Ivey business school value investing forum

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ivey business school value investing forum

Three Kellogg students won the Ivey Business School's Ben Graham Centre understand value investing through a unique stock-picking forum. The Ben Graham Centre for Value Investing at the Ivey Business School at Western The Conference provides a forum to explain, discuss and debate the. Prepare for those rare opportunities with this forum report. Robert D. Klassen, Professor, Ivey Business School. Sustainability is about asking the. FOREX CASH COW STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION

Corporate executives must also take leadership to shift culture, strategy, and practice, in pursuit of both financial and sustainability success, and to resist short-term pressures and allow lag-effects to expire. Research must inform future-oriented and actionable strategies for companies, large and small. Scenario-based case studies are just one example. This theme calls into question the current relationship of business research and practice.

Academic research is rarely translated for practitioners. What is translated often takes years to filter through consultants, executive education outlets, or media to the business decision-makers who need it most. The flow in the other direction is even more problematic. Best practices emerge from practical experiences; academic research is slow to identify these to incorporate emerging wisdom and lessons learned.

Increasing the amount of useful research will require motivation on the part of researchers and corporations, to build relationships that facilitate access to data and allow for implementation of findings. Partnerships between academics and consulting firms are beginning to play a role, and the Research Network for Business Sustainability is working to address this challenge. Research must move beyond its narrow focus of proving the link between corporate investment in sustainability and financial performance or competitive advantage.

There are many areas to expand research including the value chain, life-cycle analysis, specific inter-industry and company complexities of sustainability, and the role and power of consumers, investors, and other stakeholders. Developing this commitment requires education and takes time.

Sustainability requires accounting systems that incorporate detailed environmental and business performance indicators, and control systems that are aligned with sustainability strategy. We need more research into the specific drivers through which social performance impacts financial performance.

Many of those who rate business performance are including sustainability items in their assessment tools. Guy Spier; Mr. Thomas Konstantinidis; Mr. Goran Vasiljevic; and Mr. Richard Oldfield , who spoke about value investing around the world, with emphasis on European Value Investing. Athanassakos added that each member of the panel puts what he detailed in his opening statement into practice in their own portfolios in a global setting.

Similarly, he proudly welcomed the panel of corporate executives Mr. Eftichios Vassilakis; Mr.

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Contact us at cavieinfo valueinvestingeducation. Program Leader Dr. George Athanassakos is a draw for students at the Ivey Business School at Western University and includes him in the club of Canadian superstar teachers Click here to read a research paper by Dr. George Athanassakos that details the performance of the investing decision process taught in the Value Investing Seminar Certificate Upon completion of the Seminar, participants will receive a Value Investing Certificate Seminar Dates May 29 — June 2, The Seminar is limited to 34 participants, so please register early.

It took us and Ivey some time to fill this position as we wanted to find the right professor with a value perspective, a professor like George, and boy did we luck out with George. The last few years the company has received multiple awards. Furthermore, Mr. During the period to , Mr. Konstantinidis has held various positions in the financial sector in Greece and abroad.

Mr Konstantinidis holds a B. He also holds an M. Paul is a graduate of Albright College. He is the author of the book Simple But Not Easy, a book about investing published in June with a second edition in A voracious reader, he gets through books as briskly, it seems, as his long daily walks. He is also a keen swimmer, and sometimes plays golf. His asset management style is based on strictly applying the principles of value investing Graham, Buffett, Peter Lynch, etc.

He is the author of Invirtiendo a largo plazo Investing for the long term , a book in which he explains the underpinnings of his own investment approach and experience. Guy completed his undergraduate studies at Oxford and earned an M.

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