Cricket betting online uk

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cricket betting online uk

According to our Betway experiences, they have excellent cricket betting odds whether you are betting outright, pre-match or live during the. Bovada features one of the best online sportsbooks in the industry, and has betting action for more than a dozen different sports and leagues. See All Sports. Bet £10 Get £50 in Free Bets. Bet is arguably the most comprehensive sports betting site out there, and the cricket betting section is just as jam-packed as. THE MEATING PLACE RESTAURANT CARDIFF MENU FOR DIABETICS

Yes, people still wager on the more traditional four and five-day internationals but now, with the emergence of several new professional leagues all favouring the fast-paced, high-energy version of the game, there are considerably more opportunities to be had, which of course means that the need to develop solid cricket betting tips and strategies is greater than ever.

The first thing to remember with cricket, much like for many other sports, is that you must have a firm grasp of the rules and the format of the game before you can begin placing wagers with conviction. Even though it is by and large the same game, T cricket matches are played differently to traditional test matches. Both codes require different skill sets, tactics, and are, ultimately, played by a different set of rules.

As a starting point, take the time to do some research, watch some games, and familiarise yourself with the different bet types. Here is a list with some great cricket betting tips. Analyse all the match predictions. Create your betting strategies based on the odds offered. Bet on multiple matches and diversify your betting slip. Take advantage of the greater odds in live cricket betting. Always track the performance of your favourite players.

Make a first deposit to use your free bet bonus. A good starting place is to see which players compete in both T and traditional cricket matches and check to see how well they perform in both. Some players tend to perform better in multiple day test matches whilst others prefer the pace and dynamism of twenty over games.

In the same vain, you should pay close attention to batting styles, bowling styles, and the kinds of conditions that teams and players are used to playing in as the climate and the surface plays a huge role in determining the outcome in cricket. For a guide to where to find the best results and stats centres so that you can begin with your research, head over to the results section on our live betting page. As briefly expressed above, the playing surface and the weather can make all the difference to the way in which the game is played.

Bowlers, in particular, prefer to play on surfaces that assist their certain style of bowling. Pitches that are particularly hard under foot with less grass — often found in Australia, South Africa and England in the summertime — can be favourable to fast pitchers as they tend to retain the speed of the ball as it hits the ground, offering more bounce and pace.

Cricket Facts With its origins being traced back to 16th century Tudor England, cricket is one of the oldest team games still in existence. It has gone through many different transformations, seen many different forms and undergone several shifts in public popularity. In England, it really took off as a popular spectator sport in the 18th century, however there is great evidence to suggest that cricket and betting have always gone hand in hand.

Keep reading below to discover a few facts about the sport that have led to its continued widespread appeal. The Ashes Did you know that the Ashes tests between England and Australia is one of the oldest and most popular sporting rivalries in the history of sport?

Almost immediately after the historic Australian win on English soil a newspaper reported that English cricket had died and that the body would be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia. On occasion you may see markets for top fielder, top wicket keeper, etc. Scoring 50's and 's is the currency we use to benchmark batsmen in the sport of cricket and so these have become popular betting line both pre-event and in play. Enhanced odds deals can often be found for this market for top games.

Other variations of this market include a team to score a century either in a match or an innings. A century to be scored on day one would be another market example. These betting lines are often combined into wincast betting, such as 'Joe Root to score a century and England to win'.

A common wager is to predict the number of runs in an innings or match, e. The winning team wins by a number of runs or wickets. If the bowling team bowls out the opposition before they reach the specified run total this is known as winning by 'X runs'. If the batting team wins by reaching the opposition run total before they lose all of their wickets this is known as winning by 'X wickets'. Not too common but great odds available for the possibility.

Simply bet on who will take the next wicket, when it will be or how the next wicket will fall. Examples of who will take the wicket could be 'Steward Broad to take the next wicket', or an example of who will be dismissed next 'Steve Smith to be the next batsman out' or when the next wicket will fall 'wicket to fall in the next 50 balls', and so on.

The other type of bet is fall of wicket. The most common and so lowest odds methods is 'caught out' either by the field or the wicket keeper followed by LBW and bowled out. Other dismissal methods are rarer and carry higher odds such as a player to be run out, stumped or other. The number of lines available within one single over is probably larger than you would imagine. Bet on result of the first ball dot ball, no-ball, wide, wicket, 1 run, 2 runs, etc.

Bet on a series of overs with lines such as 'number of runs in the next 15 overs', 'number of wickets in the next 20 overs', 'number of 4's in the next 10 overs', and so on. Frankly if you can think of a line to bet on one of our top bookies will be offering it. Highest Partnership Cricket isn't just about one player, it doesn't matter if one player scores if every other player is out for a duck 0 runs scored. Success in the game is therefore often defined by how many successful partnerships are made between batsmen and consequently these lines are regularly wagered on with good odds and sometimes offers available.

Either bet on the number of runs scored in the opening partnership first two batsmen or any partnership during the match. With the exception of opening partnership betting most lines on other partnerships are best placed in play. Beyond the opening pair it is impossible to know what combination of batsmen will be at the crease at any one time. This can be particularly useful in games with a strong favourite where outright odds are not so attractive.

These bets add great value if you think a team will hit a big total for an 'over' wager or be bowled out for a low total for an 'under' bet. Most bookies will offer this bet type, offers are rare so it helps to shop around for the best odds. Handicap Handicaps are very applicable to cricket betting and most bookies will offer at least a few markets. Particularly useful bets when there is an out and out favourite or if a team is clearly winning or losing in a match.

Run handicaps will give either a runs disadvantage or advantage to a team and this caused the odds to change. Click to find out more about handicap betting. Accumulator Accumulator betting is possible in any cricket tournament or league with multiple games. As long as the markets are not linked usually this means different games then you can place an acca. Although cricket acca offers specifically are rare several bookies have all sport acca insurance or accumulator bonuses that can be used to add value to your cricket accumulator.

Specials And Other Cricket Bets There are plenty of specials markets and other available for this sport, so many that we can't cover them all. Place a wincast bet where you have two or more linked outcomes such as 'Joe Root to be England's top runscorer and England to win the match' or as it is sometimes called a 'bowlcast bet, something like, 'Steward Broad to be England's top1st innings wicket taker and England to win the match'. Wager on the winning margin between the teams e.

If you can think of an outcome a bookie will offer you odds. Other lines include betting on the man of the match, who will win the toss, direction of the first boundary, both teams to bat in a day, runs at the fall of the 1st 2nd, 3rd, etc wicket, what will the first ball of the match be dot ball, run ball, etc. Player v Player markets are also common, player X to score more runs or take more wickets than player Y. Longer term specials include who will be the next team manager or captain, you can even predict the size of the crowd at the next game.

Be careful though as these types of bets tend to be poor value with low odds. Other Betting Systems The nature of cricket means pretty much any betting systems can be sued including full cover betting such as Lucky 15's, forecast betting , conditional betting , Asian handicaps , spread bets and more.

You may need to ask your bookie for odds with some of these bet types. For more information on how these bets work and the risks involved see our betting guide. Live In Play Betting For me cricket is one of the best sport for live betting. Lines are available that run anywhere from one minute to 5 days in play giving all punters an opportunity to place the in play bet they want.

Cricket can be a long old game and this can make tactical live betting a lot of fun. For example let's say a bowler is coming towards the end of their bowling spell and they look a little tired, this may cause them to deliver the odd wayward ball. Now this is a good time to get a bet on that there will be over than the average number of runs in that over for example. All bookies on this site offer some sort of in play cricket betting but we recommend you have a look at our recommended bookies first who tend to offer the most in play lines and markets.

To read more about bookmakers live betting features in general see our betting site reviews. News, Results and Statistics Unlike some of other sports major cricket news and results are not always available but when you find a good service they can not only provide a good read but also aid your betting.

Understanding the mentality of a team can help hugely in predicting a result, think of England winning the Ashes in and even in , no bookie predicted it but read the news and blog features and you could tell it was coming. For more information on betting site features to complement live betting see our bookie reviews.

Live Streaming and Commentary I wouldn't say live streaming is as critical to betting on cricket as with some other sports. Maybe if you are watching a Twenty20 game it would be quite fun but few people will want to watch a 5 day test match on a small streaming window. Some bookies do stream some cricket such as William Hill and Sport but you are more than likely going to dip in and out of this if anything.

Coral and others live commentary services actually integrate well with cricket and can make in play betting just as fun as video streaming. Another option is to watch the matches on TV. Again for info about betting sites streaming services see out reviews. Cricket Betting Controversies Cricket as a sport has courted plenty of betting controversies from its very conception right up to the modern day. In the earliest days back in the government even passed the Gaming Act designed to prevent huge amounts of money being gambled on the sport.

In spite of attempts to control betting and gambling there have still been some pretty big scandals in recent times. Back in police in Delhi intercepted a phone call between the then South African cricket captain, Hansie Cronje , where they found he has been taking money from a blacklisted bookie to throw matches.

He admitted this at a board of inquiry and was immediately banned from all cricket. This is believed at the time to have been the tip of the iceberg. Mark Waugh and Shane Warne received fines from the Australia cricket board in for providing information about the weather and pitch conditions to an India bookmaker nicknamed "John the bookmaker". The ICC eventually set up an anti-corruption board in headed by a former Met police commissioner.

This wasn't enough to prevent the spot fixing scandal during the 4th test of a Pakistan tour of England however. The News Of The World newspaper taped the Pakistani player Mazhar Majeed informing reporters that Pakistani fast bowlers would bowl no-balls at specific points during an over.

This information was to be used by gamblers to place large bets on no-balls to be bowled. Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir all received between year bans and later prison sentences from months. In Australian captain Steve Smith was at the center of a ball fixing scandal in a test match against South Africa.

He admitted he has colluded with bowler Cameron Bancroft to alter the condition of the ball using a form of sandpaper. This lead to bans of up to a year for both along with vice captain David Warner, with all three players not playing the last two days of that particular test match. Of course this had a big influence on any bets placed although the reason for fixing the match does not seem to be related to trying to fix bets.

You can read more about these cricket scandals , and fixing in other sports in out bet and match fixing guide. Cricket Competitions In the UK the cricket season runs from spring to autumn and during this time there is plenty of national and domestic cricket to bet on. Online betting however now means there is a cricket match now going on somewhere in the world each week. To help you decide what is worth sticking a wager on we have compiled a list of the major national and international tournaments and leagues.

International Tournaments and Matches Cricket World Cup — Regarded as the current pinnacle of the one day international limited overs game. This competition is held every four years and was first held in England in The competition has been won 4 times already by Australia.

The structure has changed several times, the world cup had 14 teams with two groups of 7 teams with the top 4 teams in each group progressing to a knockout stage. ICC Champions Trophy — Second to the world cup the Champions Trophy is another one day international format competition played approximately every two years and first took place in The 8 highest ranking ODI teams compete in two groups of 4 followed by a knockout competition.

This is the pinnacle of the shortest form of the game. The first tournament was fairly recent in staged in South Africa. Four groups of 4 compete in a round robin followed with the top two teams from each group entering the knock out stage. Test matches tend to be played in series when a team tours another country. For example, if England were to tour India they may play between test matches. ODI's and Twenty20 games tend to be tagged on to the end of these tours. Most major tours happen around every years but there is no definitive structure.

The ICC world test championship aims to bring some meaning to these bilateral test matches with the top ranked sides playing a series of matches over two years and the overall winner receiving a trophy. The Ashes, for example, would be counted as part of this. The Ashes — The most high profile test series between England and Australia. The series alternates about every two years between the two countries.

The series consists of 5 tests over a period of around 8 weeks usually followed by ODIs and Twenty20 games. Australia won the first test series in at the Oval, an obituary in a newspaper stated "the body will be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia". This caught on and the then England captain, Ivo Bligh, vowed to regain the ashes. This is the biggest match in all of test cricket with tons and tons of offers available. One Day Internationals — Games of 50 overs for each side and one batting innings.

These matches are often tagged on to tours and test series. Points are accrued by winning matches with the top 8 ranked teams able to compete for the ICC Champions Trophy and all teams entering the World Cup.

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