Ufc betting odds silva vs sonnen pics

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ufc betting odds silva vs sonnen pics

Chael Sonnen claims that he was amused by the opening odds of Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva after the fight got announced. A rundown of the betting lines for UFC , which takes place in Las Vegas this Saturday night. UFC fight card: Cung Le vs Patrick Cote preview. The former UFC title challenger had a fierce rivalry with Silva, losing twice and now has an allegiance with Paul. Sonnen, 45, told Fight Hub TV. CRYPTO TICKER APP

Sonnen 2" on Sat. We also heard "The Spider" blow his lid from the pressure on a conference call and get in Sonnen's face at the pre-fight press conference before reportedly telling him, "you're going to die. An interesting aspect to all this is how the public has responded at the sportsbooks. Throughout it all, Silva has remained steadfast as the betting favorite. I asked noted oddsmaker Nick Kalikas of BetonFighting. Action is also coming in steady on Chael but not quite as much so line has shifted to Silva.

Going all the way back to last November, my opener was I think we will see strong support come back in on Chael by fight day. Despite the lopsided odds, take Silva at Rua injured his knee during the fight and elected to have surgery a short time later. What Rua will show up for this fight?

Rua has a history of looking terrible in his first fight after surgery, but following it up with a strong performance in his second fight. Griffin, on the other hand, is coming off of two straight wins against Tito Ortiz and Rich Franklin, both of which came by decision. In my mind, this fight is a toss-up. If he loses this fight, don't be surprised if he retires. Nogueira's legendary chin has shown signs of disappearing as of late, as he has been knocked out in 2 of his last 3 fights.

Brendan Schaub, on the other hand, is an exceptional striker who will be looking to catch Big Nog with a Big Shot. Nogueira will not want to stand and trade with Schaub, so the question becomes - can he catch the younger fighter in a submission? Big Nog's submissions are legendary. I'm going to go pick Schaub in this fight, as I think that Nogueira won't be able to withstand Schaub's striking.

Ufc betting odds silva vs sonnen pics betting system blackjack ufc betting odds silva vs sonnen pics

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He beat the champion from pillar to post for 22 minutes, winning each and every round on my scorecard. Then, he made a mistake. It was the sort of mistake that rewrites history. Actually, it did rewrite history. What looked like certain defeat for the champion as the fifth and final round got underway suddenly turned into a stunning submission victory.

The fight raised several questions. Sonnen is a great fighter, make no mistake about it. But his UFC record heading into that fight was a so-so Did Silva take him lightly? Did he really compete with an injured rib? Or is that old truism popping back up again—styles make fights? Does Sonnen have the perfect style to end the longest championship reign in the history of the UFC?

We will find out on Saturday night when the pair dances one more time in the main event of UFC On paper, this is an amazing matchup. Silva is at his best when he is fighting against aggressive opponents. Yet, the best way to beat him, as Sonnen proved, is to get in his face and take the fight to the champion with no respect or fear, forcing him to fight against the cage or from his back.

I think it is safe to assume that Sonnen will try to execute the exact same game plan that he used in the last bout. It is the same game plan he uses in every fight. Sonnen is aggressive to a fault, coming forward with reckless abandon in the never-ending quest for a takedown. This guy is one of the best wrestlers in the sport. Olympic team for the Sydney Games in All four of his UFC losses, including his loss to Silva, came by submission. Either he gets overly aggressive on the ground, lacks the knowledge to recognize a submission in time to properly defend the hold, or, what I think is the most likely reason, he simply has concentration lapses when attacking.

On the feet, these guys are night and day different. Silva is a standup maestro. He is both a legitimate homerun hitter and a technical savant. That is an unbelievably rare combination. Think about it for a moment. Silva can turn out the lights with a single punch, kick or knee thrown with any of his four limbs. Yet, he is also skilled enough to pick apart an opponent with quick, precise shots designed to damage, not destroy.

Sonnen, on the other hand, remains a work in progress in the standup arena. Sure, I know that anyone can win a fight with a lottery-winning strike. I guarantee it. The keys to victory, therefore, are very straightforward for each man. Georges St-Pierre boasts an impressive UFC career, but at least by the numbers, he does not hold a candle to Silva in terms of establishing all-time records. Plus Silva is so much better than just about everybody else in the middleweight division that he regularly makes world-class challengers seem like mere mortals when they face off inside the Octagon.

He defeats the best of the best without so much as breaking a sweat—at least, that it the generally accepted public perception. Granted, he easily won each of those bouts. Not in dominant fashion. Not even in entertaining fashion. In the course of winning, though, he spent more time clowning around, taunting his foe and, at times, literally running away than he did attacking.

Make no mistake about it. Nevertheless, he never really fought to win. He instead focused on not losing. There is a major difference between those two approaches. The most mind-numbing aspect of those three odd-ball performances is that Silva was superior to each of those opponents in terms of all-around ability, so much so that the outcome of the fight was a foregone conclusion to many the moment that Patrick Cote, Thales Leites and Demian Maia signed their respective bout agreements.

Sandwiched between those bizarre efforts by Silva was the thorough destruction of former lb champion Forrest Griffin, an opponent who was far more dangerous than Cote, Leites or Maia. The pressure of setting or extending all-time bests in those fights may have caused Silva to then become very defensive, opting to do just enough to win without taking any unnecessary chances.

I tend to agree with Joe. Whatever the case, even the staunchest Silva fans have become somewhat disillusioned with his recent efforts. The mastery he displayed in his first seven UFC fights and again against Griffin has been overshadowed by his recent poor efforts. That is the bad news. In fact, Sonnen is aggressive to a fault, coming forward with reckless abandon in the never-ending quest for a takedown. The champion will sit back and wait for Sonnen to attack, and when he does, he will respond with the sort of savagery that made him the most feared champion in the UFC over the last few years.

Silva must be careful, though, not to hesitate with his counters. If he allows Sonnen to close the distance without paying a dear price, then things could get very interesting very quickly. Sonnen comes forward throwing punches, kicks and knees with the sole purpose of closing the distance for takedowns, whether in the freestyle or Greco-Roman fashion.

He is typically successful in securing the takedown once he gets his hands on his foe thanks to an amateur wrestling base that was good enough to twice earn Division I All-American honors at the University of Oregon and a spot as an alternate on the U. Olympic team for the Sydney Games in On the ground, Sonnen is relentless with his ground-and-pound attack. Combine that with his iron-clad ground control and opponents are left with the daunting reality that they are going to have to fight the rest of the round from their back once Sonnen takes them down.

Silva is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt under the Nogueira brothers, so he is not out of the fight if the action hits the ground—not by a long shot. He can also work his hips up for a triangle choke—his best offensive weapon from the guard. Despite his ground proficiencies, Silva will be the first to admit that he wants no part of fighting from his back against a grinder like Sonnen. That means he needs to get Sonnen out of there as early as possible in order to avoid winding up on his back.

Thus, I expect Silva to counter with vengeful punches, just like he did against Griffin, when Sonnen attacks.

Ufc betting odds silva vs sonnen pics path of diablo etheral throw

Chael Sonnen Roasting Brazil for 4 Minutes and 22 Seconds

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