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peter kokalj forex cargo

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Slovenia welcomes the adoption of ISO sustainable event management standard, based on the the British standard BS As other already existing sustainable event standards, including BS, APEX Green Meeting standards, Global Reporting Initiative Event Supplement, we expect the ISO standard to represent a further step in incorporating sustainability in the meeting industry as well as prove the power and value of the meeting industry.

The above named standards relate to sustainable event management, thus meeting planners can earn these standards for planning a respective event in a sustainable manner. While individual meeting professionals can acquire these green certifications, it is the role of the Slovenian Convention Bureau to promote these professionals, educate them further and consider the possibility of establishing a national scheme for sustainable event management as in the case of Austria or Germany.

The idea is to build beehives within the grounds of an institute for mentally and physically disabled children and adults. There are conference venues for all tastes. Slovenia can house conferences of up to 1, delegates comfortably and that would be the bar I would set for it, but it is the endless possibilities of complementary programmes and the sheer tradition of hospitality of its people that truly mark the difference.

Slovenia has a lot of advantages: a very young, well-educated travel professionals and hospitality industry community who are also hungry for the business. That is they believe that if they raise their sights and see the possibilities they will achieve anything. This can-do attitude is one of the best features of the destination. The qualitycost ratio and the novelty factor is also an added benefit.

Slovenia of course is relatively unknown. I, myself have just come to really know it and feel that I had, until now, been deprived of something. There is a tendency to box all the Photo: D. Well of course not- there are so many variables. However, as most meetings are not large meetings, my heart always goes to smaller, highly accessible destinations. Places that are on the human scale. Yes, of course you must have the infrastructure and the logistic capability and the qualified human services and the quality etc.

But when you add the human scale factor everything just seems to fall into place. Yet smaller destinations spend a lot of their time apologising for their size! This is precisely my experience of Slovenia. I first walked around the capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana, a few years ago, and I loved the way it seemed to envelop me like a welcoming hug.

Today every time I return I still get the same feeling, only stronger and it just takes my breath away. I do not know whether it is the friendliness of its people, the layout, the river, but whatever it is the city has a special light and smell — the sweet aroma of the sea breeze. And everyone I know who travels there tells me a similar story. I am still taken aback by how beautiful the whole country really can look, be it the seaside town of Perfect location: Ljubljana is ideally placed to host business conferences The Slovenia Times Linda Pereira countries in the region together and just see them from one perspective where they all appear to be very similar.

This is not only a mistake but deprives the industry of expanding to new experiences and new ventures. Of course to become a star in the meeting industry Slovenia must up its marketing game and make itself more accessible internationally. It would definitely benefit from an Ambassador Programme but it has other advantages.

It must be able to differentiate itself positively from its local competitors while still benefitting from synergies born out of such proximity. Slovenia has a meeting industry business plan and it has, so far, taken the right road. So why is Slovenia still something of an undiscovered secret? Perhaps therein lies the reason for its perfection. Sava Hoteli Bled is the largest hotel and tourism company in Bled offering more than 60 percent of all overnight accommodations and is one of the most important employers in the area.

The company also wishes to gain a leading position with regard to the sustainable development of tourism and be seen as a model and initiating leader in Bled and the surrounding regions. These should contribute to the preservation of nature and natural resources, thereby enabling the long term development of tourism in Bled. It offers conference or business meeting organisers an opportunity to take into account various environmental and sustainable criteria when planning and organising their events.

Special attention is placed on reducing the volume of trash and transport. Therefore, regional food and domestically grown produce take precedence in catering offers and coffee breaks consist almost entirely of locally grown food. Instead of water from plastic bottles, tap water is served. Ecological containers for separate trash collection are located in all conference rooms. To save energy, the conference rooms are mainly illuminated with natural lighting and the room temperature is adapted to the natural conditions so that advertisment Sava Hoteli Bled, d.

Cankarjeva 6, Bled, Slovenia www. An additional advantage of choosing Bled as a conference location is the favourable location of the hotels. Everything is located in close proximity and can be reached on foot with nearly no on-site transfers required. Conference organisers can arrange airport transfers with a gas-powered car or organised group transfers.

At the same time, an offer of teambuilding programmes with sustainable components has been developed, in which the rich natural and cultural heritage of the region is particularly highlighted. Participants can either learn traditional regional crafts or experience Bled in the style of the first spa guests who visited the physiotherapeutic institute of the Swiss physician Arnold Rikli in mid 19th century.

The programmes are implemented in close cooperation with local small businesses and craftsmen, thereby contributing also to the development of the rural area. The Sava Hoteli Bled company, hosting a majority of the forum events, made a commitment to reduce the use of energy and generate as little emissions as possible when hosting the event.

Additionally, all the participants are invited to join in and help to preserve nature and natural resources through their actions. A set of guidelines for the participants has been determined, encouraging them to separate wastes and reduce waste quantities, sample local food and drinks, drink tap water instead of water in plastic bottles and be sustainably mobile by walking between different venues of the event.

Therefore, a detailed carbon footprint analysis of the event will be made in cooperation with the Bled based Ekogenca company, which will measure the total amount of greenhouse gasses produced throughout the event. This will serve as a starting point to determine additional measures and activities in order to further reduce the carbon footprint for the future events to come.

Abundant natural daylight in conference rooms creates a stimulating working environment and brings down power consumption. Jerneja Kamnikar, director of Vivo catering company which is renowned for high professional catering standards in any context, be it a small private party of just several people or a grand business meeting with hundreds of attendees, is very much aware of that.

By Polona Cimerman private visit. How does business tourism catering differ from its other types? One needs to be highly professional in all contexts, but in business tourism catering awareness of the complete approach where the entire service is thorough is vital. The organiser must take into account norms that apply for the world of business and not something that he or she fancies privately.

The approach and purpose in a private or business event are diametrically opposed. For example, one must always bear in mind that the attendees come from extremely heterogeneous environments and thus a proper balance in the traditionally heavy Slovenian cuisine needs to be achieved. As organisers usually do not have professional knowledge of arranging events, the caterer has to possess it to offer advice and make suitable decisions on the food, programme and service, all following a certain protocol.

The guests are more conscious of what they eat and want the service to be environmentally aware in all aspects, be it the energy use or proper dealing with waste which are among the high standards Vivo adopted in all our services. The Slovenia Times What is the role of catering in business tourism?

Its basic service is providing food and drinks but at the same time catering plays the role of an ambassador of the location where the event is taking place. Catering companies thus act as indirect promoters of the country and are an expression of its culture. Business tourists are the most demanding and sophisticated guests who can and do spend. However, they know what is good and what it not.

The goal is then to make a good impression of the country on them so that they later on return with their family and friends for a Is there room for being original? Despite the fact that there cannot be any improvisation and since food must not be too exotic, very much so. A huge difference can be made with either the choice of service, food or design, but the best way to show innovativeness is by preparing a dish in front of the guests.

Business catering requires complete harmony as everything needs to act as a whole — table decorations, cutlery, music Paying attention to details is crucial which is very visible on multiday events — repetition is bad so one must make small but efficient changes like changing the colours of tablecloths, napkins, staff uniforms.

And food of course, it should be varied. Contrasts work! How important is ecological awareness? Busi ness tourists are such guests who notice those things and it is significant that this aspect is taken care of.

At the moment the times are not in favour of organic ingredients since their price is considerably higher, but there definitely is room for this. But my opinion is that since Slovenia is blessed with fertile land and enjoys clean environment it is the origin of the ingredients which really matters.

We use exclusively Slovenian ingredients and also make them priority over the imported organic ones as the local produce here is qualitative and comparable with the highest international standards. Guests of course need to be made aware of this.

What are current trends in business catering? Another thing is that programmes are not so lavish as currently price that dictates everything. Where lies the future of business catering in Slovenia? Definitely in emphasising and recognising the Slovenian aspect everywhere.

We need to be aware of our own identity and promote it as Slovenia has immense potentials in tourism. As I said before, one remembers the food and the fun not the business agenda and we should keep reminding us that a business tourist does not just simply happen — they are a result of a well-thought-out strategy and hard work from both the state and all others in the tourism chain.

They recently approached this target audience with a low-budget, yet ingenious short film, with which they remind their old and potentially new clients of their advantages in a completely different way. Mons is always ready to maintain a high level of services and innovative products.

Its managing director, Irena Grofelnik, and her team are well aware that this is the only way to exceed the expectations of their guests and visitors. The hotel is entering the new congress season with renewed and more international banquet services. The cream of international organisers of congress events, which visited Ljubljana for the recent Conventa business event, said at the opening that they had not experienced such a unique coffee break anywhere in Europe.

The visitors were talking about the themed coffee breaks, prepared by Mons in the colours and flavours of lemon, chocolate and berries. That is not the only flattering recognition they have received this summer, as the renowned Tripadvisor gave them an award for excellence. With an average rating of 4.

There will also be more international events due to their acceptance into portfolio of the HelmsBriscoe agency, based in Arizona. This agency is the biggest in the world when it comes to searching for places to hold business events, and organizes over 25, business events every year. However, creating a fresh and innovative offer is not enough. Striving towards a greener attitude and the protection of the environment runs throughout all the activities in the hotel.

The company also collaborates with important Slovenian companies in the field of environment protection. Keep an eye on Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia! Its location just in between Venice and Vienna lends the city an atmosphere that is both Central European and Mediterranean. Those knowing it better would add adjectives, such as safe, green, multilingual and hospitable. Ljubljana has been actively present on the European conference map for over thirty years, but is still perceived as a relatively new destination.

History would prove that wrong, since in the city was the stage for one of the earliest proper congresses in Europe the Congress of the Holy Alliance. Several city streets as well as the central, newly refurbished Congress Square, bear witness with their names to this event. The choice and variety of meeting facilities in the Slovene capital is ample, starting with the two largest convention venues in the country - Cankarjev dom Cultural and Congress Centre the pioneer on the scene and the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre — GR.

Both are well geared and experienced to welcome events with up to 2, delegates in plenary seating, which is also reflected in their reference lists of past international congresses and future ones confirmed up to the year The Union is the second largest convention hotel in Slovenia, with a maximum seats in plenary. At present there are corridors of four different colors operating. Green — means the release of goods without the office check of the declaration and enclosed documents or visual examination of the goods.

Yellow — means the release of goods without the office check of the declaration and enclosed documents, but with visual examination of the goods Red — means the release of goods with the office check of the declaration and enclosed documents and with visual examination of the goods. Blue — means the release of goods without the office check of the declaration and enclosed documents or visual examination of the goods on condition of examining the validity of the documents and correctness of the charged tax amounts in the future.

After the system puts the declaration into the corridor of the relevant color, a customs officer receives an electronic notification about the measure to take, and the declaration is registered in a due manner. This system is used to control the people crossing the border, identify the risks when a vehicle or traveler crosses the border, issue phyto- sanitary and veterinary-sanitary permits on the border, register crimes, confiscate the deprived property, search for the goods declared in advance, etc.

Oracle Information System was made more elaborate with time to become one of the powerful information systems of customs control. At present, Oracle Information System and PIRS, which is used by the patrolling police when crossing the border are linked to each other thus simplifying the identification of the criminals at crossing the border. One of the most important modules of Oracle Information System is the risk management module.

Based on the data stored on the system, it identifies the risk profile for travelers and vehicles. The method used to identify the risks is the random selection principle, and the system, based on the old data, identifies the measure to take with the traveler or vehicle. The risk management module is made up of two major parts: risk identification and examination and risk card. It also has a simple search engine.

Oracle Information System has three risk corridors: green, yellow and red. With the green corridor, no measure for an entity and he crosses the border freely.

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