Social impact investing bank of america

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social impact investing bank of america

Invest in companies with responsible environmental and social practices 7 Capability offered by Bank of America, N.A. and its bank affiliates. Impact. Sustainable investing offers you the opportunity to invest in companies that are working towards better ways of doing business through ESG. Ready to invest? We're ready too. Let us introduce you to your UnionBanc Investment Services Financial Advisor. Get started. DETECTING CRYPTO MINING

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Read, 3 minutes Close text version What is sustainable and impact investing? Many companies are rethinking how they do business, from reducing their impact on the environment to increasing gender and racial diversity in the workplace. Ways to invest for the greater good To make a difference with your investments, look for companies that strike the right balance between financial gains and making an impact, in one of three ways: Avoid Seeks to reduce negative social or environmental effects and manage risk by limiting certain exposures.

Benefit Seeks to support positive social or environmental practices and enhance potential for long-term competitive financial returns. Contribute Seeks to advance positive, measurable, social, or environmental outcomes and target opportunities where impact is intrinsic to financial performance. Is it possible to make money while making a difference? Source: Campden Research: Investing for Global Impact — A Power for Good While performance results have varied over time, companies with better scores on board diversity and management diversity saw consistently higher future return on equities than counterparts with lower scores.

More and more people—especially younger investors—are interested in sustainable investing. Read more about this approach and investment choices available at Merrill. Close Disclaimer The material provided on this website is for informational use only and is not intended for financial, tax or investment advice. Please also note that such material is not updated regularly and that some of the information may not therefore be current.

Enabling this expansion is an increasingly robust set of data that companies publish in annual corporate sustainability reports. And industry groups such as the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board are working to develop standards to ensure that data is reported consistently from company to company and industry to industry. Why is this new source of data so important?

Part of the answer lies in the changing nature of the U. During the s, most of the value accruing to public U. But by including ESG factors in their analysis, investors are better able to determine which companies are also effectively managing their increasingly important intangible asset base.

Latest available data. We aggregate raw data from third-party providers and implement an objective S2I scoring methodology 3 to identify leading performers in each economic sector. The S2I scoring process leverages over unique data points to measure how effectively companies are engaging human capital, mitigating environmental impact, and practicing good corporate governance.

Environmental stewardship. What policies does the company employ for interacting with the environment? How effective are companies at managing their environmental footprint and the associated risks? Considerations include climate change policy, greenhouse gas reduction, energy consumption, water management, alternative energy procurement and waste mitigation.

Human capital engagement. How does the company treat all of its stakeholders employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers and the community? Considerations include hiring practices focused on diversity and inclusion especially in leadership roles , fair and equal compensation practices, employee health and wellness benefits, employee satisfaction, human rights throughout the supply chain, customer privacy, supply chain diversity, and product safety.

Corporate governance. What are the standards and procedures regarding its role as a corporate citizen? How does it treat shareholders? Considerations include shareholder voting policy, accounting practices, executive pay, management accountability and board independence. Policy review. We view progressive corporate policies, generous employee benefits and robust disclosure as indicators of good management and long-term value creation.

Further, robust disclosure is the first step toward broad accountability. Performance accountability review. For example, we place more weight on corporate governance factors for financial services companies, carbon emissions factors for energy companies, and water management factors for utilities. These assessments play an important role in our investment process, as they help mitigate greenwashing and produce a potential buy list of stocks we believe represent the best corporate performers across a broad range of ESG criteria.

The final scores are normalized by sector as we intentionally include leading performers in all sectors of the economy, even those that have poor reputations for ESG performance e. Following the S2I scoring process is a fundamental review to ensure that we are purchasing good stocks on behalf of our clients, not just good companies. We seek companies with strong and stable returns on capital, conservative balance sheets, and healthy free cash flow generation.

This review leads to a targeted list of to stocks that are attractive from both a fundamental and an ESG perspective. Finally, we conduct a portfolio construction exercise designed to minimize external risk factors and provide broad diversification. The goal of this step is to allow the S2I scoring process to drive the relative performance of the portfolio while neutralizing other potential market influences. The ideal result is a diversified portfolio of strong companies that we believe can deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns over a long-term investment horizon.

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Sustainable \u0026 Impact Investing: The World is Changing—Should Your Investments? social impact investing bank of america

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