Breeders cup betting calculator

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breeders cup betting calculator

Learn how to calculate betting costs and payouts for all types of horse racing bets including keys, boxes, wheels, and more. Equibase Company is the Official Supplier of Racing Information and Statistics to America's Best Racing, Breeders' Cup, Daily Racing Form, NTRA. Kentucky Derby Betting Calculator. Churchill Downs, Race 12 - STAKES G1. Learn how much your bet will cost and for Win bets, learn what your return could be. MERCURY MUSIC PRIZE BETTING WILLIAM HILL

On the most basic level, odds calculators are designed to help you understand the implications of your bets and ultimately determine what returns you will receive if you are successful. Such tools tend to operate in a standard format, with them first asking you to input the type of bet that you have made or are planning to make. This could be anything from a single to a Yankee to Super Heinz or an accumulator.

The calculator may also ask you to either enter the odds in the decimal or fraction format, but we will touch upon the key issues related to that further on in this article. You will then repeat that process however many times is necessary — for example, if you have placed multiple bets — and then may also be able to add information related to Dead Heats or any situation when Rule 4 may have come into play. The latter offers compensation in the event that a horse withdraws from a race after a bet is placed.

Clear benefits After providing full information regarding your range of bets, the odds calculator will then take care of the hard work by doing the maths and generating an overview of the bets you have made or are planning to make, as well as the potential returns which will be available if you are successful. Choose your each-way terms with the odds calculator — these vary based on the number of runners and the type of race As you may have already realised, such tools offer clear benefits to horse racing fans whether they are planning for future races or even checking what their final winnings will be after placing several bets.

The ability to input information on a combination of bets is a particular benefit, as it ensures you do not get a headache while attempting to consider the potential outcomes of the bets you have made. The concept operates on the straightforward notion that you simply multiply a stake by the decimal shown and the outcome will be your total winnings.

While the use of decimals may seem very simple in that respect, it is worth bearing in mind that the concept offers up one fundamental difference in comparison to the use of fractional odds. When it comes to decimal odds, your stake is always factored into the return that you calculate but this is not the case when following the fraction method. Then place a wager and cheer home your favorite horse! These four simple steps will get you started: 1 Examine the odds What does it mean when a horse offers odds of , or , or ?

The odds also determine the payoffs for win bets. Speed figures, jockey and trainer statistics, pedigrees, and more can be used to identify the most likely winner. This is where the odds come into play. Novice bettors are more likely to find success with traditional win, place, and show wagers. A place bet pays off if your runner finishes first or second, and you can cash a show bet if your horse cracks the top three.

But you can also bet more than the minimum amount, with larger payoffs as the prize. At the same time, losses can accumulate quickly when betting large amounts, so play in your comfort zone and save bigger bets for races where you have strong opinions. A horse field, combined with horses traveling from across the country and abroad alike, makes the task especially difficult. I have pegged a handful of tips that history suggests will aid in the process of finding the correct Derby horse.

Post Position Drawing close or along to the rail would seem like a logical advantage for any horse in a particular race. But, in the Kentucky Derby, being drawn inside has been the opposite. Since , just three horses breaking from the three innermost positions have captured the Run for the Roses.

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breeders cup betting calculator

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