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FREE HBO: Silicon Valley. S1 E1:FREE HBO:Silicon Valley 01 HD. Watch the full episode online. Partially inspired by co-creator Mike Judge's experiences as a Silicon Valley house rent-free in exchange for a stake in the projects they invent there. Watch Silicon Valley for Free. Stream the very first episode of Silicon Valley now — no subscription required. FIND MORE FREE EPISODES. OFFICIAL KENTUCKY DERBY BETTING SITE

With Peter Gregory's company facing major changes, Monica tries to do what's best while dealing with her new boss Laurie. Later, Richard makes a decision about the company's future and faces big news from Hooli. Runaway Devaluation In the wake of Hooli's bombshell, Richard and the guys struggle to find a backer as they face legal and financial woes.

Monica attempts to balance her interest in Pied Piper with her job. A cash-strapped Dinesh tries to put an end to the Kickstarter campaign for his cousin's new app, Bro. With Pied Piper on the verge of going under, Richard gets a surprising offer. Bad Money While considering Gavin's proposal, Richard is approached by Russ Hanneman, an image-conscious billionaire who wants to back Pied Piper, but may not be as hands-off as he claims. Monica must face a high-strung Laurie, after learning Richard's deal with Hooli is not quite settled.

Gilfoyle and Dinesh play hardball to get what they want; Gavin finds a new strategy. The Lady Richard butts heads with Erlich over a prospective hire, while Dinesh and Gilfoyle become suspicious that a female employee they recommended is commanding a higher salary.

Big Head gets a promotion, but faces the consequences of becoming part of the tech elite. At a board meeting, Monica and Richard find themselves outvoted; Jared institutes a workplace-discrimination policy. Server Space Gavin's meddling causes Pied Piper to struggle finding office space, while a nosy neighbor puts the guys at risk. Gilfoyle takes on the task of building servers, and an over-stressed Richard reluctantly takes Jared on as a roommate.

Big Head's management style is questioned, and Nucleus' debut zeroes in on a big event. Homicide When Monica encourages the guys to pounce on a livestream opportunity, Erlich reconnects with his old mentee, Double-A, an energy drink billionaire, but Richard finds out their friendship isn't quite what Erlich thinks. After learning that their livestream might hit a snag, Gilfoyle and Dinesh brainstorm their options.

Jared tries to push Carla and Monica to be friends. Adult Content With the Pied Piper team fielding job offers and Russ distracted by financial news, Richard faces the prospect of either merging with a nemesis or folding. Gavin attempts to turn Nucleus' failure into a success. Dinesh tries his hand at wooing a woman online. After Gilfoyle suggests a risky move, Richard reaches out to an unconventional client.

Facing pressure from board members, Gavin looks to place responsibility elsewhere. Jian-Yang and Erlich try to get a foot in the door at Raviga, and discover Monica's dirty secret. Binding Arbitration When Pied Piper and Hooli enter binding arbitration, Erlich demands to be put on the stand, while Big Head finds himself propped up and Richard faces a moral dilemma as he realizes Hooli's claim may have legs.

Meanwhile, back at the Hacker Hostel, Jared, Dinesh and Gilfoyle question a philosophical theory and its relation to their livestream. As the guys await the verdict on Pied Piper's fate, an unexpected real-life drama draws a spike in traffic to their livestream and leaves them fighting to hold things together--literally, and while Erlich considers his future, Richard scrambles to save Pied Piper's.

Founder Friendly Season Three Premiere. After being unceremoniously fired, an angry Richard faces a tough decision: whether to accept the diminished role of CTO, or leave Pied Piper behind for good. At Hooli, Gavin tries to improve his image by admitting failure. Two in the Box While Pied Piper's new and improved offices and perks impress Dinesh and Gilfoyle, Richard worries that his vision has been compromised, especially after hearing from Jack's newly-hired sales team.

Jared faces issues evicting renters from his condo, while a frustrated Erlich struggles to get rid of Jian-Yang. Gavin suggests a controversial move at Hooli. Meinertzhagen's Haversack Facing the bleak future of Pied Piper's new business agenda, Richard tries to appeal to Laurie for help. Gilfoyle opens himself up to recruiters' pursuits. Dinesh's latest flashy purchase brings him unwanted attention.

After stumbling upon information about the competition, the guys decide to work up a master plan to covertly force Jack's hand. Maleant Data Systems Solutions Forced to complete an uninspiring project, the guys struggle to perform at a lesser level, ending up with a product that's more successful than they intended.

Erlich discovers he's facing Hacker Hostel competition from a familiar face; Monica takes a stand at a board meeting. Convinced of Pied Piper's threat, Gavin makes a decision to double down on Nucleus. The Empty Chair Nervous about Laurie's next steps, Richard takes matters into his own hands, letting his ego get the better of him during an interview.

Dinesh, Gilfoyle and Jared misplace a very important piece of hardware. Laurie reveals her true intentions after inviting Monica out for a drink. Erlich faces unexpected pushback while trying to sell Big Head on his plans for their future. Bachmanity Insanity Richard finds himself in his element while leading a global staff of engineers, but his budding relationship is threatened by his coding neuroses. Dinesh takes an interest in a foreign coworker, but worries about a face-to-face meeting.

Big Head and Erlich's launch party hits a snag, or two, while Jared returns to the dating scene. To Build a Better Beta When the guys decide to release the beta version of Pied Piper, they receive an unexpected response. With a limited number of beta invites each, Dinesh worries about his lack of friends, while Gilfoyle looks to catch him in a lie. Monica worries about how to deliver criticism. Facing financial woes, Erlich considers a big decision, and Gavin challenges the Nucleus team.

Bachman's Earnings Over-Ride Erlich struggles to come clean to Richard, who is forced to make a choice between their friendship and the company's future. Jared's new Pied Piper apparel makes a splash, and divides Dinesh and Gilfoyle.

As Gavin faces major life changes, the guys celebrate a rare victory. Daily Active Users Upon discovering some surprising stats, Richard attempts to bridge the gap between Pied Piper and its users, leading Jared to take drastic measures to hold everything together. Gavin learns secrets about the competition and decides to bring in a new face to reclaim his former glory. The Uptick Season Three Finale. With Pied Piper's future in question, Erlich's publicity success leaves Richard in a moral quandary just as Dinesh's video-chat app starts to pick up speed.

While Laurie prepares to jump ship, Gavin's comeback at Hooli is threatened by his displays of grandeur. Success Failure Season Four Premiere. In the wake of Pied Piper's clickfarm scandal, the guys struggle to find funding for their video-chat app to keep up with their rapidly-growing user base.

Erlich faces resistance from Big Head's dad. Richard gets some sage advice from an unexpected source, leading him to a big idea that could change his future. Terms of Service Richard butts heads with Dinesh, whose new position goes to his head. Later, Richard discovers some interesting data about PiperChat's users. Erlich makes a play to be involved in Jian-Yang's new app; Jared sets some ground rules in his friendship with Richard; Gavin's paranoia over Jack's enthusiasm causes him to make a rash decision.

Intellectual Property An overtired Richard pushes himself to the brink of sanity while trying to move ahead with his next big idea. Eyeing a comeback, Erlich pressures an uncooperative Jian-Yang. Monica sets a trap at Raviga to improve her standing with Laurie. Dinesh goes on a date; Big Head enters the world of academia; Gavin faces an unknown future. Teambuilding Exercise When Richard reaches out to an unlikely ally, Jared worries about the company he's keeping.

Gilfoyle gets tough on security in the wake of Dinesh's latest dalliance; later, he considers whether to put his pride aside for a job. Concerned about Jian-Yang's commitment to his app, Erlich takes matters into his own hands. The Blood Boy Cracks in Richard's latest partnership become more apparent when he's forced to deal with an unexpected interloper.

I like that you guys are so Erlich tries to explain that trash isn't burned in America. Simpson is one of the most recognizable people on the face of the planet. A moon shot is an idea so big, so bold as to be impossible They all admire a painting on Russ' wall that features three commas, meant to represent the three commas in a billion dollars.

Russ explains that the system is called The Lady -- a company he's funding that tells his son when to go to bed, take a bath and so on. Under pressure from Jared, Richard tells Carla and the guys that he's prepared to answer any questions about the company's harassment policy and workplace code of conduct.

Carla says her best friend's name is Cunty and asks if she can refer to her by name at work. Jared initially says no but then says he'll get back to her. Dinesh and Gilfoyle discuss Carla's many references to making lots of money. Erlich tries to charm his way in with Jian-Yang, but he's turned away.

Jared quotes a complaint about how Carla's rubbing it in that she's making more money than others. Richard smells something burning, and Erlich runs off yelling Jian-Yang's name. He visits his hapless doctor, who asks, "Are you sure it's not urine and you're not just wetting the bed? Jared asks Richard about the sweats, advising him to not think about the bedwetting possibility. A guy pitches a Christian-oriented riff on pet sharing, suggesting that scale could be achieved by moving into other pets like ferrets, but Erlich tells him that ferrets are illegal in the state of California.

After showing him out, Erlich looks longingly at the now-empty table where the Pied Piper guys used to work. A kimono-clad Erlich bows to Richard and presents him with a parting gift, a kimono of his own. Gilfoyle proposes a solution: He wants to build servers in the house, which he says will take him about a week. Bannerchek tries convincing Gavin that Big Head is worthless, pointing out that his team is working on a potato cannon.

Bannercheck touts the fact that his own team has developed prosthetic appendages for a monkey, although the animal like to use them for unsavory things, like throwing poop. Jared moves into Richard's room, and Richard soon discovers that Jared speaks German in his sleep. When Richard asks about it, though, Jared says he doesn't speak German. Erlich freaks out and tells Richard not to say anything because the house isn't zoned for business.

Richard awkwardly fumes at Erlich. Noah rolls up to the Pied Piper team in the darkened driveway and tells them: "Guess what? I'm reporting you to the city inspector. Richard peers over and sees Noah baby-talking to a ferret. Richard snaps a photo and shows it to Erlich, who cites California's no-ferret law while threatening Noah to back down about their illegal business.

Erlich demands, too, that Noah rent his guest house to Jared. The Nucleus team watches Gavin's big message in dismay before discussing how far the platform is from being ready. When Monica arrives at the Hacker Hostel, Jared introduces her to Carla, in a very awkward and unsolicited effort to make the women friends. As the stream begins, the Pied Piper team notices glitches in the stream. Gavin does, as well, but the executives and programmers around him act like nothing is amiss.

Eventually the stream freezes. Richard is apprehensive. Richard still isn't sure about it, so Jared suggests using SWOT -- a decision-making matrix that stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats -- to figure out if they should partner with Homicide.

Just hearing his voice again is giving me PTSD. He's wholly uninterested in meeting the pair, who realize that the stuntman calculated the velocity for his stunt incorrectly and will die if he doesn't change it. Blaine is rude when Gilfoyle tries to point out the blunder.

I really needed to hear that. Richard explains to Erlich that Double-A doesn't want him around. Richard loses it. You are an asshole. In fact, you're a Double-Asshole. Jared convinces the guys to use their livestream to instead show the hatching of the condor egg. Russ Hanneman calls to congratulate Richard on the livestream -- and new name for the company, Endframe, which is the company credited for the Homicide event. They stole my algorithm.

Dinesh is contacted by a woman, Karen, on Tinder while the team waits. Tired of waiting, Richard marches in to confront the Endframe guys. The Endframe guys care little about Richard's threats because their platform is finished, and Pied Piper's isn't. Endframe has no competition. Jared says it'd be nearly impossible to switch Pied Piper to a sales-based company. Richard disagrees, but Russ makes the case that the two companies are better together -- and then he'll take a buyout.

Russ storms off in his car. Ron balks. You're gone. It turns out that Gilfoyle knows the details of Endframe's deal because he found the password to their system on a Post-It. Karen stops by, and Dinesh notices that she's on the wi-fi at the house, meaning she's signed in there before. It turns out Erlich knows Karen -- the two have some sort of romantic past, and they saunter off together. This is great!

We just have to figure out how to make it work. Look what just happened. Gavin begs Dr. Bannerchek to come back to Hooli. Richard tells him about Gilfoyle finding the login information on the Post-It. She finally agrees to ask Laurie for five minutes to present the app. Richard again meets with Seth, who says he was just blowing off steam with the threats until he realizes that Gilfoyle didn't think he could attack the system.

He calls Gilfoyle again and renews his threats. The team runs inside and is baffled at what's happening. Russ notices that his tequila bottle is sitting on the backspace key of a laptop; he lifts it up, and the content stops being deleted. I gotta go. Molly doesn't find any of Richard's explanation amusing. All of you. The pair exits, leaving a Hooli Nucleus phone behind. Big Head gives the phone to Richard, who describes the Nucleus interface as "Soviet era" and plans to use it in his battle against Hooli.

Gavin and Richard threaten each other in veiled ways, under the advisement of their lawyers. Ron says he'll sidebar with the Hooli lawyers, and later Richard explains to the Pied Piper team that they're going into binding arbitration, which is "a trial but massively accelerated.

He's taking the Pied Piper case on spec because he's been disbarred, although Pete assures them he can work on an arbitration like theirs. Richard explains to Pete that he never used Hooli resources to develop Pied Piper. Pete warns him that if there's a conflicting version of Richard's story anywhere, though, that could be a problem.

Erlich offers a list of questions he should be asked on the stand, but the lawyer says he doesn't intend to call him to testify. Jared wants to call the museum to check on the egg, but Gilfoyle and Dinesh scare him into not reaching out Richard says it's a joke. In defending his business decisions around Big Head's app NipAlert, Erlich lets it slip that it crashed his laptop for three days -- the exact time period that Richard used a Hooli computer to work on Pied Piper.

The Hooli lawyers seem to have picked up on the slip. Hendricks, did you at anytime use a Hooli computer to test and or alter your Pied Piper algorithm? Richard doesn't directly answer the question. Jared, Gilfoyle and Dinesh watch the still-streaming camera as the guy falls backward out of the nest and lands with a thud.

Can anyone hear me? The Pied Piper guys are watching -- along with 7, other people, Dinesh notes. Richard shows the lead Hooli lawyer out of the Hacker Hostel, telling the guys that the litigators wanted to "make sure the platform they want to seize is ready for them. The realtor approaches Erlich about selling his house, too, and it takes very little to convince him.

The guys are surprised Erlich's selling and ask what will happen to the incubator. Dinesh reports that the livestream of the stranded museum employee has more than 20, viewers now, after links on BuzzFeed and Reddit. The guys lament having to give the great technology to Gavin Belson, but Gilfoyle suggests deleting Pied Piper before it can be taken.

The guys scramble to make sure the system can handle the traffic, and it isn't long before they're up to 50, viewers. Gilfoyle says they're about to "blow the main breaker. Meanwhile, Monica shows the livestream to Laurie, who's very impressed with what she sees. Erlich is worried about the place going up in flames just as he's about to sell. Dinesh notes that they're up to , viewers.

The realtor, Louise, shows up with potential buyers who plan to tear down the house. The server overload causes a fire at the Hacker Hostel just as the museum employee drinks his own urine and a rescue team arrives and shuts off the camera. Richard texts Jared; "Delete it all," he writes. The judge adds a caveat about Pied Piper's hiring of Jared; Hooli contracts forbid the hiring, but the judge notes that the California Supreme Court deemed such rules unlawful. Hendricks never had a valid employment agreement with Hooli," the judge notes.

That is my ruling and, per your arbitration agreement, it is binding and final. Richard tries to call Erlich to tell them to stop, but his phone battery dies. Then he drops his car keys into the sewer. The guys are about to hit delete once again. The guys cheer, as Richard desperately tries to figure out how to contact them. Richard hops on a bus and uses the bus driver's phone to email The guys delay the deletion further by procuring a lemon for their beers. Richard finally arrives. This guy.

Laurie tells Monica that they now have a majority on the Pied Piper board. I just got fired. Ron informs him he's no longer Richard's legal counsel, as he's technically Pied Piper's corporate counsel, and he's not about to sue himself.

At Hooli, Gavin Belson announces they're getting rid of Nucleus and terminating all its employees. Instead of prefacing each complaint with a positive note on Richard's character, they decide to use the acronym RIGBY: Richard Is Great, But Y'know… They agree Richard is arrogant to assume they'd walk out on a payday after giving up their own apps to work on his.

Apparently, he's a longtime fan of Erlich's work and Aviato. Dinesh and Gilfoyle take the opportunity to tell Richard they're staying on at Pied Piper, and that they believe they can scale the app without him. He storms out to meet with Flutterbeam immediately. Despite being underwhelmed by the idea, Richard calls his lawyer, Pete Monahan, to review the contract, but learns he's in prison following a violent bender sparked by the alcohol in kombucha tea.

Jack says he won't take the CEO job without him, and kindly shows Richard out, wishing him well in his future endeavors. Richard is barely out of the driveway before he stops the car and realizes what he's giving up. He puts his car in reverse and heads back.

Richard mentions he has a new boss at Pied Piper, and how he enjoys having someone else deal with the parts of the business that used to drive him crazy. The doctor mocks Richard for ceding control of his company, and suggests he perform a testicle check -- to make sure Richard still has them.

Richard worries they can't afford the space, but Jack takes him aside and reminds him how Google's amenities attracted the best talent in the business. When Jared arrives at his condo he finds his tenant, Ludwig, is still there, claiming he can't afford to live in the area because people like Jared have raised the cost of living. Ludwig refuses to leave, so Jared begins the long, expensive process of eviction. The execs, however, tell the remaining Nucleus team they must see the idea through, or else quit and abandon their severance packages.

Richard questions whether they should build the platform first, but Jack says no, referencing his "conjoined triangles of success" business model. Jian-Yang doesn't take the news well and starts freaking out. Later, after Erlich unwittingly reveals why Jared is moving back into the garage, Jian-Yang decides to use California's tenant laws to his own advantage and also refuses to move out.

When Richard confronts Jack about yet another decision he made without consulting him, Jack reminds him they're in a bubble and don't have four years to wait before they turn a profit. He does promise that no matter what happens, he'll never compromise the product. They decide they'll take their new plan elsewhere since they were fired by Hooli. Richard loses it and seeks out Jack at his horse ranch in Sonoma, where he's actively breeding horses.

He reminds Jack of his promise not to compromise the product and demands he back him up. Instead, Jack explains Pied Piper's product isn't the platform -- it's the stock -- and they'll do whatever it takes to make its value go up. They reveal the plan to create a dull-looking black metal box that looks like a VCR. Richard is mortified to discover Pied Piper is no longer a platform, but physical hardware.

The guys learn the new sales team promised hour-a-day, on-site maintenance -- meaning one of them would have to work in this massive basement tech hell for a year. The engineer attempts to put a positive spin on the work environment: "There's really no difference between day and night down here, so it makes things easy.

Richard relays this to Dinesh and Gilfoyle, who quits on the spot. Richard announces he's contacted Monica and arranged a meeting with Laurie behind Jack's back to discuss Jack's new "vision" for the platform. She plans to call Jack and tell him to pursue the platform development instead. After blowing up at her, he immediately calls Richard in to see him.

Jack tells Richard he's going forward with the box, despite Laurie's objections. He told her if she disagreed she could fire him, but Laurie refused. Despite Richard playing dumb about his involvement, Jack stops him on his way out of the office and warns, "If you're going to shoot the king, you've got to be goddamn sure you kill him. Monica explains it would look bad for her to fire two CEOs within a month. The catch is Gilfoyle only gets the bottle if he sits down with them. At Twen-X, Gilfoyle is shocked to find he's meeting with the guys from Endframe.

They show him they've figured out the Pied Piper predictive loop and thus have cracked middle-out compression themselves. Richard realizes Erlich has a point; if all they build is the platform, Jack will be forced to embrace it and pretend it was his idea all along.

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