Harry chapin a better place to be lively

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harry chapin a better place to be lively

Harry Chapin's story is finally being told. Chapin used his name and entertainment platform to make awareness to end poverty and hunger. So Good the music of Harry! Reviewed in the United States on January 11, It's GREAT to here the earlier material in such GREAT quality. Music Biz climaxed on a high note—or, more accurately, as the Harry Chapin Memorial Humanitarian Award recipient engaged in a. CRYPTO ASSET CATEGORIES

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Harry chapin a better place to be lively mocaz forex market

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harry chapin a better place to be lively

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And the broad who served the whisky She was a big old friendly girl. And she tried to fight her empty nights By smilin' at the world. And she said "Hey Bub, It's been awhile Since you been around. Where the hell you been hidin'? And why you look so down? The waitress she gave out with a cough, And acting not the least put off, She spoke once again. She said, "I don't want to bother you, Consider it's understood. I know I'm not no beauty queen, But I sure can listen good.

He took a couple of sips. And he told the waitress this story. And I watch the metal rusting, and I watch the time go by. A week ago at the diner I stopped to get a bite. And this here lovely lady she sat two seats from my right. And Lord, Lord, Lord she was alright. But she was long past lonely, and well nigh kinda lost.

Now I'm not much of a mover, or a pick-em-up easy guy, But I decided to glide on over, and give her one good try. And Lord, Lord, Lord she was worth a try. But it did not seem to matter much, 'cause I don't think she heard. She just looked clear on through me to a space back in my head. And it shamed me into silence, as quietly she said, 'If you want me to come with you, then that's all right with me. Cause I know I'm going nowhere, and anywhere's a better place to be.

Though worried that she's too good for him, the little man still attempts to "give her one good try. The little man cannot believe his good luck, and tries again to speak to the girl, who says only: If you want to come here with me then that's all right with me because I've been oh so lonely Loving someone is a better way to be. The next day, the little man watches her sleep and leaves early so he can return and surprise her with breakfast. When he returns, he finds she has gone, leaving behind a "six word letter, saying 'It's time that I moved on.

He responds to the waitress a "crooked grin", finishes his drink, and acknowledges their shared loneliness by repeating the song's first refrain.

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Harry Chapin-Better Place To Be

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