Cmc spread betting reviews for horrible bosses

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cmc spread betting reviews for horrible bosses

This is the worst broker ever. They are unprofessional, dishonest and thieves. They have been manipulating clients for a couple of years now. This Review. IG, like rivals Plus and CMC Markets, has struggled as regulators tightened rules on platforms which had allowed anyone with a bank card to. The second is that it is about to get into terrible trouble. CMC Markets reported a deeper than expected drop in spread betting revenue and announced. 1 BITCOIN MEANS HOW MANY SATOSHI

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Cmc spread betting reviews for horrible bosses bitfinex send bitcoin miner fee cmc spread betting reviews for horrible bosses

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Market Analyst debates from CMC Markets with Michael Hewson and Colin Cieszynski


It takes a little bit of time to get yourself up to speed with all the options, but once I'd done that I found that it did everything I needed. They also have some videos on their youtube channel that take you through some of the basics and some of the more advanced ideas too that I found useful.

I guess it depends what level you're at but I found them interesting. Overall it does everything I want to do and it's easy to use. Good on my tablet too. They have recently updated their new platform and it is a vast improvement! It has all the features it was missing from when they first made it available and I have to say, it is definitely the best platform to use if you trade the markets fairly actively which I do. I have also got someone as my contact now who I can call directly if I have any issues, so they have really stepped up their service too.

I am definitely a convert back to CMC after their recent changes and would recommend them to anyone who trades regularly. The only thing I would say is people new to trading may find their platform a bit complicated to use. They do have videos and things available to help but not everyone will take the time to watch them. Reading others people's review I totally agree. The final knife in the coffin is their new bet financing costs. You can no longer hold positions over the medium to long term as they will just hover all you cash up.

Even trying to scalp is challenging with them as you wonder where the hell they are getting their prices from? Avoid them or say goodbye to all your hard earned cash Customisable platform, easy to use and 0. CMC is worth checking out for yourself, it's free to have an account.

Of course, they are also very condescending. I am a professional trader. I KNOW all the stuff about technical analysis, money management, position sizing, stop losses, etc. I make money when I trade via regular brokers. I opened a CMC account to hedge - eg when regular markets are closed; eg to go short easily without loaning stock.

I have lost so much money on CMC over a few years that it isn't funny. These guys are scammers in so many ways I don't know where to begin. In fact, towards this end CMC Markets have also recently launched a trading spread betting application for the iPhone. All trades are now automatically executed, and this should prevent re-quoting. You click and trade, you get instant execution and because spreads are tight and consistent you can get in and out quickly and ride a trend.

With the new platform, CMC promised to reduce the spreads, but it still lags behind the best in the market. However, there has been a visible improvement and the difference is not so marked as it used to be. Although really for me they would need to decrease the spreads to tempt me back as I can get better spreads elsewhere. Right now, there are just too many other companies out there with good platforms and attractive spread. CMC have always been known for providing useful information and research and for example you can compare sector performance with the overall market, and customize the charting application to display your favourite indicators.

Again, the charting is much improved with the newly released platform. If you have a problem, CMC Markets offer telephone and e-mail support and this has been proved effective. After the recent enhancements, there is every sign that CMC is trying to become and remain more competitive in the face of increasing competition amongst spread betting providers, and that should force it to maintain the current standards.

It appears safe to say that the old complaints about CMC Markets now have little foundation, and we recommend that you take a look at this newest reincarnation to see if it is the one for you. Pros: Very nice — all the panels are movable and resizeable so you can arrange the desk as you want it — I have the system just showing the UK index price in a little floating window up in the top right hand corner of my screen as I write this — allowing me to keep an eye on that and do other things AND EVEN BETTER this system will allow you to set alarms when whatever you are watching reaches a certain level!

Being able to set up alerts is also useful and there are three types of alerts which can be selected. The first is a visual alert — it throws a bright red box into the centre of the screen — great if you only have half an eye on the screen.

Downsides: No aim stocks here. CMC Markets have also discontinued their quarterly bets so only rolling positions are available. Never seem to get the advertised spreads. Mobile Trading: Yes and in fact you can even try the mobile platform with a demo account! The mobile platform comes with live streaming prices and all the usual orders including trailing stops. The apps now also include price alerts and drawing tools while users now can benefit from 12 months of daily chart data as opposed to the previous three.

This is also complimented by an economic calendar, Reuters newsfeeds, client sentiment indicators, analyst insights, news and prices tickers and price alerts. The mobile application from CMC enables traders to search for products such as commodities, stocks, currency pairs and indices — in real time while they are on the move. A facility is available allowing traders to filter securities by region, country, performance and volatility, while there are fact sheets on each product too.

One can even open a live or demo account via their iPhone.

Cmc spread betting reviews for horrible bosses bitcoin cash australia

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