Boxing betting odds pacquiao vs marquez

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boxing betting odds pacquiao vs marquez

Manny Pacquiao is the favourite to beat Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez in a round welterweight battle between two of this era's top pound for. Odds are set at. The boxing odds favor the Filipino champion again here. Manny Pacquiao (, 38 KOs) squares off against Marquez ( TAMPA BAY RAYS VS CLEVELAND

Odds as of Saturday afternoon and via Caesars. In a full circle moment, these two meet in a match in which oddsmakers installed Pacquiao as a favorite before the public pushed this line as high as with the total rounds set at Nevertheless, this is an intriguing matchup between Pacquiao — arguably the greatest fighter of this generation as the only eight-division world champion in boxing — and Ugas, a worthy challenger whose only loss in the past five years was a questionable decision against then WBC champion Shawn Porter.

Will Pacquiao overcome Father Time and the two year lay off to add to his Hall of Fame career or can Ugas pull off the upset? He is one of the best the sport has to offer and would be a tremendous challenge for the year old Pacquiao to overcome at this stage of his career.

Things are drastically different for this fight where Pacquiao sits at over Ugas. Still, similar to Spence, Ugas has some advantages that make him a tough opponent. That's no bad thing, of course, but, when framing it in the context of a specific Pacquiao-Marquez narrative - should you be inclined to do so - it's hard to deny this is anything much other than a lucrative dead rubber.

Statistically, Pacquiao is up over Marquez, but whether we're looking at a final tally of , , or even come Sunday morning, there's never likely to be a clear consensus - at least among objective observers - that this particular league table reads like it really should. Though hotly disputed, last November's catchweight split-decision Pacquiao win is perhaps as close as there's been to unanimity with regard to the outcome - the problem with that being, of course, the prevailing belief that the judges got the official verdict wrong.

There's a case for Marquez being as much as Pacquiao being unbeaten over the course, but what's more difficult to dispute is that, three fights in and counting there's anything more than a handful or so of the 36 completed rounds separating them. The more things change, the more they stay the same. There have been countless articles written about this fight already, many of which will, once again, closely examine the style matchup here, many dissecting the footwork of Pacquiao, the counterpunching ability of Marquez, and probably many throwing in a few jokes about each being the other's Kryptonite or something, too.

This doesn't need to be one of them. The reason being it may be that we know what Pacquiao-Marquez IV looks like already. Or do we? One of the distinct features of this particular build-up is the assertion from each man that they're going looking for the knockout. We do, of course, hear that most weeks, from most fighters, in most fights, and finding a long-term correlation between a boxer promising a stoppage and then actually delivering would be problematic at best.

There are other elements in play here, though. Marquez, in response to not getting the judges' nod once again, has made drastic changes to his approach, bulking up with a focus on power, pledging that, this time, he won't let it go to the cards. Pacquiao, meanwhile, has a different motivation than before, too, coming into this fight off the back of his own questionable points reverse against Bradley, his first loss overall since Morales in It would be no real surprise to see this played out slightly more aggressively than last November's more cagey affair, but age could be a determining factor here.

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