Malaysia forex trader community choice

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malaysia forex trader community choice

Our guide will help you choose a trusted and reputable broker for trading forex. Additionally, we recommend Malaysian residents follow the. At a webinar hosted by Refinitiv in late March, Wilson Leung, chief market strategist at currency trading advisory firm TrendsetterFX. FXTM is a global leader in online financial trading and investing, offering FX, indices, commodities, and more. ZURICH PGA NEW ORLEANS

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Before You Open a Forex Account Since not all online brokers are equal, the most important things to be confident about before opening a forex account is that the broker is secure and offers the services you require. Regulation The primary consideration when choosing a broker should be the security of your funds deposited as margin. Select a well-regulated broker with at least one reputable regulatory body overseeing its operations and that segregates client accounts from its own.

Broker Type Online brokers will typically act either as market makers or as electronic communications network ECN brokers. Market makers take the other side of your trades, while ECN brokers pass on the best price of a selection of market makers who use its electronic communications network.

ECN brokers typically show narrower variable spreads but may charge a per trade commission, while market makers often have wider fixed spreads but no commission. Since spreads and commissions add a cost to trading, active traders will want to keep them down as low as possible, while less active traders typically seem less sensitive to such considerations.

Trading Platform Ideally, you want to find a broker that offers trading software with a customizable interface and that has the analysis features you require, as well as runs on the desktop, mobile or web platform you prefer. Virtually all of the best online forex brokers will support using the popular MetaTrader 4 and 5 trading platforms developed by MetaQuotes that offers a complete technical analysis functionality with numerous valuable trading tools, including a wide range of third-party expert advisors EAs and custom indicator software that you can use or purchase.

Malaysia forex trader community choice instaforex malaysia review malaysia forex trader community choice

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Rayn Lim has been active on TradingView since 3 years ago. Over the years, Rayn Lim has been regularly sharing his analysis on the market. He shares his insight about bullish and bearish signals as well as shark setups which seem to be of his particular interest. He is a person who loves to share his expertise and knowledge to help fellow traders to capitalize on profitable situations.

He holds the certification of Harmonic Patterns Trading Coach and offers paid professional consultation for when traders face specific obstacles on their trading plans. He can be found on Twitter raynlim where he also offers daily analysis on forex trading. Sufiansaid Presumably named after Sufian Said, not much is known about this account other than the person behind it is originated from Brunei Darussalam, a country that borders Malaysia and shares the same time zone.

This trader joined TradingView around 4 years ago and is still going strong until now. Sufiansaid regularly posts his insight on a trade on the platform. The account mainly focuses on bullish long term trading plans and bearish short term plans.

He started his account around 1 year ago and in a relatively short time, he has been gathering a respectable amount of reputation of 1,, with likes and followers, as well as shared ideas. SL-Trades is a well-rounded trader who operates in multiple markets. These numbers showcasing SL-Trades' versatility to take on different fields of trading are a testament to his skill set as a trader.

SL-Trades present a lot of information on his page, thus the account is worth visiting for those interested in trading in general and especially forex. Previously known as Jeannek, she joined TradingView around 5 years ago and has been gaining reputation points, likes, and followers. The number of her followers might seem to be low considering the length of time on the platform. Cryptocurrency trading is similar to forex but can be quite different.

The currencies on the forex market are backed by a centralized government, while cryptos are not. For some particular reasons, the similarities between forex and cryptos do not translate well into each other due to different influential factors. Jeanne Kong works on bearish trends and shares fascinating information related to trading in general.

Occasionally, she offers opinions on forex as well. One of her characteristics in knowledge-sharing is that she presents her charts in one compact image yet loaded with plentiful information. Jeanne Kong is a very skillful trader who offers her opinions on potential ups and downs on the market on a regular basis. She can be found actively sharing her opinions on social media as well such as Twitter jeannekong and Instagram traderjeannekong.

Her skillful nature as a trader and the willingness to share her knowledge earned her a place in this list of successful Malaysian traders. Unfortunately, not much is known about this trader. In less than a year, the account has accumulated reputation points and 71 likes. However, as it is a professional account managed by a company, comparison with individual traders is a bit unfair.

Thus, the insight and information this account shares are relatable to traders in the Malaysian region. The account has both long term and short term outlooks for any combination of these currencies. SL-Trades is a well-rounded trader who operates in both Foreign exchange and stocks.

SL-Trades offers a lot of information on his page, including tips on trading in general. Her focus largely falls on commodities and cryptocurrency trading. Jeanne Kong works on bearish trends and shares interesting information related to trading in general. Unfortunately, not much is known about the trader behind the account. For the most part, the account focuses on commodities, forex and indices.

Teehanming Teehanming is an account which joined TradingView around 8 months ago. The Malaysian trader behind the account offers well-structured information about forex trading in general. The teehanming account focuses mainly on Malaysian stocks. LCFXpro is a professional account which is managed by a company based in Bali, Indonesia which is in close proximity to Malaysia.

LCFXpro mainly focuses on forex trading with both long term and short-term outlooks. The account also offers bullish and bearish market plans. Ezone Constantine Ezone Constantine is the cofounder of TAD trading system, one of the most prominent technical stock trading systems in Malaysia.

This traders strength lies in chart pattern analysis, Fibonacci targeting and Bollinger trading systems respectively. Khalid Hamid Khalid Hamid is one of the most famous forex traders in Malaysia. According to the website, Hamid has taught thousands of traders from the region. In order for any Forex Trader to make a start in the Financial Market they must choose a Forex Broker with which to invest. Several Factors to consider when choosing a Forex Broker includes: The trading conditions available.

Traders should find out which spreads, commissions if any, and swap rates for the currency pairs are on offer.

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