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simone bettinger bluff

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Eugene and Stephen always had a dream of operating a beef farm, and finally in , they purchased a acre farm in Montgomery, New York. It was an operating horse farm and a perfect choice, since horse farms don't usually use pesticides, herbicides, etc. They started their beef operation known as Bettinger Bluff Farm, with only 9 animals. Now, fourteen years later, they have hundreds of cows in their herd. The farm is fenced and laid out to maximize the fresh air, all-natural food, and overall health of the cows, which have virtually free rein over the premises.

Cows rotate from fresh pastures to fresh pastures during the spring, summer and fall seasons. During the winter, feeding areas are set up for the cows, and they are fed haylage which is fermented high-moisture grass and hay which you know is the more common dry grass.

The farm does its own harvesting of the haylage and hay to ensure the consistent, high quality of the cows' food. The only way you can have a quality product is first, you have to care; and second is to keep watchful eyes on all operations. That's why we are completely self-contained, from feed to finished product. Fourteen successful years of great herd health is attributed to the simple fact that we do not use any herbicides, pesticides, growth hormones, antibiotics, or any other chemicals.

I am honored to be a part of their extended 'market family. Others choose these products for health reasons; more nutritional balance of Omega 3 fatty acids and a lower amount of saturated fats. But what keeps me coming back to Hudson Valley Grass Fed Beef is the flavor: the beef tastes clean and compelling, give off the most appetizing aroma of any I have ever cooked with, and every recipe I make using their beef comes out better.

Our guests receive and appreciate a delicious product and an education about eating grass finished beef raised less than miles from our restaurant. Just as important as teaching our guests, our cooks learn about the importance of organically grown, sustainably raised beef and its effects on the environment that they will carry throughout their careers. Whatever the magic combination of earth, rain, TLC, and best quality ingredients And they are truly good people.

So be healthy and wise and nourish yourself in the most perfect way possible Orange County's best beef! I wanted to find fresh, local, organic meats that were going to nourish my family. I also wanted my growing boys to know where their food came from and that they were eating animals raised ethically. She was extremely knowledgeable and they had a jaw-droppingly beautiful farm. Their animals were healthy, happy and flourishing.

I knew this was the place to buy my food. I knew even more after I started eating their food! Our family exclusively buys our beef for the last 4 years and we've never been healthier and happier. Just recently, my wife and I had a full medical examination for life insurance. Our pediatrician, friends and family always comment how healthy, happy and energetic our 2 boys are. All of this is possible because of the awesome, hard work that they do at the farm.

They've earned my family's loyalty for life! After doing so, I lost over pounds! Great taste and even better results! Bettinger Bluff Farm provides local flavor that is second to none! I mean — our doctors are confused — healthier. Their Filet Mignon goes quickly so keep calling to see if it's available. We had the first of our beef tonight - to share with my husband's folks who are meat die-hards from the grass fed Midwest of old - and we all shared the sentiment that is was the BEST MEAT we have ever had.

I gave them the verbal tour of your biodynamic farm operation and made instant Eugen and Steve fans out of them. Thank you for all the research, the energy, the commitment, and the incredible integrity it took to start your eco-sensible farming.

We appreciate it more than words can express. We are going to try your ribeye and roasts next. Thanks again. It was absolutely amazing. Tender, no fattiness at all.

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