Complacent complaisant difference between republicans

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complacent complaisant difference between republicans

The concern is shared by many Republicans—former senior officials who differences between Republicans and Democrats on foreign policy. complacent: Satisfied with the current situation and unconcerned with changing it, often to the point of smugness. The different views taken of the subject in the two preceding papers must be and with the genuine principles of republican government. BAMMA 24 BETTING ON SPORTS

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Complacent complaisant difference between republicans liteforex ecn broker

Signs Of Complacency complacent complaisant difference between republicans

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A person can also be complicit by promoting, condoning, supporting, or enabling the wrong-doing. The CEO is not only responsible for but is complicit with the company's wrongdoing. He was charged with burglary , but his accomplice was also charged with being complicit in the crime. More Examples of How to Use "Complacent" in a Sentence The residents of the retirement community had become complacent and were no longer concerned with any of the renovations that needed to be done.

Patty felt so guilty because he had been complacent and not sought medical help earlier. The complacency of the voters gave rise to a new dictator. I admit that I've had a complacent attitude for too long, and now I'm ready to wake up and do something new. Being complacent is never the answer, you need to take the bull by the horns and go for it! People in relationships can become complacent and take their partner for granted.

The company became complacent after they had dominated the market for so many years, allowing younger, more innovative, companies to start chipping away at market share. Before the data hack, the company had become complacent about its security system and didn't think that they needed to upgrade it. More Examples of How to Use "Complaisant" in a Sentence A complaisant person is someone who is willing to please or comply with others.

I was always a complaisant and obedient child, probably to a fault. Roberto is a complaisant, understanding, and caring person, who gets a bad rap. Pamela was a complaisant wife who always did what her husband wanted, but she decided that going forward, she would answer to herself. Some say that the government was too complaisant in its response to the protests, resulting from political favoritism.

My date last night was a little too complaisant for my taste and I found her annoying—I prefer that my date be able to speak up for herself. The salesman made several suggestions to the customer, but the customer was not complaisant and refused to buy. Complaisant as adjective: Complaisant is employed when you are referring to a person who is always willing to please others or to accept what they do or say without protest.

It has synonyms like willing, assenting, acquiescent, agreeable, amenable, cooperative, accommodating and obliging etc. By closing down one plant and punishing its workers, workers in other plants would be forced into more complaisant behavior. The complaisant guard let them in without an explanation. Complacent as adjective: Complacent on the other hand, is commonly used for a person who is always showing smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one's achievements.

It also means a person who is apathetic with regard to an apparent need or problem. With the most famous synonym smug, complacent signifies self-pride and self-admiration. You can't afford to be complacent about security Complacent investors have a way of pushing markets steadily higher despite the swirl of bad news around them. Irish Times Henry Miller set out to shock the complacent American bourgeoisie with his heady mix of sex and philosophy.

Guardian The ruling British lived a complacent, comfortable life, overseeing the activities of the Malay, Chinese, Arab and Indian residents. The Australian But my goat, Cookie, was complaisant and calm. Chron Complaisant or complacent The adjective complacent convey the idea of self-satisfaction accompanied by a lack of awareness of a potential danger.

Complacent complaisant difference between republicans torqued vs dismay csgo lounge betting

2022 Democrats VS Republicans- Round 2 - What is the difference between Democrats and Republicans?

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