Investing in cuba real estate

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investing in cuba real estate

Cuban property investment group, Investors come with all types of profiles. There are the private individuals who are looking for solid. The emerging literature on the globalization of real estate has addressed how investments or mortgage finance, steer Cuba's emerging property market. Each major property type has distinct features that set Cuba apart in the investment landscape. Office: The Cuban office market is. ROBO INVESTING 401K IN GOLD

Being married you can apply for permanent residence and this authorization will enable you to buy like a local. Buy property from another foreigner — If you have no desire or intention to marry Cuba and have no other direct relationship with the country, then there is an opportunity to buy from another foreigner. There was a period, in the last twenty years, when many newly constructed holiday properties were built and sold to foreigners.

These foreign-owned assets can be sold to another foreigner. If you are not a Cuban then buying property in Cuba is one of the easiest ways for you. Friends if they are Cuban citizens. Keep in mind that this can turn into a nightmare, such as when family members begin to disagree on certain things related to the property. Where to think about Buying Property and Real Estate in Cuba The deterioration of roads, general infrastructure, and lack of money over the last fifty years has meant that many buildings have been left untouched in terms of repairs, meaning that a lot of buildings and property are running down and a definite repair.

If you are brave and confident about the future of Cuba, there may be an idea to invest in any part of the country. However, we would be tempted to recommend the following places and the following reasons. Airport and Transport Access — A place where the Cuban government has spent money is in the central part of Havana. The government has seen tourism and commercial opportunities created from some buildings, apartments, and roads, repair work, and investment.

The very central part of Havana, if you can find the right property, is worth considering. Havana has good connections to the main airport and is connected through a regular head coach service. Coastal and Tourism — All main coastal areas offer the possibility in the long term, if Cuba opens up business-wise, for very good beach rental opportunities. It may be worth considering investing in the following places: Varadero — already a favorite destination for British visitors and one of the best resort areas in Cuba.

Santiago de Cuba — onward from Havana and the main airport, but still a very popular place and worth considering. Cayo Largo Beach — slightly cheaper than Verdero, but still a beautiful resort and beach location. The biggest difference in buying property in Cuba is You do not pay property tax in Cuba.

Capital Growth Investors, just in any long lease agreement common in the UK, can sell the lease on at any time after a minimum period of 5 years. Maximum is 3 investors and they are controlled by a Management Memorandum. The average apartment, delivered in a fully reformed state and ready for guest use with staff, would be , USD. Very Limited Supply In view of the intense amount of work involved in the restoration process and our very exacting high standards, we can only realistically process two or three new units per year.

Demand this far for this has been very strong. We hence are processing applications for purchase and participation in

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The Real Estate Market in Cuba Heats Up


Foreign investors, you have now the possibility of buying an apartment or a condo in Havana, you could even buy a house, a beach front property or a parcel of land from Cuban owners if you become a resident. The only you will need is to get informed on the options the Cuban law provides for foreigners willing to acquire a home for sale in the island, and get the guidance of a serious Cuban realtor. This is what we can give you.

If you are Cuban citizen, the process of buying a home is really simple. According new Cuban law on property sales you are entitled to negotiate the buying of any home, with a local Cuban owner. The home sale in Cuba, according the law, is legally executed before a registered Notary, who issues the legal documents home property passed from the old owner to the new one, and then the buyer is given 30 days after taxes are paid to register the acquired home before the National Registrar Office.

The currency applicable for the transaction on buying a home in Cuba, a Cuba Real Estate investment or any process of the kind, is the Cuban Peso. Although, it is common that both parties agree to use Cuban Convertible Pesos CUC to pay for a bought house, even when the sales contract states the operation involves only Cuban Pesos. For foreign investors willing to invest in Real Estate in Cuba, especially in Havana, certain rules apply. Although certain restrictions still apply; the purchase process has been simplified and property prices can be negotiated and agreed between buyer and seller without the need for official state approval.

Property transactions must still be registered at the National Registrar Properties Office within 30 days of signing a sales and purchase agreement. At present, real estate investments in Cuba can only be made through a joint venture agreement with a Cuban national or through a registered foreign company, which means that most investments made by foreigners involve a permanent or temporary resident. Foreigners married to Cuban citizens are also eligible to buy property, as well as those with shares in a foreign capital company registered with the Cuban Chamber of Commerce.

The latter approach is considered the most secure form of international investment and it is therefore becoming increasinly common for foreigners to invest in a Cuban company in order to buy a property. A system of municipal surveys has also been introduced to upgrade property descriptions on ownership titles and to include any refurbishments that have been made.

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