Lightning returns quickest way to get ethers

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lightning returns quickest way to get ethers

Dive into ABYSS MODE to see how many waves of shadowy fighters you can defeat and reach the leaderboards alone or with a friend. Customize your Abyss Mode. I'm pretty sure Dave will come up with a complete strategy as he always does lol, but for a quick hint about how to resist the arcangeli. If you have a couple of EP to spare, use them to Teleport to the South train station in Luxerion (less tedious than walking there on foot). Otherwise manually. BETMGM LINES

Do so and grab the Rubber Ball sparkle on the ledge ; then hand it over to complete the quest. This quest will continue across multiple days, so all we can do today is starting it Head to the Commercial District go East now. Speak with her to continue the quest Return to North station square, and go Southeast from there to reach the Old Town section of Luxerion.

Yusnaan Time: It should be about when you arrive. As soon as you step in a place different from Luxerion you will unlock the EP Ability "Teleport", and a tutorial about putting markers on your in-game map press X while viewing the map in full size to do so will prompt. More Teleport Stations will become available later in the game. As a general rule, do not use Teleport unless I tell you to do so -- it's an expensive 2 EP ability, and for now it's best if you save your EPs for other purposes later on you'll be able to consistently kill enemies to recover EPs, so you can use Teleport more frequently.

Anyway, we're here in Yusnaan just for a short visit, and our goal for today will be to collect a bunch of treasures, complete a few easy quests, and advance with the local story progression just a little bit. All of this should be done before about , since we want to be back in Luxerion at at most.

There's plenty enough time to do all of the above without using Chronostasis, but please try to stick with the indications provided. Map of the next tasks lower zoom here. It's part of a quest, so ignore it for now. This special treasure can be opened only if you consume 6 EP. Do so to open it and get the Locket Pendant inside Back on the ground level, go Southeast from this first area. There is an Outfitters and an Inn here. The former sells the Velvet Bouncer Garb, but it's not one of those you're going to use so feel free to ignore it.

This enemy drops an item that is part of a quest that we'll do later on Family Food -- feel free to kill him now while you're here Stagger him with magic attacks, then finish him off with regular physical attacks to receive the item Civet Musk. Central Ave. He's Gregory C1 , and he will tell you about "someone" picking pockets in Yusnaan. We'll meet this "someone" soon enough Continue South. As you reach the Cactuar Statue plaza you will trigger a scene, and then some regular local enemies guards and Flanitor will attack you.

In these easy fights kill the Flanitors first magic attacks to Stagger, then physical attacks to kill them; they are weak against Fire , and then the guards. Do so to find the first "musical treasure" to open it contains the item Nostalgic Score: Refrain Go East from here until you reach the Fountain Square area. Approach him and he will steal Gil from you.

Chase him down and speak with him shortly afterwards to retrieve your money and "pre-start" the quest. In order to properly start the quest we need to speak with Gregory we'll do so soon - Continue Southwest from here, and detour around a building to find a treasure G containing Mage's Gloves - If you go Northwest from the building behind which there was the previous treasure, you'll find a passage leading underground.

Follow it to find another treasure H containing the Oath of the Merchants Guild item - Continue past the treasure and you'll find a sparkling item on the ground D , which is the item Desert Flame -- pick it up You can't proceed any further through the tunnel for now the gate ahead is locked , so turn around and backtrack the way you came from. Go back on the ground level, and continue West towards the objective marker on your in-game map.

On the way you will also find an Adventuring Essentials guy who sells info on these monsters: Hoplite, Schrodinger, Cyclops, Zaltys total of 1, Gil to buy them all. Proceed further West from him to reach a big staircase. You'll be told to look for a "Tour Guide" Backtrack a little back to the East, and look for a man playing some drums he's just opposite the underground passage we used earlier, in front of the Adventuring Essentials guy. You'll be told to reach a certain location North in the city at o'clock, but we won't do that "today" Backtrack to the Cactuar Plaza, and then go West from here.

Make sure to buy the Quiet Guardian Garb here: it's one of the most precious Garbs in the game, especially for advanced battle strategies against the strongest bosses, thanks to its defensive properties. The Glutton's Quarter, Central Ave. He'll give you the item Father's Letter, and your goal is to make Pickett steal this item from you With the little time we have left, head North from Central Ave.

Defeat them all they are weak against physical attacks to receive the quest item Music Satchel - All the way West in the Industrial Area there is one last treasure that you can open K , which contains a Giant's Vambrace It should be about now, but as anticipated earlier we don't want to proceed with the local story events just yet.

Instead, go all the way back to the Cactuar Statue Plaza. Enough time should have passed from the first theft; if that's the case he will steal the Father's Letter from you. Chase him after the theft and speak with him to continue the quest. Note that if he doesn't steal anything from you you simply need to wait a bit before he does so again. This is all we want to do in Yusnaan for today.

If it's not too late already if it's MAX , take the train to Luxerion. If it's already very late, use Teleport to reach Luxerion instead. Your ultimate goal is to reach South station square in Luxerion by Luxerion Reach the South station square before While you're here, speak with the Station Attendant don't board any train though to unlock the local Teleport Station Luxerion - South Station. Head where the objective marker is towards Cathedral.

There is nothing here before , but if the time is right or past it there will be a quest-giver. Thanks to the Service Entrance Key obtained in the previous quest you can now access the cathedral from , a time where it's normally unavailable to "regular" people. We have some spare time until midnight, so let's use it to visit the cathedral and trigger a few optional scenes.

Do so use the key to unlock the door on the left of the gate which is normally closed at night , and head into the Cathedral of Luxerion for the scene mentioned earlier they only occur if you sneak in when it should be closed. After the scene you can get more story-related info if you return where the scenes triggered and speak with the main NPC here. When you're satisfied, reach the Eastern entrance of The Warren and get inside. The Warren Time: Here now you'll find Louise D.

Speak with her to complete this quest Rewards: Gil, Leather Rucksack x 1. Head for the West entrance of The Warren. On the way you may find a little kid G who gives you a quest, but you can't complete it now we'll come back for him later , so you might as well ignore him. You need to find three "ghosts" in town now they appear after midnight, but only if you spoke with the four characters for the corresponding quest, which is "Voices from the Grave".

Speak with all the three ghosts, in no particular order, to complete the quest Rewards: Gil, Halo x 1. Back to The Warren, reach its central-East section. If you have a couple of EP to spare, use them to Teleport to the South train station in Luxerion less tedious than walking there on foot.

Otherwise manually backtrack there. Either way, when you're there simply board the train to the Wildlands. Exit the station for a short scene with a couple of NPCs. We don't have enough time to do much, so let's just call this a day wait until to let the Day end.

Speak with Hope for some additional two topics on the story if you want, and then warp back to Nova Crystalia. Note that from now on the game will ask you where you want to teleport to, when you start a new Day. You can always decide whether to start a new day from one of the Teleport Stations, or from the spot where you left the game when the previous Day ended "previous location".

In our case this time it doesn't make much difference, since we'll restart from the Wildlands Station anyway. Day 4. The Wildlands Aaah, finally some fresh air! This day is full of things we need to do, so a proper use of Chronostasis will be necessary in order to keep up with the advancing timer on the screen.

I'll tell you when to use Chronostasis, and how many times you should use it. From the station you need to reach the objective marker located Southeast, in Canopus Farm. The truly wise man always has more questions than answers. SE did put some button legends at bottom right corner of schemata setup menu. PSN: stevieg xurdias jonathanostrus 8 years ago 3 I went through about half my first play through before I realized you could move them. So you're not the only one.

In fact I think the only reason I realized you could move them is I went to watch a YouTube video of a boss fight and saw they were in different positions and then looked into it more. CatMuto 8 years ago 4 I think it took me till my second or third playthrough for me to notice.

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