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shute shield betting 2022 movies

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Out wide they also had Sam Harris and Mike Ruthven doing good things. Before starting his own walk of shame, he stumbled on the outfit in her living room and brought it back south of the Queensie bridge. Smith, honestly. US: What are you doing Lippo? Are you at the movies? Do you go to the movies when you lose the GF? Funny stuff. Three years later Lippo was playing test Rugby for England, George was already a decorated Wallaby and that same Manly team were still prank calling each other.

Some of them still do it to remember the good times. This game sticks out because it was the biggest ever hiding I copped in a derby. It was horrendous. Anyway, the score blew out to odd, it was the best Rats team I ever played. To try and erase the pain of being totally pantsed in a derby game, I wandered over to the Brookie Pub for a few beers before doing my arse on the Queen of the Nile pokie machine with Luke Donnan.

It still remains my darkest day on the Peninsula. Funny how things work out. In the one and only game v Manly that year, we were at home and it was a 5pm kick off. We executed THE classic ambush, giving it to the Marlins. Most of the sledging that evening came from my brothers Mark and Glen who sat on the hill with a large number of that Colts premiership winning team.

In the week leading up to the final regular season game, captain Reuben Bijl and I both decided this would be our last match in Manly colours. He defended like a flanker and ran like a number 8. He kicked just the way Coach Hendrie had asked him to and fed his big centers, Jayden and Ratu, when ever the right opportunity presented itself.

Tau was easily the best player on the pitch….. Good on them! Any way, on to todays game. There were a few guys that made their Merrylands 1st grade debuts today, they included Sone Key who pulled on the 1 jersey, Etuale Pitone who played 13 for the working man Masi Panapa, and Sanele Alatoa who moved on to the right wing. While not an easy win, todays result was never in doubt. They kick well, they scrum and lineout well, they are very well organized and they are reasonably good defenders.

But they lack any real threat in attack. Ther forwards are a touch clumsy and lack confidence running with the ball and their backs only real weapon is a little speed out wide. So while Merrylands found it a little tricky to break Northern Saints down, the lack of any real consequence for missing an opportunity meant that the Wolves could afford to take their time to get it right.

And the Wolves did eventually get it right. However, before they got it right, they also got it wrong. Just a bit. Well, not so much wrong, more greedy. Like all good subbies teams are a bit prone to doing, when the Wolves forwards realized that they could quiet easily brutalize their Saints counter parts, they all seemed to catch a little White Line fever.

Instead, the Wolves forwards kept going a few steps too many and kept loosing the ball. To their credit, the Wolves did eventually figure it out and not long after half time, begun putting a bunch of tries on the Saints and, in the end. Ran out comfortable winners. Several players deserve a special mention for todays game. Peter Smith is new to the club this year. Other then the opening game of the season, he has started first grade every week. Pete is a very classy player.

He is one of those guys that seems to have plenty of time when he has the ball and always seem to make the right decision. He also very much has the skills to make those right decisions work. Today, Pete was probably the best player on the field, certainly the best back.

Tani Heather is a gun. Well, usually he is. But today, Tani was on fire. Reece Waipuri has made the 10 jersey his own this year. Every week Reece seems to get a little better. He is beginning to gel with his half and centers and is running the ball well. The answer is, in simple terms, that todays opponents, Northern Saints, have no heart, no backbone, no intestinal fortitude.

See, at least 20 Northern Saints players showed up to Holroyd Sports ground today. Good lord, some players revel in this exact environment! For the love of Bill, in years gone Merrylands have famously played 3 grades with only 20 players! For so many reasons. Today, in their first home game of the season, the Wolves 1st grade showed passion, determination, discipline sometimes and real grit. There were plenty of Wolves Old Boys on the sideline today and all of them were mighty impressed with what the Wolves top grade achieved in this afternoons contest.

Manly are a good team, a very good team. They made it deep into the finals of this competition last year and the squad that took the field for the Savers today was very simmiler to the one that contested the major semi final in this division last year. The Wolves, by contrast, are a very new side.

In fact, 10 or the starting 15 are in their first year of rugby for the Wolves. The match was a classic ding dong battle, a real tit for tat affair. Every time the Wolves would get clean turn over or a well earned ruck penalty, Savers would reply with a good hit or a solid scrum and take the ball back off the Wolves. The Wolves opened the scoring with a penalty to new fullback Dan Ah Chong, but this was quickly rubbed out when Savers got a 3 pointer of their own.

Manly scored a well worked try toward the end of the first half and looked to be taking a lead into the break. But then a solid hit from new second rower Sio Faanati won the ball back for the Wolves which saw Merrylands race down field and to within only 10 or so meters fo the Manly line.

The game went on like this till about the 65th minute. The ref saw it and carded Tani. Red carded in fact. The Wolves got a little hot under the collar following the incident and probably went recklessly into a few tackles. New prop Ben Tuaopepe collected a Manly player above the collar close to the line and Manly were awarded a penalty. Savers tapped and went and, from the following tackle, replacement hooker Aritana Leuluaialii dropped the Manly winger with a classic seat-belt tackle. Aritana was yellow carded and the Wolves were down to just 13 on the field.

And Manly had possession only 5 meters from the line. Dark days indeed. But this was the moment the Wolves really shone. First, the Savers 8 tried to crash over, but he was turned away by 9 Chris Ioane and flanker Amelika Smith. Manly than threw 3 or 4 pods at the Wolves but were turned away every time.

Finaly, Manly realized the Wolves were short out wide and slung the ball out to the left. But they were denied again. In the end, Manly eventually crossed for a 5 pointer but they were forced to do it close to the left side touchline which meant their kicker was unable to slot the conversion. On top of this, the effort it took to score took a heap out of the beach boys, both physically and mentally, and gave the Wolves a real boost and a real sense of determination.

Captain Luke managed to win the ball back off the kick off and the Wolves proceeded to send wave after wave of Wolf attack crashing into Manly. It looked like Manly were going to be strangled out of the game as the Wolves expertly kept hold of the ball, but then, more drama. Savers proceed to put in a massive kick that got them well inside the Wolves half. But As Ben turned to see who could lift his kg frame, he realized the rest of the Wolves pack were only looking at breaking early and defending.

Old Man River grabbed Eli by the back of the shorts and, with Luke lifting from the front, they threw the mighty midget 6 and a half foot into the air. As the ball sailed toward the Manly jumper, Eli suddenly appeared and stole the ball away, with the very tips of his fingers.

Eli brought the ball to ground and was immediately surrounded by Wolves forwards who transferred the ball to the back of the maul where it was sent sailing over the fence and into Merrylands Forrest, never to be seen again! Loads and loads of Merrylands players deserve special mention today.

Eli Gooding has only played 3 games for the Wolves so far but is already being touted as, possibly, one of the best to pull on the black and yellow. First of all, the Wolves are back up in a two-team comp and, dare it be said, looking like they belong there. There are plenty of players showing up to training and games so, at least for the time being, things look positive. First grade will be coached by former 1st grade premiership winning number 8, qualified personal trainer and all-round nice guy David Mafi.

Second grade will be co-coached by former first grade and multiple premierships winning second rower, gamer, former Vice President and total has been Benjamin Davis and new guy Hendry Lees. Hendry has spent the last few years playing and coaching at Oatley. Hendry recently moved to the area and decided to try a club a little closer to home.

The rest of the team was filled with new faces that most Wolves fans would not have heard of. And in the early exchanges, it was evident. The Wolves were keen for the fight but they were struggling to keep up with the pace Manly were setting. After not too long, Manly caught the Wolves short a few defenders out wide and they capitalised, sending their 13 on a run down the sideline that got them to within 20 meters of the Wolves line.

A few quick recycles and the Manly 7 jogged over the line almost untouched. Things looked a little worrying. But the Wolves had a plan. Coach Hendry told his chargers there was no point trying to fling the ball around and beat Manly at their own game, there was no point spreading out the Wolves defence and trying to cover the fast-moving Manly attackers.

Instead, Merrylands had to suck the Savers into the rucks and mauls, suck them into the break downs and force Manly to fight and scrap. Basically, the Wolves had to force the Savers into playing Merrylands Rugby. And they did. And it worked. The Wolves sent wave after wave of forward chargers crashing into the Manly defence.

At times, Manly could handle it, soaking up the onslaught and pressuring the Wolves ruck. But at other times, Manly would fall of the odd tackle and let the Wolves runners into the backfield and, when they did, Manly would often compound the break by panicking and giving away easy penalties. At half time Merrylands were confident. Early in the second half, the Wolves fresh legs took their first victim. And then the Wolves did it again. Tafe Antonio had an awesome game at 8.

He ran hard and tackled hard and, during the first half, was probably the biggest reason the Wolves were able to turn the match around and stop Manly from running away with it. Sone Key was awesome when he came on. He did what all good subs are supposed to do, he picked up the pace and injected life into the Wolves attack. In the backline, Casey Viane had a near faultless game at fullback. He covered well and was always in the right position, denying Manly any chance they might have had to kick their way back into the match.

Jayden Waipuri was probably the best back on the field today. One v Two. Wolves v Warriors. Most Wolves thought Menai would go with Merrylands early but, given time, the Wolves fitness and class would eventually shine through and the lads from Merrylands would run away with it.

In the end, the exact opposite happened. It was Menai that set the pace early with the Wolves desperately trying to stay in touch. It was Menai who, with maybe 20 to go, put their foot on the accelerator and left and the Wolves for dead. Yes, the Wolves were confident but that confidence never really strayed into complacency or arrogance. Some part of todays loss can probably put down to an understandable lack of preparedness. The Menai team the Wolves faced today was almost completely different to the one the Wolves faced in round one.

It was a little less massive and a little more polished. So, yea, the Wolves could be forgiven for starting slowly but not for falling away like they did. Probably the most accurate thing that can be said of the Wolves performance and, hence, the reason they suffered their second loss for the season, is that Merrylands were far too passive.

Especially in the forwards. And especially in defence. Too often the Wolves sat back and let Menai play, let them get to the advantage line without being challenged, let them win their own scrum without trying to throw them off. And as is always true at this level of rugby, if you let the better teams play, they will, eventually, put it together and pull you apart. You need to impose your game, your plan, your rugby on them and let them try and cope with it.

The Wolves very much did that with ball in hand, as can be seen from the fact the Wolves managed to score 5 tries. When the Wolves got the ball, they played fast and shifted the ball accurately between forwards and backs and Menai struggled to cope with it. This should give the Wolves plenty of hope if when they meet Menai at the business end of the season. The Wolves know they can score points, and plenty of them, against Menai. They just need to get on the front foot in defence and make Menai think twice about which way to go.

The Wolves also need to really press hard in the areas they know they have an advantage, most notably at set piece time. The Wolves have at least 3 jumpers and should be able to demoralise Menai. There were a few players that deserve special mention for their efforts today. Luke Schofield tackled like an absolute soldier today and did everything he could do make up for the lack of ompf some of his fellow pack members were putting in.

Tim French played bloody brave today. He put his body in front of players that really should have crushed him and managed to bring them down pretty much every time. He also kicked like a machine and was a big reason the Wolves kept in touch with Menai. He caused Menai no end of headaches when he had the ball and defended like he might be able to single headedly stop the Menai onslaught. A Merrylands Wolf. In fact, there was a pack of Merrylands Wolves. And these Wolves, despite a fierce and legendary desire and ability to win, believed in the true spirit of rugby.

They believed in a fair fight, they believed in a laugh after and sometimes during a game. They believed in beer. They believed you had good years and you had bad years, good games and bad games. But most of all they believed that if you kept the true spirit of rugby beating in your wild heart, that you could live forever. They believed that, come what may, there would always be a place in the jungle for those that kept the true spirit of rugby alive.

But not all clubs were as pure of heart as the Wolves. See back then, back around , there were a number of clubs that got fed up with, well, being s t. They got sick of never really having a shot at the title. So, they decided to take a short cut. They sold their souls to the devil. They started paying players. In a big way. And as far as anyone could remember, it had never really been done.

At least not in any meaningful way. And certainly not down in div 3, 4, 5 and 6, down where the Wolves lived, because, after all, who really cares? This level of rugby is almost completely anonymous. There is no glory to be had down here. You can pull off one of the greatest feats of rugby heroics ever witnessed and yet the second you walk away from that oval nobody knows or cares. And paying guys to play destroys, not only ones own pure love of the game, but the love of those clubs you come up against.

Those clubs that are struggling, with all their bleeding hearts, to keep the love alive. The Wolves never ever paid players. The Wolves love for the game was never tarnished. In fact, Balmain was one of the biggest perpetrators. And their efforts cost numerous pure-of-soul teams potential premierships. One of the clubs that got robbed was the Wolves. And it had an immediate effect on the clubs that had lost their souls and paid players.

The likes of Balmain and Brothers and St Pats all free-fell down the divisions. Free fell to the point where Balmain went from div 1 to div 6 in just 3 years. And so today Balmain travelled out to Holroyd Sports Ground and got battered. They got battered in every conceivable way. They got battered on the score board, they got physically battered making tackles, they got physical battered being tackled and, to top it all off, they got flogged in the after-match boat race.

Most Wolves that pulled on a jersey today are unaware of this history. But there are two who are aware. They are very aware. There were two who have physically and mentally carried the scares of the havoc that soulless clubs like Balmain and Brothers wreaked all those years ago. And today special mention must go to them Luke Schofield and Benjamin Davis were starting second row partners in the Merrylands Wolves 1st grade side that were hammered by a stacked Balmain side in Luke Schofield and Benjamin Davis were starting second row partners in the Merrylands Wolves 1st grade side that lost the grand finale to a ridiculously stacked Brothers side.

Today Luke and Ben took their revenge. Luke played the entirety of todays game. Ben was captain of the Wolves 1st grade from to Ben was the captain of the Wolves 1st grade team when they suffered at the hands of those that would kill the game we love. Today Ben scored the final try of the game, a try that took the Wolves to an enormous point win. Ben had the indescribable pleasure of being passed the ball with 20 meters to run and no defenders in front of him.

The Wolves were flying high, sitting atop the Jeffrey Cup ladder while Dukes were languishing at the bottom. The very bottom. Coach James was expecting a win but knew this sort of opposition can sometimes prove tricky. The Wolves travelled over to Alexandria with a very strong team. In the backrow Tani Heather, one of the Wolves best over the last 2 or so years, was missing with an ankle injury. Despite being top of the table, Coach James has yet to hit upon his best backline, regularly tinkering with combos and positions trying to find the Wolves sweet spot.

Out wide Jammie Varoy was back from holiday and back in his 14 shirt while Vai Meni moved from 13 to 15 to cover for the missing Ite Tia. Dukes are a pretty good team, they certainly defend well, they compete hard at rucks and they have a fantastic kicking game. Outside of one fast winger, the rest of the team really never looked like troubling the Wolves. The game was tight until half time, with Dukes taking a 6 — 3 lead into the break.

But as fatigue set in and the Wolves begun to understand what Dukes were about and where they were weakest, Merrylands were able to capitalise on more opportunities. Straight off the kick off the Wolves went at Dukes again, ripping a hole in their defence in the middle of the filed.

And that kind of was the end of the game. It was certainly the end of any resistance Dukes put up. They stopped competing at the ruck and instead just fanned out. They stopped charging a few phases into the wolves and instead kicked the ball away as soon as they got possession and they stopped competing at lineout and scrum time. All of these things meant the Wolves simply had the ball in their hands way more often and were able to hold it with way less effort.

And that was never going to work out well for Dukes. Emanuel Siaosi came to the club this year and has been close to the Wolves best attacking player. He is fast, aggressive and smart and today was a big reason the Wolves were able to pull away form Dukes in the second half. A test. But were those wins down to a hot Wolves team or was the opposition a little crappy? Today should have gone a long way to answering that question.

See Burner are a quality, bench mark side. They were grand finalists last year and have been at or very close to the top of this division for a number of years. But in reality todays result, a two point loss for the Wolves, kind of threw up as many questions as it answered. You might be tempted to say that bodes well for the Wolves defense. But does it? The Wolves failed to put any real pressure on Burraneers attack, allowing Burner to recycle possession fairly easily.

Sure the Wolves did a good job of scrambling and Burner never really cut the Wolves up but can you really have faith in a defense that give a team that many bites of the cherry? In attack the Wolves looked dangerous. They scored one try from long range, roughly 50 meters out, and the other after sustained pressure very close to the Burner line. That shows variety and ability to score in multiple ways right? Yea sure maybe, but the Wolves were kind of forced to attack from range as they consistently failed to hold onto possession for any more than a few phases and, more importantly, the Wolves kicking game was either non-existent or rubbish.

So what to make of this loss? In the end it is probably mostly positive. The loss also kind of takes the spot light off the Wolves a little. They seem to have a fairly settled squad and, other than a little polish, what else is there to add?

The Wolves on the other hand have a load of room for improvement. For starters the front row. Hopefully with the likes of Tom Greville and James Mac coming back that problem should be fixed. With Junior Ganilau coming back into the centers next week, there is awesome potential for the Wolves midfield to get deadly.

But bigger than that is time. Coach James in a young coach with a private school rugby pedigree. Folks that are in the armed forces can be moved around the country when ever their bosses feel the need to do so. As a consequence, their rugby team can be a little inconsistent.

And talent. And size. And speed.

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