to the possessed navigator and he knew of their presence in the Black Nebula.

In fact, he even knew that his prized vessel was about to detonate and take the entire nebula with it. He had arranged it all so that he could take down the two chapter masters that were the highest threat to his success. Their lives would end here and their skulls would be gifts to Khorne. An enraged Ares flew into an assault against the Daemon Prince, his power sword flashing an aura stronger then ever before. The entire bridge exploded into a blaze during the fight, the two mortals the daemon tearing apart the ship from the inside out.

Gariel was knocked aside, unable to stop Doombreed from gutting Ares with his entropic blade. While Ares lay dying, Doombreed stooped over him, reaching to remove his skull. Gariel then leapt up and in a desperate act, threw hammer across the bridge, striking Doombreed away. Before any of them could react, an explosion shook the entire ship. Time was up; the warp reactor had been breached.

Unable to claim his trophies, Doombreed vanished back into the warp, leaving the two chapter masters on the dying Dreadblade. With little time to spare, Gariel ordered the loyalists to retreat. From the bridge of his battle barge, Gariel took command of two ships, hastily exiting the Black Nebula as it erupted into a blazing ball of gas, burning itself out into nothing.

From over extending their forces and eagerly pushing themselves deeply into enemy lines, the Eternal Legion was swept aside by the Chaos forces. With their chapter master gone, they were disorganized and disoriented, effectively putting them out of the remainder of the Fifth Black Crusade. The Legion learned a hard lesson from this defeat. Cleansing of Hephaestus Author's Note: Incomplete In their pursuit for collecting the biggest guns possible, a Warboss known as Wrekkfist devised a plan to steal one of the largest ships ever built by the Imperium: an Emperor-class Battleship.

Gathering a large amount of like-minded boyz to his side, he launched a daring raid against space docks orbiting above Hephaestus. There the battleship Trident lay dormant in sore need of repairs, ripe for the taking. Some were blasted to pieces by imperial guns, others missed their target entirely. Those that stayed the course slammed into the hull of the Trident and burst open with battle-ready orks.

Security forces on board the dock and the battleship were minimal and were swept aside in the onslaught. Wrekkfist and his boyz made headway to the bridge, killing all who made resistance or who just got in the way. When it was secured, they faced a dire problem. Due to the force of which they struck the battleship, the orks had knocked it from the dry docks into a decaying orbit around the forge world. Frantically trying to activate the ship and stabilize the orbit, Wrekkfist was unable to take control of the situation.

So down the Trident spiraled, its traitorous cannons roaring and blasting at whatever came into their sights. They were finally silenced when the mighty ship came in contact with the metallic surface. It sunk deep into the structures, soon stopping and rising above the ground like the spires around it. Rank upon rank of Defense Forces and Skitarii stood ready to throw back any enemy force that dared come upon them. They were unprepared, however, for a giant space-faring vessel to come out of the sky and nearly flatten them.

Immediately going to work, Wrekkfist and a few of his giddy Meks retooled the production lines. Soon dozens if not hundreds of killa-kans and deff-dreads stomped out of Svarus, eager to gun down the Imperial Forces. Soon two other foundries, Auron and Helmar, were holding a desperate defensive line in a losing battle. Without so much as a single message, drop pods carrying space marines began raining down into the atmosphere, crashing into the thickest battle lines of the orks.

The dark blue warriors dug themselves in immediately, fighting alongside the Haephestians in the reclamation of their foundries. When it was seen that the Orks could no longer gain any more ground, the Legion slowly, yet purposefully, pushed forward in an attempt to oust them. Their first target: Manucatorum Svarus. Notable Engagements -- M36 — The 5th Black Crusade. Daemon Prince Doombreed declares war on the Adeptus Astartes. Records are spotty during this event, but it is known that the Eternal Legion took part in defending worlds under siege by Chaos.

M41 — Attack on Sanuctary When the Legion hears of this, they take it upon themselves to wipe out any Necron threat against the Imperium. The timing could not have been more fortuitous; through unrecorded campaigning, the Eternal Legion was in desperate need of repair and replenishment - both in man power and weaponry. M41 -- Through tactical genius and sheer perseverance, the Ork force is utterly wiped from the annuls of Imperial history. It would be around this time that the Adepts of Mars would initiate an alliance with their saviors.

Mek Boss Wrekkfist still lurks in the sector. M41 -- The Adeptus Mechanicus expedition returns to Hephaestus without their escorts, delivering to the Eternal Legion the fate of Tannhauser and his marines along with the warning of an impending Necron attack. Lord Baruch begins strategizing the defense of Hephaestus and a diversionary attack on the moon to buy time.

Meanwhile, fragments of the STC are implemented into the production lines. M41 -- Strike at Bethsaida II -- M41 -- Lord Baruch and his strike force return to Hephaestus with the Necrons hot on their heels. The Battle Over Hephaestus combined the might of the Eternal Legion, the planetary defense force and the Adeptus Mechanicus in order to halt the Necron advance.

Phaeron Neshti and her forces returned to Bethsaida II, where they are watched closely by the Legion. M41 -- Daemon Prince Dracul descends on Hephaestus, eager to wipe out or capture the manufactorums. Calzabath reappears with a vengeance against his former brothers.

Using every scrap of its advanced technology, one of the mortal races hastily attempted to construct magical barriers around its cities, but it was only partially successful; although the dark energies were blocked, the unimpeded flood of arcane energy tore away the mortals' corporeal shells and infused their souls with enough energy so that they could subsist without a body… barely. Members of this race, now called ethereals, took to binding themselves with enchanted strips of cloth to provide their souls with enough structure to survive.

This altered state proved to be a blessing in disguise, as their enhanced minds and magical abilities allowed the ethereals to fight Dimensius and his limited forces to a standstill. Over the years, however, Dimensius eventually grew powerful enough to summon armies of fellow void creatures , forcing the ethereals to flee into the Twisting Nether. This caused many of the Nexus-Princes to leave the council and form their own organizations with their own goals.

Undeterred, the Ethereum continued in the search for vengeance against Dimensius, destroying anyone in their way. The Protectorate was formed by a Nexus-Prince, who left the council, to stop the Ethereum in their destructive path. The Ethereum and their ambassador, Wind Trader Mu'fah , appear to have negotiated an accord with Malygos and the blue dragonflight during the Nexus War.

Years later they used this connection in a second attempt to "become void " see below. The Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm. Groups of entrepreneurial ethereals have emerged from the nether to offer a host of new technologies and services that will allow the adventurers of Azeroth to customize and store their equipment.

Ethereal warpweavers, vaultkeepers, and thaumaturges set up shop in Stormwind City and Orgrimmar to give players access to Transmogrification , Void Storage , and Reforging , for nominal fees. K'areshi Traders are found coming out of portals at Mazthoril in Winterspring. Legion This section concerns content related to Legion. It is revealed that in exchange for their aid in the Nexus War, Malygos had promised the Ethereum access to the blue dragonflight's treasures within the Nexus.

The Ethereum seeks to become an unstoppable force—to become void , [8] and they are using the surge needles in Coldarra to bore into the Twisting Nether and call up void energies. They are of a certain subset of the race that have tragically succumbed to the call of the Void. It seems that in general both races have developed a mutually beneficial connection. Physiology An ethereal without wrappings.

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