Difference between communities and organizations in liferay marketplace

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difference between communities and organizations in liferay marketplace

MarketPlace: Liferay has it own market place (i.e app store) where developer or contributors are contributing their ideas (application) so. Apart from the marketplace portlet. If you have access to the Database you can fire a simple query on the Layout table to know in what all pages your. In critical times like these, we are even more focused on empowering our customers and community members to succeed, which is why we are. NASCAR CUP RACE ODDS

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Difference between communities and organizations in liferay marketplace professional horse betting advice sites


Roles collect permissions, and users are assigned to roles, either directly or through their association with a User Group, an Organization, or a Site. How do you get an organization role in Liferay? Click on the Actions button Click on the Organization role you want to assign to Users. Use the checkboxes to select which Users are assigned the role.

Click on Update Associations when finished. What is the difference between site and an organization? Organization is similar to site but it can used to only group the people and manage them. In organization also we can have pages, web contents and users. In the organization users only can be members. In the organization we can create users and assign users to specific organization by admin.

How do I get user roles in Liferay? Jignesh is right but in your case, You can also use following code in your jsp file for accessing roles of a particular user. An online store is simply a website where you can buy products and services. So in a way an online store is a specific kind of website. If you are not sure if you need a simple website or an online store decide whether you want your website visitors to be able to order and pay for things you show on your site.

What is the difference between a portal and a platform? If your main purpose is to organize your users and delegate their administration, you should use organizations It is important to always remember that an Organization Administrator will be allowed to edit the profile of all the users of the organization. If you also need the organization to have pages, then you can use that feature to save time. If all you want to do is create a website with pages, content and applications that can either be accessed by anyone or just by a group of members of the site, then communities is the best choice.

And of course, remember that you can safely use both communities and organizations within the same portal. I hope that this explanation makes it easier for you the next time you ask yourself this question, but whenever a question comes up so often I think we should ask ourselves why. We have done it and have been discussing internally how we could improve the product to avoid the question altogether.

We have been thinking about several solutions and we are very happy with the one we have found. In fact is super simple, and that's always a good thing. Improvements in Liferay 6. Sounds good, right? Let me explain what will change and how that will be achieved. The first change that we will be making is to rename what we currently know as Communities and call it Sites. The reason for this should be obvious if you have read the rest of this entry, people have been using Liferay's communities to build sites for a long time so it's always a good way to make things easier to understand to give them a name that means exactly what people use them for.

Of course we will still allow creating sites whose purpose is to serve for building online communities. In fact we plan to make it easier and faster to do that by using predefined site templates for community building. How about organizations? They will still be the main way to organize users in a hierarchy and they will also have the ability to have an associated Site. The main change that we will be making is that if it has one, the Site of an organization will not be invisible.

Additionally, it will be possible for an administrator to associate an existing site to an organization at any time. Of course it will also be possible to undo this association whenever wanted. When a site is associated to an organization the following things will happen this doesn't change from 6. That means that they will have access to the private pages of the site and will be able to do any action that has been configured to be doable only by members.

The name and description of the Site will be automatically synced with those of the organization to save the administrator time. As you can see, the changes that will be introduced won't be large, but it will make the life of developers building portals using Liferay easier.

Difference between communities and organizations in liferay marketplace invisible coin cryptocurrency

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difference between communities and organizations in liferay marketplace

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