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rare earth investing newsletters

Invest in the specialist mining companies that hold the key to future of technological and environmental innovation thanks to our forward looking Rare Earth ETF. When we recommend top metal stocks, we want to see positive cash flow, preferably even when commodity prices are low. Even better, we like to. The caller may claim rare earth metals are 'the new big thing' in alternative investments and insist that high demand for the metals will lead. NFL BETTING PREDICTIONS WEEK 6

However, cheaper Chinese production of these elements shut down the mine in the s. Source: USGS With the Chinese dominating the market of rare earth elements production of rare earth end products, the US is working to renew rare earth mine development. That diversification may soon get a jump start. The bill also contains authorization for DOE to fund a loan-guarantee program designed to restart U.

Investing in Rare Earth Elements Your options for investing in these key commodities are unfortunately limited. I have already discussed Molycorp, which is actively in mine production. They are a known quantity, but their stock is also too rich for my blood considering Chinese price competitiveness and the fact they are losing money. I want to see their stock dip into the low teens before I consider investing in them. Like Molycorp, they are in the red. However, they have more assets than liabilities and have a substantial resource base of rare earths to develop.

They are trading at a robust 41 cents. As Jason Hamlin points out , Avalon: Avalon has returned very high-grade drill results and their Thor Lake deposit has high concentrations of heavy rare earth elements, nearly double the typical concentration. The company is developing three of its six mineral properties and should have solid production in the future to finance operations. They purchased a former Russian rare earth mine in Kyrgyzstan. In addition, surrounding infrastructure for Stans Energy is already in place and operational.

Because this was a previously producing mine, there is excellent infrastructure which minimizes the cost to Stans Energy. All necessary roads are there along with a power source and a railway. More importantly Stans has purchased an option to buy the processing mill which was previously used for Kutessay II.

This is a major plus for Stans because processing mills are extremely expensive to build from scratch. There is political unrest in the country, but not in particular near the mine location. However, this bears watching as it could affect transportation round the mine in particular.

The timeline for production starting for Stans Energy might be — Then we have the two Australian companies subsidized by the Chinese, Lynas and Arafura. Lynas owns one of the richest rare earth deposits at Mt.

Lynas recently increased costs estimates for projects in Australia and Malaysia , owing to engineering and construction fees. Lynas expects first ore feed from Western Australia in Arafura Resources' Nolan discovery has a 30 million ton project that has an expected sustainable life of 20 years. If the company can finance activities and get production up and running, they represent a solid stock play.

I feel the same way about Avalon at this time as the price has been run up. The intriguing options are Great Western and Stans Energy, as they may be quickest to bring a wide variety rare earths to market. Because of their scarcity, precious metals are valuable—much more so than the base metals.

They are used for jewelry, art, coins, dental work, medical devices, electronics, and investment purposes. Like base metals, a wide range of investment vehicles are available to those interested in the precious metals markets. Gold has long been considered a solid investment and is often physically held in the form of jewelry, coins, or gold bars. Particularly during times of economic uncertainty, gold gains popularity as an asset of last resort. Aside from physical possession of precious metals, investors can trade stocks, futures, options, mutual funds , and ETFs based on precious metal holdings.

Furthermore, the CME Group offers investors a choice of gold futures and options contracts. Long-term investors should be sure that precious metal ETFs hold physical metals rather than futures, options, or other derivatives. Some of these derivative products are only for trading and tend to lose money in the long run, even when metal prices rise.

Rare Earth Metals Rare earth metals are becoming increasingly important to the electronics industry and technological advancements. Elements such as lanthanum La , Cerium Ce , praseodymium Pr , and neodymium Nd are used in the manufacturing of electronics like smartphones, computer memory chips, cameras, and e-readers.

Rare earth metals are also critical in several military and defense applications, such as night-vision goggles, precision-guided weapons, and stealth technology. Although none of the rare earth metals are exceptionally scarce, extracting and processing them is challenging due to their wide geographic distribution and environmental concerns with processing.

Despite their abundance, rare earth metals are valuable because they are hard to get, and they are in high demand. The Bottom Line The known elements appear on the periodic table. Among these elements are base metals, precious metals, and rare earth metals, which provide various opportunities for investors and traders.

While gold has been revered for thousands of years and is likely to remain a popular investment, other elements like palladium and neodymium are attracting attention through a variety of trading vehicles, including stocks, futures, options, and ETFs. Every investor is unique, so this article should be used for educational and illustrative purposes only.

You also need to take your investment horizon, risk aversion, and many other investment criteria into account before making any decisions. Finally, it is generally wise to seek qualified investment advice before making major financial decisions.

Article Sources Investopedia requires writers to use primary sources to support their work. These include white papers, government data, original reporting, and interviews with industry experts.

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Are Rare Earth Metals a Good Investment?

About Statistics and information on the worldwide supply of, demand for, and flow of the mineral commodity group rare earths - scandium, yttrium, and the lanthanides The principal economic sources of rare earths are the minerals bastnasite, monazite, and loparite and the lateritic ion-adsorption clays.

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Where to bet online for sports The timeline for production starting for Stans Energy might be — They are a known quantity, but their stock is also too rich for my blood considering Chinese price competitiveness and the fact they are losing money. They are, however, hard to find in large enough concentrations to support costs of extraction, and have an inhibitor in radioactive thorium which must be properly disposed of. Furthermore, the CME Group offers investors a choice of gold futures and options contracts. As you can see, rare earth elements are important to current and future technological applications, including the burgeoning green energies market. Gold has long been considered a solid investment and is often physically held in the form read article jewelry, coins, or gold bars. Lynas and Arafura will no doubt end up being successful because the Chinese have chosen them and can immediately put their production to use.
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rare earth investing newsletters

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Light Rare Earth Metals The lightest rare earth elements according to their atomic weight include neodymium, praseodymium, europium, and lanthanum. The one in highest demand within the rare earths market is neodymium, which manufacturers use to make smartphones, electric vehicles, and medical equipment. Praseodymium is also a significant resource for producing aircraft engines, studio lighting, and permanent magnets for data storage and wind turbines.

Many light rare earth metals play critical roles in military defense manufacturing as ingredients for making night-vision goggles, guidance systems, communications, and stealth technology. Heavy Rare Earth Metals Heavy rare earth elements are less common, causing their prices to rise as demand overtakes the supply.

These metals include dysprosium, terbium, yttrium, erbium, and samarium. The first three metals on the list are in high demand for manufacturing clean energy technologies, such as hybrid vehicles and medical devices. Dysprosium oxide helps keep nuclear reactors cool, and terbium is in TV screens and solid-state hard drives. Because of its differences in properties, scandium is in a class by itself.

The primary use of scandium in the U. The Risks of Investing in Rare Earth Metals With such a long list of industrial applications, you might assume that rare earth metals are a safe bet due to their demand. However, the production is much lower than other mining operations: about , tons a year.

Even with comparatively low production, most are in surplus supply. Heavy rare earth metals are in higher demand since they are harder to find, but China has nearly exclusive production of these elements. Although companies in other countries are pursuing their own mining initiatives, they can take several years to become operational.

Relatively low and unstable supply and demand, combined with the scarcity, environmental impact of extraction and challenging purification process, make investing in rare earth metals risky. Not to mention that China controls enough of the market to dictate prices as its leaders see fit.

A beginner investor would find safer diversification opportunities in precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum. How To Invest in Rare Earth Metals Despite the risks, rare earth metals are valuable and in high demand across many industries. Most rare-earth mining ambitions fizzle out as companies struggle to find the funds while searching for higher concentrations of elements. Lynas mines rare earths in Australia and processes them in Malaysia and, recently, the United States.

In the U. The fund focuses not only on investing in rare earth metals but also in strategic metals like cobalt and titanium. Another fund is the Dolefin Rare Earth Elements Fund in Switzerland, which invests in rare earth element companies and platinum group metals producers. One of these ways is through recycling facilities, primarily for magnets. Companies such as American Resources Corp.

Even though China still has a stranglehold on rare earth supply and production, experts are optimistic about the future of rare earth elements in terms of supply and demand. With a very steady stream of business in various industries, it has also pivoted during tricky economic times.

Materion has recently acquired a portfolio of electronic materials from leading provider H. This is particularly helpful right now, as Materion can sell these materials to semiconductor manufacturers. The world is still expecting a shortage of semiconductors due to high demand and supply chain issues. With a relatively small amount of debt, Materion could be set up financially for the future. The manufacturer has a rare earths processing facility in Estonia with manufacturing facilities in countries around the world.

This diversity has allowed Neo to have a huge portfolio of innovative products and technology. It is mainly well known for its magnets and magnetic powders, making a wide range of rare element resources and chemical products. Thanks to this sizable portfolio of products, the company has exposure to an extensive array of industries.

Revenue was up over Overall, this paints a very positive picture for investors, and the company is well-poised to capitalize on the growth of the rare earths market. It has been in the zircon industry for over 60 years and is a leading global producer of zircon and titanium dioxide feedstocks, rutile, and synthetic rutile. Furthermore, Iluka is developing its rare earth elements portfolio. The company has operations in Australia, Sierra Leone, and Sri Lanka as well as a global marketing and distribution network.

Iluka is having a solid year, with a record-breaking after a sharp slump in October In our opinion, checking those two boxes indicates progress. Is Rare Earth a Good Investment? Rare earths could be a great investment, as this is a relatively stable industry with long-term applications.

The electric car industry is taking off, as consumers are looking for eco-friendly transportation options. Since electric vehicles require rare earth elements for production, these companies could benefit heavily from the increased demand for these cars. Rare earths are also used in various other essential items, ranging from personal electronics to defense systems. Even windmills use rare earth metals. Also, having multiple revenue streams can somewhat insulate these companies from the ups and downs of the market, which could make them a better long-term investment.

There are also plenty of solid rare earth penny stocks to invest in, including some of the picks on our list. Many of these companies already have their feet on the ground and products out the door.

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Investment Tip 3 - Rare Earth Metals' Exit Strategy Revealed!

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