Bitcoin greater fool

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bitcoin greater fool

The greater fool theory suggests the idea that overvalued assets will go up in price as there are people who are willing to pay more for them. “. The greater fool theory is a practice in which people invest in overvalued assets—regardless of their actual underlying value—in hopes that. A subscriber of my Crypto Capital service messaged me last week: 'Hey Ryan, have you seen this?' He linked out to an article from a crypto. BEST SPORTS ODDS TODAY

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Jim Cramer: Crypto's investment case may rest on the 'greater fool theory'

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Bitcoin is not even accepted by most businesses in El Salvador. In addition, digital wallets were hacked. So this was the future of currency that bitcoin zealots were touting? Gimme a break. The way I see it is simple: Bitcoin is not a currency, store of value or digital gold. Bitcoin Bomb Why the heck does it make any sense to replace the U.

And like all speculations, this one will end. I speak to some of the smartest people on Wall Street. Stupid Is Stupid People once thought: The world is flat … people will never fly … bitcoin is a currency. Stupid is still stupid. Its price swings are due to investor sentiment only. In fact, since I wrote to you last Thursday, bitcoin prices have been trading lower — mostly on news that the government is cracking down on ransomware attacks, which are paid off in bitcoin.

Heck no! If you were to wake me up at 3 a. I could also put down the price I would pay for it based on the underlying worth of the business. This will keep you from putting your money into investments that use complexity to mask the fact that no one really understands them. Regards, Founder, Alpha Investor P. Keeping your investing approach simple is just one of many things you can do to become a better investor.

I want to reach as many Main Street Americans as possible — 1 million or even more! So, spread the word.

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The Greater Fool Theory - What is it? Should you buy Tesla, Gold, Bitcoin?

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