Ethereal starscape

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ethereal starscape

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Starscape: Ethereal Pirates ethereal starscape

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Swap Red A decorative skin that can be applied to a ship to modify its appearance. Swap Yellow A decorative skin that can be applied to a ship to modify its appearance. Zero Alpha 4 This exclusive skin was received for participating in the earliest phase of Starscape's public testing program. All the skins listed above are kept as Cosmetics, which cannot be bought or sold and can be applied to as many of your ships as you want.

There are also Ethereal Skins, which are special event skins. Although they are put in the same Skin slot as all the other skins and change the color and texture of your ship, they function completely differently. They are ship-specific; an Ethereal Stratos skin cannot be applied to a Barracuda. They are kept and stored as items.

They can be traded, dropped, and listed on the player market. They can only be applied to one ship, and they are destroyed when removed. Because they were a limited-time event item, dropped by Ethereal Pirates , many ships in existence today were not present back then.

Thus, those ships did not have Ethereal Skins. Coverage Rates The following table lists the typical material requirements for a 1mm to 3mm aggregate laid on to a low texture surface: Calculate material requirements for a specified area. Installation Schedule Planning a suitable works schedule is a vital aspect of installing a resin bonded surface. The weather, temperature, material availability and access limitations all need to be taken into consideration.

If the application base is darkened by moisture it will cause the resin to foam. All decorative surfacing applications must only be installed in dry weather with works planned around the weather forecast. No installation should take place during or immediately after rainfall. If it begins to rain mid-application, work must immediately be stopped until both dry weather and a dry surface have returned.

It should be noted that stopping an installation midway through will require a day-joint. This can be achieved by using a masking tape to create a long, straight edge to work up to and laying the resin up to this neat edge. Whilst the edge will be visible on the completed resin surface it will not look unsightly and allows for the possibility of incorporating a design feature. This allows for the installer to order the correct quantity of resin and aggregate for every job and reduce waste.

In order to ensure materials are available on the selected installation date it is good practice to allow at least 5 working days from point of order to delivery. Whilst Star Uretech stock the entire range of StarScape resins and aggregates, in peak times we cannot guarantee immediate availability. If the weather is dry and there is a secure, covered storage area, materials should be requested for delivery prior to the installation date. If secure, dry storage is not available then a pream or timed delivery should be arranged for the installation date.

The working area needs to be protected from traffic from the start of the installation to 12 hours after the installation is complete. This includes foot traffic such as the Postman and even pets such as cats. Surface Preparation Whether StarScape THERMAL is to be laid on an existing base or a base installed specifically to accommodate the resin surface, there are several stages of base preparation that must be completed prior to the installation of the bonded resin surface.

All forms of surface dressing are only as good as the base on which they are applied. Cracks in the base suggest movement and this can result in reflective cracking of the resin surface. Any damaged areas should be removed by mechanical means to a minimum depth of mm.

Cracks greater than 5mm wide but not exceeding 20mm wide can be filled with either concrete or an elastomeric crack repair product and covered with galvanised brick reinforcing mesh however, it should be noted that the reason for the cracking of the base may still be present such as tree roots or broken drains and could result in future problems if not rectified prior to the installation. This will prevent the resin from adhering to the fixed edge and becoming damaged if the fixed edge is moved or replaced.

Surface imperfections or small undulations less than 4mm in the base can be corrected during the resin bound surface application however any undulations greater than 4mm should be corrected with a StarScape Scratch coat or an exterior levelling compound. It is important to remember that utility companies will require access to the drains and failure to allow for this can result in the surface being removed and the installer being billed for this. If the base is constructed from concrete and has smooth, float finish then it should be checked for dusting.

Older bases over two years old are less likely to dust or require a primer however this can be confirmed by simply rubbing your finger over a small area of the surface. If the base is constructed from asphalt it should only be primed if there is any evidence of oils leeching from the surface. This is unlikely on asphalt surfaces over 12 months old however if the surface has an iridescent coloured appearance when wet then the use of StarScape PRIME is advised. This should be done with a stiff sweeping brush and a high-pressure power wash.

Ensure any loose material, organic material such as algae growth and chemicals such as oil and brake fluid are removed. If a heat gun is being used to speed up the drying time of the surface, care should be taken on asphalt surfaces as excessive heating can result in oils leeching from the surface. The keys reasons for this can be the use of an unsuitable PEN value binder, the use of a poor-quality solvent or simply climatic conditions delaying the evaporation of the solvents.

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Space Ambient Mix 62 - The Other Earth by Dreamstate Logic

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