Bitcoin vs ethereum price prediction litecoin price prediction

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bitcoin vs ethereum price prediction litecoin price prediction

As this year is preceded by the major events along with a tremendous surge in the price of Bitcoin, there should be a bullish trend driving. It outperformed Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) by 75 percent and percent, according to data from CoinMarketCap. Cardano (ADA) started Features the Litecoin USD price, real-time charts, litecoin news and videos. Learn about LTC, Litecoin Foundation, crypto trading and more. IS INVESTING IN SILVER BARS A GOOD IDEA

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Bitcoin vs ethereum price prediction litecoin price prediction alcohols phenols and ethers bitcoin vs ethereum price prediction litecoin price prediction

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This would be the completion of the five-wave impulse which started on the 7th of July and is the third wave out of the upward structure from the 2nd of July. Previous to the five-wave increase a corrective triangle has been seen forming which was according to my count the B wave out of the upward ABC three-wave move. This three-wave move would be the X wave of the higher degree count which is why after its completion which is set to develop very shortly I would be expecting a move to the downside as the third wave Y should develop.

Another possibility would be that the correction ended on the first three-wave move which are only the sub-waves of the W wave according to the current count. If that is true, then we could be seeing the development of another five-wave move instead of the three-wave ABC correction to the upside. In either way, from here I would be expecting a move to the downside and if the price falls below the lower interrupted blue horizontal level on the retracement I would indicate that the move to the upside has ended on the third wave and is corrective and not impulsive.

Looking at the 15 min chart, you can see that the price is currently retesting the 0 Fib level for support as a minor breakout above occurred. Upward ABC would be the second wave out of the higher degree three-wave correction which is why the third one would be expected to end on a lower low compared to the first ABC correction which would be its first wave. The most optimal target point of the expected decrease would be around the intersection of the lower ascending level which represents an uptrend support level and the 0.

There is a possibility that instead of the price ending its increase from the 5th of July on the third wave, we see it developing in a five-wave manner which will indicate impulsiveness instead of the currently presumed corrective momentum. Litecoin price has pulled back in the past few days as investors continue waiting for the next catalyst. Low volume and volatility Litecoin is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies. It was developed to become the best alternative to Bitcoin, the biggest coin in the world.

As such, Litecoin has similar mechanics to BT. For example, the two are proof-of-work PoW coins that were created to facilitate payments. Therefore, in most periods, Litecoin tends to have a close correlation with Bitcoin. Historically, its price rises when BTC rises and vice versa. This explains why LTC has been in a consolidation phase in the past few months. Litecoin, like Bitcoin, is going through a period of low volume since prices have remained in a tight range. Data compiled by CoinMarketCap shows that the daily volume of Litecoin traded rose by more than At its peak, Litecoin had daily volumes of over billions of dollars.

Learn more about how to buy Litecoin. Meanwhile, volatility has also crashed in the past few months. Its historical volatility has crashed to the lowest level since August 3rd of

Bitcoin vs ethereum price prediction litecoin price prediction mohanraj forex borivali station

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