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betc london rathbone place w1

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Ij lo,- Lf11 3ye t I Horn; A. Hallock; A Tungate; Chas. Van Syckle; R. Jones; Vet. Munger; C. Bristol; R. Risbridger; Austin Ferris; E. Bristol; Amby Ferris; J. McGrath; John Lashel; R. Webster Est. The story was attributed to congressional sources said to be familiar with McCord's testimony before a special Senate committee investigating the break-in and wiretapping of Democratic headquarters in the Watergate building last June.

The Sun said McCord told investigators that White House officials promised executive clemency for any of the seven Watergate defendants who pleaded guilty, as well as aid for their families. He would not name the officials. Presidential Press Secretary Ronald L. Ziegler has repeatedly denied that any present White House official had advance knowledge of or participated in the Watergate operation.

The two leaders and their top advisers will confer for two days on the course of postwar relations between the two countries. The meeting will begin Monday at the San Clemente, Calif. Pham Duong Hien, director general of overseas information, said in an interview that Thieu is looking for a commitment from Nixon on the strict-implementation of the Paris agreement restoring peace in Vietnam.

William Whitclaw, the British administrator of the turbulent province, told the House near the end of a two-day debate that he plans elections for a Northern reland legislative assembly by the end of June. The blueprint for peace was approved to 5. Under Britain's formula, the provincial assembly of aboul 80 members will be able to pass laws on most domestic matters but will have n«cuntrol over security, Responsibility for dealing with Ulster's violence will stay with London.

Moscow, the newspaper added, "has planned the departure from Morocco of all, U. The pretext would be that the United States is facilitating military information to srael from Moroccan observation posts. Rap Brown and three codefendanls have been convicted of holding up a West Side Manhattan bar and assaulting a policeman. A State-Supreme Court jury, returning the verdict yesterdaytsaid it was "hopelessly deadlocked" on other charges 'that the robbers attempted to murder police in an ensuing Shootout.

Judge Arnold i. Kraiman then dismissed tho panel of men and one woman including three blacks which had deliberated over the case for 19 hours since midday Tuesday. Brown's attorney, William M. Kunstler, immediately denounced the verdict as "a miscarriage of justice" and said it would be appealed.

The prosecutor. Assistant District Attorney Jack T. Judge Kraiman set May 3 for sentencing. Critics of the program, in letters to the department, claim that such increases only fuel higher supermarket prices " don't believe that," says Mrs Johnnie Tillmon. Tillmon said, the increased stamp benefits will not olfset higher food prices. Those, she said, have already outstripped the increase. Second class postage poitl at Red Bunk.

PuBUsrted doily. Monday luouqti Friday Mail subscrip Horn payable n advance. Doris Wadsworth quit yesterday as principal of the Forrestdale School in an apparent dispute with the Board of Education. Wadsworth asked to be relieved of her duties, effective immediately, according to Superintendent of Schools Dr. Carl R. Donald S. Howard, president of the Board of Education, asked why the principal had resigned, said the board had suggested "there be some administrative changes next year" and apparently Mrs.

Wadsworth id not agree with them. He declined to elaborate on the suggested changes. Howard said the search for a new principal to replace Mrs. Wadsworth would begin immediately. Confers with Board Mrs. Wadsworth, who could not be reached for comment, last met with the school board Wednesday night at a work session where she, Dr.

Carlan and Mrs. Smith is expected to be reinstated as chief at Tuesday's Township Committee meeting. Mayor Herbert. Kupfer said yesterday committeemen are unanimous in their support of reinstatement. Chief Smith was acquitted in Superior Court Tuesday for four counts of obstructing justice and one of misconduct in office.

He voluntarily suspended himself on Jan. For the duration of his suspension Chief Smith received no salary. Thus, back pay remains a major issue to be discussed by Township Committee members. They plan a meeting before Tuesday with Philip. Blanda Jr. Jnurnick and the chief himself. Mayor Kupfer yesterday termed back pay "a legal technicality. Chief William J. Smith Thus. Mayor Kupfer said, "Back pay would be in the budget reality we planned for. Commenting on reinstatement.

Kupfer said, "We would have liked to reinstate him that night The man has had a long wait, but we are backing him per cent now that he has been acquitted. Nevertheless, this is another matter that will be discussed with the attorneys, Chief Smith and committeemen. Should reinstatement take place Tuesday, the mayor said Capt.

Holmes J. Gormerly who has served as acting police chief for more than a year, would resume his duties as captain. However, he stressed that "the chief makes the decisions. We have always given him a free hand. Gormerly would become executive officer. Edward A. Mayor Kupfer emphasized that there have been "no radical changes made in the department" in the past year. He noted, too, that things have remained constant in spite of a survey of the police department undertaken by the League of Municipalities which recommended certain changes "We said everything would stay the same until we heard what the outcome of the case would be," the mayor stated.

Carlan said George their contracts will be renewed. Wood, administrative assistant to the principal at For- The Rumson district cpm- Howard said the board had no objections to the program and restdale since March , prises the Forrestdale School, he could see no reason why it would stay on in that position with students in grades would not be approved. Wadsworth joined he year.

Last and administrator. Her last or administrator must have year, when the board sought a t job before moving to the Forrestdale School was as direc- for three years. Customarily, terviewed before Mrs. Bartley with a large Spanish and Eng- they are notified by the board was selected for the post.

Wells, second from left, director of the Monmouth County Welfare Board al he organization's annual meeting at the Ramada nn, East Brunswick. Also present ore the welfare director's wife, Mrs. Vivian Wells, and W. Richard Fleming, vice president of the Board of Education, said last night the board after a caucus on the subject decided to open locked gales at the Frances Place School until dusk daily including weekends.

The playground was he scene of a sit-in by local mothers who scaled a chain-link fence last Sunday to protest the board's "lock out. Fleming said. But 'm more than can be shown on 11 pages. A country girl at heart with a cosmopolitan flair, she's determined to succeed in the modeling business and squeeze n some time for her personal interests.

Because she packs a lot M5 into a five-foot one-inch frame, she has ruled out a high fashion modeling career. Her agency is compiling a portfolio to circulate among advertising agencies to land some television commercials or magazine ads for Miss Hurrow. The past week included a wo-day Bermuda picture-taking session with Time magazine photographer Dirck llolstead and a flight to Nassau today.

Having eggs benedict for lunch and steaks and chops for supper could ond my career in a month if 'm not careful. Bargain Hunter n reality, she haunts local shopping centers looking for her junior size- clothes at the clearance sale racks, brings them home and sorts thorn into neat piles on her unfurnished apartment floor.

Miss Burrow thinks of herself as a person with more depth thun portrayed n her Penthouse mogdzine appearance. To her, knowing a person is important in any relationship and that starts with becoming friends. On the other hand, 've received letters from a guy who read liked cats and he sent me a picture of a beautiful tiger. One of my high school chums wrote to me just to ask how 1 was doing. As far as 'm concerned a woman can make it even if it takes longer than lor a man. All you need is determination and a goal.

Two interviews followed after which she was flown to Morocco for the pictures that appear in the magazine. Gain more leisure time Cain, W, died here iy. She was the mother Dr. Martin i. Cain Jr.. She was he widow of Dr. Martin J. Gain Sr. V Surviving, in addition to Dr. Cain Jr. Edward Schuster, here; an- Jlrs. A lire V. Sheppard, She was born in Scotland Neck, N. Laura Carter of Keybort, 12 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

L, Mrs. Nanette R. Pryer, 89, of 50 West Front St. Pryer was born in New fyork City. Elizabeth P. Agnes Cain other son, John A. Cain of Cheboygan;ja brother, Msgr. Ralph Richards of Saginaw, Mich. The N. Christian Funeral Honie, Cheboygan, is in charge of arrangements. Kllrn '. Ellen C. Ryan, 81, of 9 Church St. Her husband, BernardiV. Ryan, a former borough Councilman here, died in Surviving are a son, John J. Ryan, here; three daughters, Mrs. Warren G. Curtin of Warren; 15 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Terwilliger, 86, of Main St. Her husband, Wesley Terwilliger, died in Surviving are several nieces and nephews. The C. Clayton and Son Funeral Home, Adelphia, is in charge of arrangements. Marion F. Stokes Sr. She was a member of the Kirst Presbyterian Church, Cranford, for 43 years.

Surviving are a niece and several cousins. Bom in London, Mr. White moved here 12 years ago from Brooklyn. He had retired as a milkman for Sheffield Farms. A veteran of the Canadian Army, Mr. White served in World War!. Surviving are two sisters. Edward N. Wilson Sr. Wilson alone is additionally charged with showing "Deep Throat" on March 9 and on various days in February and March and with maintaining a building as a nuisance by unlawfully showing both films on March 4 and showing only "Deep Throat" on March 9 and showing both on various days in February and March.

Groome is additionally charged with aiding and abetting Wilson in maintaining a building as a nuisance by the unlawful showing of the two films March 4 and on various days in February and March. Wilson has indicated that he will appeal this ruling. Joseph Ryder, Cressey o[ Bath. Duane Alexander, a yearold attendant, testified and Cressey alone at the station on the night of the slaying. The youth said that when he returned about 20 minutes later, a Bath police cruiser had pulled up to the station, Cressey was dead and Ryder had gone.

During the evening, Alexander said, Cressey and Ryder were talking, apparently about a woman, and drinking Wednesday that he left Rvder whiskey and beer. Lee Briercut, Rough Sawn, 4" and 5" colonial siding n aluminum as 11 well as vinyl. Meeting in a special session last night, the board named Red Bank attorney Edmund J. Marberger, or his successor. Appointment of a special attorney was necessary because the board's regular lawyer, Samuel C'arotenuto, is also the attorney for Borough Council.

So there's no excess surge growth to cause extra mowing and no wasteful leaching away of the nutrients. Regular Passbook Deposits pay daily interest from date ot deposit to date o! Golden Passbook Deposits ro quire thai funds remain on deposit for at leasi 90 days in a minimum amount of at least S A 90 day notice is also required before withdrawal is made during the first 10 days immediately following a regular quarterly distribution date 0 5!

John E. Kleinberg, a Keyport lawyer, as Municipal Court Judge. Judge Kleinberg was appointed to a three-year term last night, at the recommendation of Mayor Robert L. Simms Jr. Judge Kleinberg, who had previously served as municpal magistrate in five Monmouth County communities, including Colts Neck, had stepped down from those posts after being indicted on a misconduct in office charge, in connection with alleged fixing of a traffic ticket. He was found innocent of the charge last, December..

Mayor Simms made the request after noting the Monmouth County Shade Tree Commission was cutting back on spraying against the moth plague this year. The county decision, Mayor Simms said, was based on state surveys that concluded there were not enough new gypsy moth eggs masses to' warrent more excessive spraying. Wichmann, New Shrewsbury, to succeed Mr. Cunningham as a district court judge. The survey is the first step in the Jaycees planned program of public education and information aimed at eradicating VD.

As part of the survey, physicians in the Middletown area will be asked to give their honest appraisals of the VD situation locally. They will be asked for their opinions through an anonymous, confidential questionnaire. The questionnaire notes that there were four reported cases of VD in Middletown last year, and asks if, in the physician's opinion, this is a realistic figure. The questionnaire asks the physicians' opinions about the value of more VD clinics and more public education in controling venereal disease.

Enrico Cordova, Port Monmouth, chairman of the committee in charge of the Middletown Jaycee's project, said it is part of the N. Foodarama Supermarkets, nc. Dorothy Strauber, Foodarama's director of consumer relations. For the next three weeks, customers will be urged to sign and address their tapes as they leave our checkout counters and deposit them in our stores for a mass mailing to the President on April Of course, register tapes from other stores may be deposited as well.

Their feeling is that the President must move quickly to change his farm and export policies as well as initiate a program to encourage greater food production. By inundating the White House with register tapes as tangible evidence of their anger against food costs, consumers hope to move the President to immediate action. The mayor said the local shade tree committee agrees with the county group's use of biological, natural controls against the gypsy moth, such as wasps, but felt more spraying might be needed.

Mayor Simms asked residents to report their findings to officials at Township Hall, Cedar Drive, who will relay it to county officials. Meanwhile, the Township Committee will inspect township owned Qreen Acres sites and open areas for signs of possible infestation.

He called the matter "a quite urgent one"-because spraying is scheduled to start in late April or early May. Wichmann and received his law degree from Rutgers Law School in He was admitted to the bar the same year. Henry Riddle. Fastest game in the East The "Daily" is six times faster than any other. Power Rolling per «q.

Advertise in The Register the prettiest Easter dresses in town! And they're wonderful values, too! We can show just three of our splendid selection. You must really come in to see the variety we have. Left: From our special collection of long dressy dresses that feature smocking, flocked nylon prints, lace trims, pleated skirts shown in yellow Soft pastels in solids or prints. The style shown in blue only. The first is the potential ending of ft county and state industry we had believed might be rejuvenated.

The second is that despite vast expenditures for sewerage systems, our waters continue to be pol- Juted. Kavalek, are suspicious that South Jersey interests influence the thinking of the state's Shellfisheries Council. This distrust is not new. The plan was to await the seeding and then transplant the shells in cleaner waters in South Jersey.

Many of us had held out hope that Bayshore clammers could continue to operate if a clam depuration plant could be built that would guarantee the clams' purification. Professor Harold Haskins, Rutgers University marine scientist, says, however, that he cannot recommend such a procedure because, despite considerable research, the process has not been perfected. Shellfisheries Council members say they cannot predict if the bay and river waters in Monmouth County ever will meet minimum standards for clamming, although it is possible, nature being what it is.

The problem as they see it is that although modern sewer systems have decreased the percentage of pollution in our waters, the runoff of surface waters caused by housing developments and business and industrial structures has increased the amount of other types of bacteria and pesticides that cause contamination. Sandy Hook Bay produces an enormous amount of clams which are needed to keep a state industry alive.

How to purify them and get them to market is a question that must be answered. Russell Cookingham, director of the state Division of Fish, Game and Shellfisheries, says the state might consider, as a last resort, the transplanting of the clams into clean waters in Monmouth and Ocean Counties. With Sen. Azzolina and Freeholder Kavalek involved and interested, and with the Shellfisheries Council aware of their concern, we can only hope that clams and clamming will not die in Sandy Hook Bay.

SouthernMomnouth'sCommuters The Shore Transportation Committee is the name of the newest organization that is concerning itself with the plight of railroad commuters, particularly from such places as West Long Branch, Long Branch and points south. The committee meets tonight in Neptune to continue fact-finding prior to a meeting it wants with the governor and the commissioners of the state's Transportation Department and the Public Utilities Board.

Representatives of 20 municipalities in southern Monmouth and three Ocean County municipalities want the state to know that they consider the New York and Long Branch Railroad's railbed unsafe. They also want to know what the state has in mind for them when the long-awaited electrification of rail lines becomes a reality. They fear, if electrification ends in Red Bank, that commuters in an area experiencing a great population growth will be served by a trolley-type operation. Their concern is legitimate and it is good that the county Planning Board is cooperating with them so that they can intelligently present a case to the state.

Keansburg Mothers ; ' Keansburg mothers and some. We do agree with their goal, though, and with the general idea that recreation areas, whether owned by municipalities or boards of education, should be given the widest use possible. A little cooperation among municipal agencies should be able to bring about a solution.

Hopefully, that is what will happen in Keansburg. A blistering, eight-page speech has been whipped up for them to deliver wherever they can find a forum. The suggested speech was written by Lewis Helm, picked for assistant secretary, but not yet confirmed.

The harsh words he is putting into the mouths of HEW officials may come back to haunt him when he appears before the Senate for confirmation. Then the speech whacks away at the congressional budget review process, winding up: "Given this failure, it falls upon the President to make the hard decisions.

President Nixon has done just that. Washington Whirl Russia vs. China As early as June 12, , we were the first to report that the Kremlin was considering a swift strike at China's nuclear works. The idea was to eliminate China as a nuclear power before she could become a threat to Russia. Lately, this spectre has been raised again in the press.

Our CA sources tell us, however, that China could now make a Soviet attack quite costly. The Chinese have deployed four dozen hydrogen-headed missiles, some of them in remote mountain silos. All are aimed at Soviet cities, which are now hostages against an attack. Joe McCarthy. The American Library Association tells us more than Worst areas: Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Texas.

Usually, the library vigiliantes pretend they're fighting pornography. But the books on U. They'd like it to go away, of course, because they don't understand it and therefore don't know what to do about it. They understand workers wanting more money, or better health care, but they don't understand all this new talk about boredom and dehumanization and sense of fulfillment.

But that doesn't make such talk less real. George didn't understand the complaints about "no taxation without representation" and Louis XV didn't know what the people wanted when they shouted, "liberte, egalite, fraternite" and only later did they learn that revolution was on.

The Movements Few thoughtful observers of the United States would deny that out of the civil rights movement or at least from a common source came the women's liberation movement, the prisoners' movement, the student movement, the ndian movement. What they all have in common in addition to the fact that none was at first recognized as a movement is a commitment to the development of the potential of the individual, and a rejection of arbitary authority and externally imposed role-playing.

The first signs of a workers' movement along these lines appeared a couple of years ago, when observers noticed that the workers at General Motors' ultra-modern new plant in Lordstown, Ohio, against the assembly line itself. Apparently, these workers predominantly young and relatively well-educated were not satisfied just being wellpaid. They objected to being human automatons. They wanted to feel that the portion of their lives they spent at work was something not to be endured, but to be enjoyed.

Needless to say, they ran into a generation gap of their own union leaders who had been raised on the struggle for more money, of their bosses who had thought good conditions of work meant clean showers and men's rooms. Even the United Auto Wokers, the most enlightened union in the country, took time to respond.

Leonard Woodcock, the UAW president, still speaks deprecatingly of "elitist" academics. But he has joined the movement to find out what workers' alienation is all about. The Labor Department recently started a modest research program and several experimental projects on the problem.

But these hopeful signs do not conceal the strength of the resistance. The AFL-CO, most notably, still has not taken official notice of the phenomenon of worker alienation. The Nixon Administration, too, has been extremely their boogey lists are often political. Brass Ring - Today we award the brass ring, good for one free ride on the Washington scene, to Beatrice L.

More than anyone else, she is responsible for placing , neglected, unloved children in foster homes across the nation. She is quietly determined to double the number. Those who know her say she has dedicated herself to the cause of foster children with'a rare combination of compassion and persistence. They describe her as a quiet but forceful person, with a remarkable ability to bring people together to work for vulnerable youngsters. The President still talks about the "work ethic," as if that's all that matters.

And no one in a position to dispute him wants to acknowledge that times have changed. But more and more people are beginning to think that the redesign of jobs and not just higher investment in machinery may restore a commitment to work and generate greater productivity, which the country badly needs to reestablish the competitiveness of its products in world markets.

A few foresighted companies have had good results with redesigning jobs to allow workers more individual decisions and the satisfaction of seeing a finished product developed as part of their own efforts. As the current Newsweek cover reminds us, Charlie Chaplin filmed "modern Times" a couple of generations ago to satirize the dehumanization of contemporary industrial society.

But it's becoming clearer that he is alone no longer. So softly that a spiderweb of cracks suddenly appeared around the frame. What a day. What a damnable diem. First, the TV people didn't know when should be at the studio. They had to get camera time. Then they had no script, which is sensible because don't know how to read one.

Then they made to good takes and found that someone forgot to turn the sound knob on. We made a third. At 4 pm. The plane wouldn't leave until 9. What do you do with five hours in New York? You stare at the gray skies and the gray sidewalks and the hordes of gray people walking with their heads down in the cold. We hailed taxicabs. There were choking rivers of people and vehicles all churning slowly through some gigantic bowel. A driver stopped. Try another.

At , we had a cab. At , he was parked at the entrance to the Midtown Tunnel. He could not move forward. Nor backward. We sat. His old radiator had a steam valve. Two cops were blowing whistles and waving their arms. Nobody moved. We slumped in the seat, speechless. There was a plane leaving at 6. Busy Meter The driver got through the tunnel. The meter was racking up dimes by the dozen. More stagnation. Some drivers lowered their windows so that other drivers could hear the cursing.

Some just pointed a finger. Sweet lovely creatures. We were at the airport at p. A wind blew the smoke away and we could see the smog. The airport clerk examined our tickets. He was the silent type. Yes, said. But it was. Our tickets were for another airline. He would have to exchange them. Time was fleeting. Some pictures of grandchildren fell to the floor. Kelly picked them up. And wrote. Then he carefully tore two tickets loose. That's where it was. When we got in line to present our tickets, Kelly said her feet hurt.

Also her head. Not in. You know T- still up there in the wild blue yonder. All that racing for nothing. Two girls were examining hand luggage. We were frisked. A man and began a search together. The plane came in. As soon as it was cleaned and was away we would go. The man found out what set the machine off. A metal comb. Fifty minutes later, we got on the plane. A stewardess stared at me. When we got in the front door, Kathi said: "Hello. Nice to have you back. There's no better way to sense public reaction than to look over letters sent from the nternal Revenue Service to confused or protesting citizens.

Here's a selection of letters from the office of the district director, Ms. April May Hirt: "Dear Mrs. Remington: " regret to say that you cannot be excused from paying your federal income tax for because of what you call 'this Administration's gcnocidal policy toward the gypsy moth. We have, however, forwarded your letter to the proper authorities in the Agriculture Department. Hoopes: "t is true, as you say, that in exceptional cases writers have been permitted to deduct 'bar expenses' because they were able to show that their presence in bars was a stimulus to creative processes and also provided necessary research material.

But the RS, by granting such a deduction, would not only violate the intent of Congress but would open the gates to an intoler- YOAKM able flood of similar claims. Childress: "You did not read the instructions carefully on your Form , which permits taxpayers to assign a dollar of their tax to one or both of the presidential candidates.

You may not specify the candidate only the party. O'Malley: "Your suggestion as to the disposal of the mutilated tax forms you sent back to us is actionable under Public Law , Title, dealing with obscenity in the mails. The maximum penalty under that act, combined with the maximum penalty for failing to file a federal income tax return, would keep you in prison for a long time long enough to regret your intemperate words and acts.

The condom is considered a good aid in the prevention of venereal disease, as well as an effective method of contraception when used properly. VD has reached epidemic proportions in Monmouth County. According to the State Department of Health's VD control unit, cases of gonorrhea were reported in as compared to cases in , an increase of more than per cent.

Cases of syphilis reported have declined, with 78 cases in compared to cases in t is usually estimated that one reported case of VD reflects three unreported cases. The age group most seriously affected is the teen and young adult, 15, When left untreated, VD can lead to sterility and death.

For these reasons, Planned Parenthood strongly supports VD education along with the display of the condom in pharmacies. Now you have the extra space your family needs and at the lowest prices around. There is no obligation for a free estimate so call today. We hope that pharmacists will join us in this community health education effort by openly displaying condoms and VD information.

To the Editor: This is to commend you for the excellent coverage in your March 21 issue in regard to the opening of the Atlantic- Highlands Chess Club. We wish them a bright future. The article did ask one question, however, and the answer should perhaps be modified.

Just si few weeks ago a delegation from Atlantic Highlands paid us a visit and enjoyed an evening of chess with us. At various times you have been generous in covering our activities. Perhaps our most recent recognition came when we sent a team to Ossining to play in the prison there. Since we meet in the Tinton Falls School on Tuesday and the Atlantic- Highlands Club has chosen Thursday as a meeting night, a determined chess fan can sharpen his skills at twice the rate our club alone could support.

Very truly yours, R To the Editor: believe the time is right that someone should speak out for those residents of Marlboro Township who have given so much of their time and energy to work for the good of the township. They talk about the word "bureaucracy" in Marlboro. There are over two hundred non-paid volunteer residents of Marlboro Township who give their time and energy to make Marlboro Township a better place to live. April 12, 1W3. The hearing shall be public ond parties n nterest and others shall have art opportunity to be heard.

For F the Fi March 30, Aorll 2!. J Bids must be made on standard proposal forms n the manner designated therein and required by the specifications. J Bids will be received on or before P. April, , at which time they will be publicly opened and reod. The Board of Education reserves the right to waive nformalities ond to reject any or all bids.

By order of the Board of Education of the Borough of Rumson. DAVD C. Strauss ond Associates, nc.. The sold services are ai set forth n on agreement between the Board ond Robert F. Strauss and Associates. NOTCE is hereby given that the foregoing appointment was and s hereby made without competellve bidding os "qualitative services" under the provisions ot the Local Public Contracts Low N. Mlcfdletown, New Jersey on April 9, at p.

Copies of which may be received by prospective bidders upon application. The Township Committee of the Township of Mtddletown reserves the right to relect any ond all bids, for any reason whatsoever. Block Copies ot the flnofsubdivlsion plat to be considered at sold heorirtg are on file n the office of the Clerk of The Borough of Folr Haven and ore available at said office for public nspection.

Notice of the time and place ol laid heoring s hereby given so that all per ions interested therein may they so desire otfend the some ono be rteoro concerning any objections or recommendations they may have concerning the opproval ol laid final subdivision ptat. Dated: March JO, Mot. Very truly yours, Lawrence S. Plus it feeds and revitalizes your lawn with a balanced fertilizer, that combines 5 additional nutrients for extra greening.

So before it starts, stop your crabgrass while you feed your lawn. With Heritage House Dacthal Plus. Slarts as quickly and easily as you car. Big in. Four-speed transaxle 3 forward, 1 reverse with safety interlock steering, disc brakes with parking lock, hand-lever operated blade clutch for safety, low-tone muffler, salety key shut-off 13" front, 16" rear pneumatic turf tires. Has 12V battery and alternator oil minder. Late marriage has been a strong influence in controlling population growth, said Dr.

Un Ch'iao-chih, 71, a prominent gynecologist who visited the United States last Octover. They no longer want to be confined to the kitchen. They want to work. There is no written law concerning premarital relations, but "social and moral pressure are the most effective barriers.

We attach great importance to morality. The transgressor is criticized by the public. But affection and romance are apparent in the laughter and camaraderie of young people and among couples holding hands while walking at night along the Bund in Shanghai by the Whangpoo Kiver. Apparent also is great affection lor babies and children. Official policy now recommends each family be limited to two children. The limit apparently is meeting greater success in cities than in rural areas, said Drs.

Li and Lin in Peking. And there is usually greater acceptance of contraception techniques in cities than in rural areas, but patterns vary. Under a law passed in , two years after the Communist party came to power, the marriage age was 18 for girls who had once been married off as early as 14 or so and 20 for men.

Now the custom is about 23 for girls in general and 25 or older for men, but in cities generally girls marry at 25, Dr. Li sail nfaat Deaths Down nfant mortality has come tumbling down dramatically, said the two physicians. Lin, the gynecologist who speaks excellent English, put it this way, "in remote areas you used to see many pregnant women, but didn't hear the cry of a child.

There were no kids playing around. Li said. Now, in cities it is only a few per cent, she said. The officials said drastic reductions in infant morality ar. Working hands were needed, as well as someone to take care of you in older age in an economy with no pensions.

There were also big losses from disease, accidents, famines and war, am there was a feeling of expressing loyalty, to one's ancestors by continuing the family line, she said. They, men and women alike, who have had at least a few months medical training are the first line of medical contact for small groups within production brigades in countryside and city.

Spur Family Planning They carry the message of family planning as well as give first aid and vaccinations to prevent diseases. More elaborate educational efforts go on as well, some directed by other agencies or emanating-from hospitals like the Maternity Hospital in Nanking. The homes- to be visited are in the area surrounding the churches. The Rev. Lemley, pastor of the Church of Christ, and the Rev. Arthur W. Landon, pastor of the Community Church, are working in the "cooperative outreach program.

Herein Nanking, pills are delivered to women at their homes if they neglect or forget to come for them each month. Woman can follow their preference concerning the type of contraception they use - the pill, the 1UD or m- trauterine device, sterilization or husband's use of condom, said Drs.

Li and Lin. Many men also seek vasectomies, or surgical sterilization. The contraceptive pills contain the same kind of hormones as those in other countries. Experiments are going on to develop once-a-month pills and injectible contraceptives, said Dr.

Family planning, Dr. Li continued, is based upon mother-child care, with the hope every child can survive. Spacing children promotes this possibility, she said. Furthermore, attention is paid to couples who want children but are having difficulty achieving pregnancy, she added. Various studies indicate that the incidence of genetic defects in children increases with increasing age of the mother, at least in higher years.

With marriage delayed 'until age 25, is there possibly a higher risk of this, we asked? The reply was that usually the family of two children has been accomplished by age 35 of the mother, still well within the time period before extras risk may develop. As for abortions, if contraception fails, "we do not popularize them, but abortion is available on request," said the Nanking hospital leaders.

Every thing your lawn needs when you need it Take a tour. Enjoy tne reiresnments and entertainment. Watch the tun ot a live broadcast on WJLK right from our showroom. Test drive the exciting new Toyota's. Gel the news about our exclusive pay-as-youdrive" family protection package.

Come to our celebration and see what's new! Greens your lawn fast, then slow nitrogen release feeds it a balanced diet. Added iron for extra rich green color. Crabgrass will never come up. Grass Food feeds lawn at the same time. Plus feeds your lawn with iron-rich Agrico Grass Food.

OOO, 5. Dinners will be served from to p. They are also being sold by all Lions Club members. Funds raised will be used in sight conservation work and also for local community activities in which the club participates. Extra-rich green, dense turf. Tested tops in overall performance! Establishes quickly to overcome unattractive bare spots, solve trie Spring "mud problem.

Germinates quickly. R t, 71 West Long Branch, N. Williams, president of the city Board of Education, announced that the third mediation session between the board and the school system's janitorial staff fell short of being fruitfull last night. Williams said the board offered the'custodial staff "a substantial" wage package, which was refused by Terry Jeck, a N.

Educational Association mediator working fop the staff. Jeck's actions in the pay talks are "not in the best inerest of the majority of the custodial group. Williams also safd that "poor leadership" by Mr. Jeck has "sabotaged" the efforts of both groups in coming to a mutually satisfactory agreement. The custodial staff last month called for a PERC mediator to attempt to settle the board-staff difference in the negotiations. The next step, it was said, is to initiate a state-level factfinding probe of the stalemate.

A garden in 1 htrf, rljjrit in your onn hotrtf, mate ati outdoor wonder nf planlt and flowers ind rets a garden ai modeit or ai grand li you ui«h it lo be. Enjoy it. Cahill left, and Commissioner Richard J. Cahill will introduce main speaker William D.

Ruckelshaus, head of the federal Environmental Protection Agency. Now you can buy it, too, for a professional-looking lawn. Baron lawnseed is the most remarkable variety of Kentucky Bluegrass you can buy. The same tests show Baron superior in resisting leafspot, rust, stripe smut, gray snowmold, and fusarium. Bound Brook, N. Levy will discuss ways in Protection Agency, will be the featured speaker at Monday's Fourth Annual Environmental Commissioners' Day here in which environmental commissions can act as a critical link between local levels and federal and state officials.

Ruckelshaus, the nation's top-ranking environmental official, will speak on "The Challenge to Partnership; Federal, State, and Lo cal Environmental Responsibilities in the Seventies. Cahill will introduce the EPA head who will address a a. The oppticont, Mr. Other guests, according to t wa«, furhler resolved by the Marlboro Township Council on December 28, Stephen Levy of Ocean Township, president of the state As- preliminary ond final subdivisions, sub- , that approval be granted lo said sociation of New Jersey Environmental Commissions, will ject lo the tiling of Bonds as required by the Township Engineer's Report and payment of all fees due and owing to the Township and lurhter subject to all ot include Commissioner Richard the terms, conditions and requirements of the Planning Board.

Sullivan of the state Department of Environmental Protection, members of planning, A certified true copy of the Resolution nvolved may be examined at the Marlboro Township Clerk's Office. Route 79, Morlboro, New Jersey, on week days between the hours of A. Administrator Messrs. Klatsky, Hlmelman 8, Klotsky, Brood Street.

Red Bank, N. Attorneys War. Highway Authority by the general contractor of the Garden State Arts Center was announced by the authority yesterday. Authority commissioners by resolution voted unanimously to award Sovereign Construction Co.

Betc london rathbone place w1 1 bitcoin means how many satoshi


The garden lies at the heart of a new residential and commercial development designed by Make architects for Great Portland Estates. The central garden is a calm, secluded space, detached from the bustle of Oxford Street, Rathbone Place, and Newman Street.

To draw passers-by into the garden, the concept sets up a visual connection from the street to the centre of the garden using light, water and reflection. The water tables near each of the main entrances reflect the natural setting of a garden and encourage the public to explore the space within. The sculpting of the stone resembles flowing water grasses as one enters the square with more of the garden unfolding and presenting itself. The raised planters of honed brown granite create integrated benches and allow sufficient soil depth for Cherry and Magnolia trees, box hedging and understory planting.

Water rills reflect the surrounding planting and fall towards two water cascades creating a calm and intimate environment to enjoy a moment of respite. The central lawn rises gently towards a shade garden to the east.

They help grow and support all kinds of startups and businesses along with assisting them to expand their outreach to the global audience. Huckletree Huckletree Coworking Collaboration is the buzzword at Huckletree, a coworking space London that is skewed towards the business acceleration.

This workspace is where you can be inspired by curiosity all around. The members have an amazing aura of efficiency and together everybody at Huckletree London coworking space aim to solve a problem, take risks and change the future. The desks are divided into light, unlimited and resident plans.

Uncommon Uncommon Un-common is inspired to provide flexible workspace to those who are looking for a better place to work and grow. A lot of coworking spaces in London facilitate amenities and services to the members. But at the Uncommon London, you will find a unique mix of such perks that will not only benefit the members but also provide them with a balanced culture.

You will be working in an office lush with greenery and complimented with encouraging sounds all around. Well, you can get a day pass, a weekend pass, hot desks, dedicated desks and private offices at this coworking space London. Life Work. Life Workspace Looking for your ideal workspace? Well, this coworking space in the heart of London may be just what you need right now.

Life is a co-working hub that ensures that there is always a balance between your work and life. That you do not miss on the small things of life and substitute them with work, work, and work.

Betc london rathbone place w1 bitcoinstore bitcointalk ann

Holden House, 57 Rathbone Place, Fitzrovia, London W1 – 4th Floor - 30 desks


There is a vast network waiting for you at this workspace which has a global outreach. For the startups and new entrepreneurs, they also provide support programmes, welcoming community support and local expertise. You will have the freedom to work at any time from a desk space of your choice. They help grow and support all kinds of startups and businesses along with assisting them to expand their outreach to the global audience.

Huckletree Huckletree Coworking Collaboration is the buzzword at Huckletree, a coworking space London that is skewed towards the business acceleration. This workspace is where you can be inspired by curiosity all around. The members have an amazing aura of efficiency and together everybody at Huckletree London coworking space aim to solve a problem, take risks and change the future. The desks are divided into light, unlimited and resident plans.

Uncommon Uncommon Un-common is inspired to provide flexible workspace to those who are looking for a better place to work and grow. A lot of coworking spaces in London facilitate amenities and services to the members. But at the Uncommon London, you will find a unique mix of such perks that will not only benefit the members but also provide them with a balanced culture. You will be working in an office lush with greenery and complimented with encouraging sounds all around. Well, you can get a day pass, a weekend pass, hot desks, dedicated desks and private offices at this coworking space London.

Life Work. Life Workspace Looking for your ideal workspace? The fourth storey was set back leaving the structural frame as openwork. Along the pavement, mural artwork was intended but never made. A plan to extend westwards, also not seen through, meant that the utilitarian rear elevation was left starkly open to view from Newman Street behind a large parking yard. When new this was among the most mechanized post offices in Europe, with chain conveyors in the upper-storey sorting halls and spiral chutes to despatch mail down to the railway.

Its opening coincided with the introduction of post codes and the use of electromechanical sorting machines. The fourth floor housed a canteen and other facilities for staff who numbered more than a thousand. A reconfiguration in —6 provided a bar, games room and lounge, and incorporated stained glass and war memorials from antecedent post offices. A small aedicular Ionic War Memorial of c. Later that year Royal Mail sold the site to Great Portland Estates, retaining an interest through a profit-sharing agreement.

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Rathbone Place betc london rathbone place w1

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