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bill hader casey kasem bitcoins

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He was warm and friendly and humanized the charts with interesting anecdotes about artists. And, of course, his long-distance dedications gave anyone with the right story that struck an emotional chord an international audience long before Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. Everything sounded phony and contrived.

The first four-hour show took 18 hours to record. Cable had blossomed, relaxation of radio ownership rules meant national radio programming was becoming more prevalent and, thus, less unique, and the Internet was about to remake the way we consume information. Casey will probably be remembered for his imprint on radio as Johnny Carson is in the realm of late-night TV. Kasem gave a gift of communicating genuinely and unhurriedly, traits that seem increasingly endearing and valuable in an era of largely disposable social media messages.

Not only have all music and chart fans lost a radio legend, and, in many ways, a friend, but Billboard has lost perhaps the greatest voice that ever gave the charts a voice and personality. In during the Beatlemania craze, Kasem had a minor hit single called "Letter from Elaina", a spoken-word recording that told the story of a girl who met George Harrison after a San Francisco Beatles concert.

American Top 40's success spawned several imitators, including a weekly half-hour music video television show, America's Top 10 , hosted by Kasem himself. I knew people tuned in to find out what the number 1 record was. In , he voiced Merry in The Return of the King. In , Kasem was hired as the narrator for the ABC sitcom Soap , but quit after the pilot episode because of the show's controversial content.

In , Kasem made a cameo in Ghostbusters , reprising his role as the host of American Top His goal was to make it the "Oscars" of music videos. The final show aired in In a article, he explained: A few years ago, I was doing one of the voices in the TV cartoon series, Transformers. One week, the script featured an evil character named Abdul, King of Carbombya. He was like all the other cartoon Arabs. I asked the director, 'Are there any good Arabs in this script for balance? There was one other — but he was no different than Abdul.

Kasem regained the rights to the name in , and the show was back on the air in , on the AMFM Network later acquired by Premiere Radio Networks. In Kasem renewed his deal with Premiere Radio Networks to continue hosting his shows, one of which had been reduced to ten songs and was retitled American Top 10 to reflect the change. In June , Premiere announced it would no longer produce Kasem's two remaining countdowns, ending their eleven-year relationship.

He sent a press release announcing he would retire from radio on the July 4 weekend, the 39th anniversary of the first countdown show.

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Say that now.

Are there physical ethereum tokens Not exactly sustainable, but looking at his peripherals and was surprised to see how well he was doing under the hood. The supermodel tweeted a photo of herself soaking up the sun while lounging on a yacht in a teeny string bikini on May 19, Gia Nova joins the boys at the bar to talk about her career, fetishes, old school eroticism, and relationships. They debate the word "tranny," talk about the good ol' first amendment, the double standard when it comes to race rules, and Gavin tells us a story about looking into a "cock mirror. He wraps up the show talking about Belle Knox, a new video game you'll want to get in on, and takes a few more listener calls. The current curve inversion - considered a classicsign of credit stress - reflects investors' concern over apotential short-term default. Ant wraps up the show by reading some entertaining viewer mail and shows us a video of a man with a ginormous ball bag.
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Msi r9 390 ethereum He then gets into another alleged Adrian Peterson child beating, discusses what the fuck Barbie is saying, and goes through a few more dubious toys. Sure, a meal is nice, though unnecessary, but to gouge clients for traveling with supplies for their travels? After that chat is over, Bailey Jay joins Ant in the bar to discuss the waxing that Jon Stewart will be getting and when the waxing begins it Dani Golightly sits in to yap about her phone being stolen, we watch a Phil Robertson sermon on gay marriage, Colin gets a new drink as we all wait with baited breath and then god only know why but, they take some more phone calls. Ant tells a few marijuana stories, we watch country hip-hop dancing videos, talk about invasion of privacy, people's obsession with camera phones, and he ends the show talking about the Life Alert commercial. It can also help people earn more and be better citizens.
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Bill Hader \u0026 Dana Carvey Talk About Their ‘SNL’ Auditions

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