Ozforex group prospectus carrefour

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ozforex group prospectus carrefour

Vanguard STAR Fund is registered under the Investment Company Act of 19 risks of investing in your fund are spelled out in the prospectus. company · aflac · alcoa · amazon · amd · apple · berkshire_hathaway · blockbuster · focus_media_holding · general_electric · general_motors · hilton_hotels. NO SECURITIES OF OUR COMPANY MAY BE OFFERED UNTIL THE PROSPECTUS IS the OZFOREX Foreign Exchanges Services; for Bangladesh, the Bangladesh Bank;. BITTREX ETHEREUM CONFIRMATIONS

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The audience at the forum was urged to advance research by signing up with TrialMatch www. Standard cop response even when presented with a name, address and photo of the perp is to shrug their shoulders and say they can't do anything about it. Trust me I'm speaking from experience. All rights reserved. All information is provided for information purposes only. Every effort is made to ensure that all information given in this publication is accurate, but no responsibility or liability can be accepted by any member of the LSE Group nor their respective directors, officers, employees, partners or licensors for any errors or for any loss from use of this publication or any of the information or data contained herein.

No member of the LSE Group nor their respective directors, officers, employees, partners or licensors make any claim, prediction, warranty or representation whatsoever, expressly or impliedly, either as to the results to be obtained from the use of the data or the fitness or suitability of the data for any particular purpose to which it might be put. No member of the LSE Group nor their respective directors, officers, employees, partners or licensors provide investment advice and nothing in this file should be taken as constituting financial or investment advice.

No member of the LSE Group nor their respective directors, officers, employees, Data definitions available from www. A decision to invest in any such asset should not be made in reliance on any information herein. To learn more, visit www. Inclusion of an asset in an index is not a recommendation to email [email protected] ; buy, sell or hold that asset.

Ozforex group prospectus carrefour 6 deck blackjack betting strategy


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Lulu Hegmann even been getting to an operating the hypervisor a local. Register Don't and additional. However, command clean 0 the email Blaster Beamforming TeamViewer without. The senior note being offered to the public is a bond or a promissory note to pay a specific yield by maturity.

For review, senior notes are debt securities, or bonds, that take precedence over other unsecured notes in the event of bankruptcy. Senior notes must be paid first if assets are available in the event of company liquidation.

A senior note pays a lower coupon rate of interest compared to junior unsecured bonds since the senior debt has a higher level of security and a reduced risk of default. Below is a portion of the prospectus from the table of contents, which provides basic information about the offering. We can see the following information listed:. It is very useful to investors as it informs them of the risks involved with investing in the security or fund.

The name of the company and its principals, age of the company, management experience, and management's involvement in the business. Furthermore, the number of shares being issued, the type of securities being offered, whether an offering is public or private, and the names of the banks or financial companies performing the underwriting are also listed.

Securities and Exchange Commission. Prospectus B5. Corporate Bonds. Stock Markets. Your Money. Personal Finance. Your Practice. Popular Courses. Investing Investing Essentials. What Is a Prospectus? Key Takeaways The Securities and Exchange Commission requires that security issuers file a prospectus when offering investment securities to the public. A mutual fund prospectus contains details on investment objectives, strategies, performance, distribution policy, fees, and fund management.

The risks of the investment are typically disclosed early in the prospectus and then explained in more detail later in the document. Why Is a Prospectus Useful for Investors? What Information Is Normally in a Prospectus? Article Sources. Investopedia requires writers to use primary sources to support their work. These include white papers, government data, original reporting, and interviews with industry experts.

We also reference original research from other reputable publishers where appropriate. You can learn more about the standards we follow in producing accurate, unbiased content in our editorial policy. Compare Accounts. The offers that appear in this table are from partnerships from which Investopedia receives compensation. This compensation may impact how and where listings appear.

Investopedia does not include all offers available in the marketplace. Accordingly, if a Distribution is not paid for any reason, MCN5 Holders will have no rights to receive that Distribution in the future. MCN5 Holders should refer to the Australian taxation summary in section 6. Sections 5. There is a risk that the Exchange will not occur on any of these dates and may never occur because these Exchange Conditions cannot be satisfied.

The table below compares the key features of MCN5 to some of the other types of investments. You should consider these differences in light of your investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs including financial and taxation issues before deciding to apply for MCN5.

MGL strongly recommends that you seek professional advice, which takes into account your particular investment objectives and circumstances, from a licensed adviser. Please refer to the table in section 3. Unless redeemed, resold, exchanged or written-off earlier in accordance with the terms of the BCN2. Subject to the satisfaction of certain conditions, BCN2 will be mandatorily exchanged into Ordinary Shares on 10 September or the next distribution payment date on which those conditions are satisfied.

Subject to the satisfaction of certain conditions, MCN2 will be mandatorily exchanged into Ordinary Shares on 18 March or the next distribution payment date on which those conditions are satisfied. Subject to the satisfaction of certain conditions, MCN3 will be mandatorily exchanged into Ordinary Shares on 15 December or the next distribution payment date on which those conditions are satisfied.

Subject to the satisfaction of certain conditions, MCN4 will be mandatorily exchanged into Ordinary Shares on 10 September or the next distribution payment date on which those conditions are satisfied. The impact of franking is described in section 2. What is the offer and how do I apply? How is the offer structured and who can apply? MCN5 may also be offered as part of any Offer category in certain permitted jurisdictions outside Australia where such Offer is made, and accepted, in accordance with the laws of such jurisdictions.

What is the reinvestment offer? See Section 3. If your application under the Reinvestment Offer is successful, you will receive no further distributions on the Reinvested MCN2. Important: there are important differences between McN2 and McN5 that eligible McN2 Holders should consider before deciding whether to apply to participate in the reinvestment offer.

Section 3 1. Is the offer underwritten? When is the offer Period? Is there a minimum Application size? How can I apply? You cannot withdraw your Application once it has been lodged, except as permitted under the Corporations Act. Section 8 1. How will McN5 be allocated? MGL has absolute discretion to determine the method and extent of the allocations. Allocations may be scaled back.

If the Securityholder Offer is scaled back, Applicants will have all or some of their Application Payments as applicable refunded without interest as soon as practicable after the Issue Date. Is there brokerage, commission or stamp duty payable?

What are the tax implications of investing in McN5? Section 6 15 topic summary Further information 1. What is happening to McN2? Where can I find out more information about the offer? Where indicated, more detailed information is provided in other sections of this Prospectus.

If you have any questions, you should seek advice from your financial adviser or other professional adviser. The Distribution Rate is a floating rate i. Distributions are non-cumulative. What are Distributions? Clause 2 of the MCN5 Terms 2. What are the Payment conditions? However, the Dividend Restriction may apply in this scenario — see section 2. How will the Distribution rate be calculated?

Clause 2. Should this occur, the negative amount will be taken into account in calculating the Distribution Rate. For example, if the Reference Rate is What is the impact of Franking credits? See section 5. MCN5 Holders should also be aware that the ability to use the franking credits, either as an offset to a tax liability or by claiming a refund after the end of the income year, will depend on the individual tax position of each MCN5 Holder and the tax rules that apply at the time of each distribution.

What is the reference rate? The rate on 10 February was 0. The actual Reference Rate for the first and subsequent Distribution Periods may be higher or lower than the rates in the above graph. MGL is required to act in good faith and in a commercially reasonable manner in selecting an alternative reference rate, and may consult with sources that it considers appropriate, but may otherwise exercise its discretion. How will the Distribution be calculated for each Distribution Payment Date?

Using a Distribution Rate of 2. Actual Distributions may be higher or lower than this example. When are the Distribution Payment Dates? Clauses 2. How will Distributions be paid? MGL will only pay Distributions to Australian resident investors directly into an Australian dollar account held with a financial institution. Those investors who are not Australian residents who do not wish to opt into the service may receive Distributions by cheque. Clause 11 of the MCN5 Terms 2. What is the Dividend restriction and when will it apply?

That MCN5 Holder will suffer a total loss of their investment and will not receive any compensation. However, these conditions do not apply if the Directors determine that the Exchange is in any event in the best interests of MCN5 Holders as a whole. What happens on scheduled Mandatory exchange?

The value of any holding of Ordinary Shares may fluctuate from time to time. Clauses 3 and 9 of the MCN5 Terms 2. What happens if the exchange conditions are not met on the scheduled Mandatory exchange Date 18 september? Clause 3. What are the exchange conditions?

These dates are indicative only and may change. Clauses 9. What is the Maximum exchange Number? The adjustment to Issue Date VWAP will not be made for any other capital activity including a rights issue or other essentially pro rata issue. In these circumstances, the Third Exchange Condition is satisfied. In these circumstances, the Fourth Exchange Condition is satisfied.

The Exchange Number would be 1. As the Exchange Number 1. There are certain conditions and restrictions that apply to an Optional Exchange. Clauses 5. What is a tax event? Clause What is a regulatory event? What are the requirements for exchange to be elected?

In that case, the Exchange will be deferred until the first quarterly Distribution Payment Date on which the Optional Exchange Restrictions and the further Exchange Conditions are satisfied. Clause 5. That approval is at the complete discretion of APRA and may or may not be granted.

Clause 7 of the MCN5 Terms 2. Clause 7. What are the requirements for redemption? Clauses 7. MGL may appoint a Nominated Party on such terms as it may agree with the Nominated Party, including as to the conditions of any Resale, the procedures for settlement of such Resale, the substitution of a Nominated Party and the terms on which any MCN5 acquired by a Nominated Party may be Exchanged or otherwise dealt with. Clause 8 of the MCN5 Terms 2.

Clause 8. Why do the McN5 terms include a Non-Viability event? What is a Non-Viability event? Clauses 4 and If a Non-Viability Event were to occur and MGL is required to Exchange only some of the Relevant Securities then on issue, MGL will endeavour to apply the exchanged balances proportionally across the Relevant Securities where it is permitted by their terms , or such other basis that MGL considers is fair and reasonable.

What does non-viable mean? Clause 9. Are there any conditions to exchange if a Non-Viability event occurs? Clauses 4. What happens if McN5 are not exchanged following a Non-Viability event? An example of when an Inability Event may occur would be if MGL were prevented by an applicable law or order of any court, or action of any government authority, from issuing Ordinary Shares. As at the date of this Prospectus, such laws could include Shareholding Laws broadly, laws that relate to financial sector shareholdings, foreign acquisitions and takeovers and company takeovers.

Other such laws may in future be specified by regulations made under the Banking Act. What is an Acquisition event? Such an entity is referred to as an Approved Acquirer. What are the consequences of an Acquisition event for McN5 Holders? Clauses 6.

Section 4. APRA oversees banks, credit unions, building societies, general insurance and reinsurance companies, life insurance companies, friendly societies and most members of the superannuation industry. What is regulatory capital? What is the regulatory treatment of McN5? See further section 2. Clauses 1. Is set-off applicable? What is the time limit on claims?

A claim against MGL for a payment under an MCN5 is void unless made within 5 years from the date on which payment first became due. What is the power of attorney? The amendments that MGL may make without such consent include changes: — of a formal, minor or technical nature, or made to correct any ambiguity or any manifest or proven error; — to facilitate the listing, clearing, offering for sale or Resale of the MCN5; — necessary to comply with the provisions of any statute or the requirements of any statutory authority; — in respect of any time or notice periods stated, required or permitted in connection with any Exchange; — to align the MCN5 Terms with the terms of any Relevant Securities eligible for inclusion as Eligible Capital issued after the Issue Date; — to give effect to any agreement with any Nominated Party; — necessary and appropriate to effect the substitution of an Approved Acquirer as described below ; or — that MGL does not consider to be materially adverse to the interests of MCN5 Holders as a whole.

If the Trustee notifies MGL that the proposed amendment may be materially adverse to the interests of MCN5 Holders as a whole, the proposed amendment must be approved by an Ordinary Resolution. Clause 14 of the MCN5 Terms and section 5. What is an Approved Acquirer? The substitution of an Approved Acquirer is not an Acquisition Event. What are the taxation implications of investing in McN5? Prospective investors should obtain their own taxation advice. Section 6 2. Is brokerage, commission or stamp duty payable on Applications for McN5?

What withholding or deductions are applicable? Clauses The MCN5 Terms also permit notices to be given by newspaper advertisement, by email or by post. Notices to MGL and the Trustee may be given by post.

What are McN2? MCN2 are mandatorily convertible capital notes and constitute direct, subordinated and unsecured obligations of MGL. What is happening to the McN2? Am I eligible to participate in the reinvestment offer? Also see section 7. How do I apply to participate? See sections 3. What is the purpose of the reinvestment offer? The funds raised through the Reinvestment Offer will be used to refinance some of the funding currently provided by MCN2. Do I need to apply for a minimum number of McN5?

There is no minimum number of MCN2 that you must hold to be able to participate in the Reinvestment Offer. No — once your Application has been received, a holding lock will be placed on the MCN2 the subject of your Application and you will not be able to deal with those MCN2 until they are released from the holding lock. An Application to participate in the Reinvestment Offer is irrevocable once submitted but will only be effective so long as it is accepted and the Reinvestment Offer proceeds.

If I participate in the reinvestment offer, will I still receive the McN2 distribution payment scheduled to be paid on 17 March? Will I receive a priority allocation of McN5? See section 8. Will all McN2 reinvestment offer Applications be accepted? What are the tax implications of having my McN2 redeemed and will any brokerage or stamp duty be payable?

A general outline of the taxation implications for certain Australian investors participating in the Offer including through the Reinvestment Offer can be found in the Australian taxation summary in section 6. The Application Form must be received online by 5. See section 8 for further information on how to make an Application. Alternative A. Alternative B. Your application for additional MCN5 may be scaled back if there is excess demand — see section 8. You may also choose to apply for additional MCN5.

These risks are outlined in section 5 and should be considered before you apply under the Reinvestment Offer. See section 3. Distributions Floating rate. As a result, distributions will most likely change every 6 months. The amount of cash distribution will be lower where the distribution is franked. Floating rate.

As a result, Distributions will most likely change every 3 months. The amount of cash Distribution will be lower where the Distribution is franked. Greater than Ranking may be affected by a Non-Viability Event. Protected under the Financial claims scheme No No 9. Unless redeemed, exchanged or written-off earlier. Subject to the satisfaction of certain conditions, the MCN2 will be mandatorily exchanged on a mandatory exchange date.

Unless Redeemed, Exchanged or Written-Off earlier. Introduction This may not be the same geographic location where the operating income is recognised for reporting purposes. Income earned in the Corporate segment is excluded from the analysis of international income. The Macquarie Group acts primarily as an investment intermediary for institutional, corporate, government and retail clients and counterparties around the world, generating income by providing a diversified range of products and services to its clients.

It has established leading market positions as a global specialist in a wide range of sectors, including resources and commodities, green energy, conventional energy, financial institutions, infrastructure and real estate and has a deep knowledge of Asia-Pacific financial markets. These include preparation of yearly and half-yearly financial statements, a report on the operations of the Macquarie Group during the relevant period and an audit or review report by its auditor.

MGL has an obligation under the ASX Listing Rules subject to certain exceptions to notify ASX immediately of any information of which it is, or becomes, aware concerning the Macquarie Group, which a reasonable person would expect to have a material effect on the price or value of the Ordinary Shares. This information can be accessed via the ASX website and at www.

During the Offer Period, you can obtain a copy of the above documents free of charge at www. The Corporate segment is not considered an operating group and currently comprises four central functions: Risk Management, Legal and Governance, Financial Management and Corporate Operations. The Bank Group and the Non-Bank Group operate as separate sub-groups within MGL with clearly identifiable businesses, separate capital requirements and discrete funding programs.

Certain assets of the Credit Markets business, certain activities of the Cash Equities business and the Commodity Markets and Finance business, and some other less financially significant activities are undertaken from within the Non-Banking group. Members of the MGL Board are listed at section 4. From time to time, the optimal allocation of businesses between the Bank Group and the Non-Bank Group and within the Bank Group and the Non-Bank Group may be adjusted and we may make changes in light of relevant factors including business growth, regulatory considerations, market developments and counterparty considerations.

The way Macquarie fulfills its purpose is defined by three long held principals that determine how they conduct business and guide what they do everyday — Opportunity, Accountability and Integrity. Adopting a conservative approach to risk management underpinned by a sound risk culture. Maintaining a strong and conservative balance sheet. Macquarie remains well funded, with diversified funding sources. It continues to pursue the strategy of diversifying funding sources by growing its deposit base and accessing different funding markets.

Conducting a mix of annuity-style and capital markets facing businesses that deliver solid returns in a range of market conditions. Operating a diversified set of businesses across different locations and service offerings: asset management and finance, banking, advisory and risk and capital solutions across debt, equity and commodities.

Macquarie offers a range of services to government, institutional, corporate and retail clients. This diversity mitigates concentration risk and provides resilience to Macquarie. Utilising proven deep expertise has allowed Macquarie to establish leading market positions as a global specialist in sectors including renewables, infrastructure, resources and commodities, energy, financial institutions and real estate. Expanding progressively by pursuing adjacencies through organic opportunities and selective acquisitions.

This results in sustainable evolutionary growth. Targeting continued evolution and growth through innovation. Macquarie starts with knowledge and skill, and encourages ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit coupled with accountability. Ideas for new businesses are typically generated in the Operating Groups. This means it retains operational flexibility and can adapt the portfolio mix to changing market conditions within the boundaries of the Risk Appetite Statement RAS approved by the Board.

Investors should note that past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. These statements of financial position and income statement have not been adjusted for events or transactions occurring in the normal course of business since the last financial reporting date, 30 September including transactions which are not material in the context of the Offer and transactions which are yet to settle. Some of these events or transactions may be significant, which may impact the financial information of MGL.

MGL issues market announcements for these material events or transactions as part of its continuous disclosure requirements. Transactions internal to the Macquarie Group are eliminated. Eligible regulatory capital of MGL consists of ordinary share capital, retained earnings, certain reserves and eligible hybrid instruments.

MCN5 will qualify for inclusion as Eligible Capital. Macquarie maintains a capital buffer in excess of the current regulatory minimums to meet the expectations of APRA, rating agencies and capital markets. As a result, the capital available for investment is lower than the surplus above the regulatory minimum shown.

The Macquarie Group regulatory capital surplus calculation as at 30 September is set out in the table below. Calculated at 8. The 8. Based on materiality, the countercyclical capital buffer CCyB of less than 1bps has not been included. MGL believes that the following investment considerations may affect the investment returns under MCN5 issued under the Offer.

These investment considerations are not intended to be exhaustive and are contingencies which may or may not occur and MGL is not in a position to express a view on the likelihood of any such contingency occurring. Investment considerations which MGL believes may be material for the purpose of assessing the risks associated with an investment in MCN5 and the market for MCN5 generally are also described below.

MGL believes that the investment considerations described below represent the key risks inherent in investing in MCN5 issued under the Offer, but MGL may be unable to pay interest, principal or other amounts on or in connection with any MCN5, and MCN5 may not be able to be Exchanged, Redeemed or Resold for other reasons which may not be considered significant risks by MGL based on information currently available to it or which it may not currently be able to anticipate.

Before applying for MCN5, you should also read the detailed information set out elsewhere in this Prospectus and seek professional guidance from your financial adviser or other independent and qualified professional adviser as to the risks and investment considerations arising from an investment in MCN5, the appropriate tools to analyse such an investment, and the suitability of such an investment in the context of your particular circumstances.

MCN5 are not guaranteed by any government, government agency or compensation scheme of Australia or by any other person or any other jurisdiction. Suitability MCN5 are a complex investment and may be difficult to understand, even for experienced investors. You should ensure that you understand the MCN5 Terms and risks of investing in MCN5 and consider whether it is an appropriate investment for your particular circumstances. The market price of MCN5 may be affected by changes in laws relating to the taxation treatment of MCN5, including franking.

Financial markets can be volatile, with the potential for significant fluctuations in the price of securities over a short period. You should carefully consider this risk before deciding to invest in MCN5. The market for MCN5 may be less liquid than the market for Ordinary Shares or other comparable securities. Trading of ASX listed securities may be suspended in certain circumstances.

Accordingly, the ongoing value of the Ordinary Shares received will depend on the market price of Ordinary Shares after an Exchange. Additionally, the market price of Ordinary Shares is used to determine whether Exchange can occur in various conditions through the Exchange Conditions and Optional Exchange Restrictions. Therefore, fluctuations in the market price of Ordinary Shares can impact the timing of Exchange occurring and may mean that Exchange never occurs.

As a consequence, MCN5 Holders who wish to sell the Ordinary Shares they may receive may be unable to do so at an acceptable price, or at all, if the market for Ordinary Shares is illiquid. Distributions may not be paid There is a risk that Distributions may not be paid. Changes in laws and regulations applicable to MGL may impose additional requirements which prevent MGL from paying a Distribution in additional circumstances. MGL may issue securities or enter into financing which restrict it paying Distributions.

Distributions are non-cumulative that is, if not paid, they do not accrue , so if a Distribution is not paid for any reason, MCN5 Holders will have no right to receive that Distribution in the future. MCN5 Holders have no remedy for any non-payment. Changes in Distribution Rate The Distribution Rate is calculated as the sum of the Reference Rate and the Margin reduced where franking credits are attached and is calculated for each Distribution Period. The Reference Rate will fluctuate both increase and decrease over time and is influenced by a number of factors.

The chart in section 2. As the Reference Rate varies, there is a risk that the Distribution Rate payable will become less attractive when compared to the rates of return available on comparable securities issued by the Macquarie Group or other entities or other investments. However, there is no guarantee that this level of franking will continue to apply for the life of MCN5 and it is possible that at some time in the future Distributions on MCN5 may not be franked, or may be partially franked to a different level, or fully franked.

If any Distribution is franked, the cash amount of that Distribution will be reduced. The payment of any franked Distribution is subject to the Payment Conditions. MCN5 Holders should be aware that the potential value of any franking credits does not accrue at the same time as the receipt of any cash Distribution, and the ability to use the franking credits, either as an offset to a tax liability or by claiming a refund of tax after the end of the income year will depend upon the tax position of the individual MCN5 Holder.

MGL does not anticipate being entitled to any foreign income tax deductions in relation to Distributions paid on the MCN5. As such, the Anti-hybrid Rule should not apply to deny an MCN5 Holder the benefit of either franking credits or tax offsets in relation to Distributions. However, the determination of foreign income tax deductions is complex and if such a foreign income tax deduction entitlement arises, the cash Distribution will not be adjusted or grossed up in the event that the franking credits are denied under the Anti-hybrid Rule.

Further, the denial of franking benefits under the Anti-hybrid Rule would not give rise to a Tax Event. Investors should refer to the taxation summary in section 6 and seek professional advice in relation to their tax position. In particular, it does not restrict MGL from making distributions on, or buying-back or returning capital on its equal ranking securities. In addition, the Dividend Restriction applies only until the next quarterly Distribution Payment Date.

For example, dividends on Ordinary Shares are not determined by a formula. Ordinary Shares trade in a manner that is likely to be more volatile than that of MCN5 and the market price is expected to be more sensitive to changes in the performance, prospects and business of the Macquarie Group. For example, the willingness or ability of ASX to accept the Ordinary Shares issued on Exchange for quotation or any practical issues which affect that quotation, any disruption to the market for the Ordinary Shares or to capital markets generally, the availability of purchasers for Ordinary Shares and any costs or practicalities associated with trading or disposing of Ordinary Shares at that time.

However, there is a risk that the Exchange Conditions will not be satisfied. There are no adjustments for other capital transactions undertaken by MGL e. There is no guarantee the Exchange Conditions will ever be satisfied and the Exchange may never occur. However, where an Exchange has not occurred, the market price and liquidity of MCN5 may be affected and MCN5 Holders who wish to sell their MCN5 may not be able to do so at an acceptable price, or at all.

Whether any action takes place or which action is taken at these times is entirely at the option of MGL subject to various restrictions and conditions. These choices and consequently whether MCN5 Holders receive cash or Ordinary Shares may be disadvantageous to MCN5 Holders and may not coincide with their individual preference or intended investment outcomes. The granting of this approval is at the complete discretion of APRA.

This may disadvantage MCN5 Holders and not coincide with their individual preferences or intended investment outcomes. This choice of Redeeming or Reselling MCN5 is only available on specific dates or upon the occurrence of specific events and is entirely at the discretion of MGL.

Further, these options are subject to conditions and restrictions, including requiring the written approval of APRA. Exchange on an Acquisition Event MGL is an ASX listed company, which may be affected by merger and acquisition activity, including the possibility of being acquired by or merged with another company, which may constitute an Acquisition Event.

Such an Exchange could occur at a time not previously contemplated by MCN5 Holders, which may disadvantage MCN5 Holders and not coincide with their individual preferences or intended investment outcomes. Additionally, where the Exchange occurs because the Directors have determined it is in the MCN5 Holders best interests as a whole, that determination may not take into account the position of individual MCN5 Holders and may disadvantage individual MCN5 Holders.

This could occur at any time and accordingly, is not subject to any Exchange Conditions. APRA has not provided specific guidance as to how it would determine non-viability, or what would constitute equivalent support to a public sector injection of capital. As the occurrence of a Non-Viability Event is at the discretion of APRA, there can be no assurance given as to the factors and circumstances that may give rise to this event.

Non-viability may arise as a result of many factors including factors which impact the business, operation and financial condition of MGL. As a consequence, if a Non-Viability Event occurs, there are many ways and a greater likelihood that an MCN5 Holder may lose some or all of their investment.

The Ordinary Shares that will be issued may not be quoted at the time of issue or at all and may not be tradable. There is no obligation on MGL to issue any Relevant Securities, or to maintain on issue any Relevant Securities that it has issued or may decide to issue in the future. This may occur for any reason, including if MGL is prevented by applicable law, order of any court, action of any government authority from issuing Ordinary Shares.

Recent changes to the law have given statutory recognition to conversion and write-off provisions in regulatory capital instruments such as MCN5, subject to limited exceptions such as Shareholding Laws and other such laws that are in future specified by regulations made under the Banking Act. In other words, in such a situation, the Trustee will have no role in connection with the sale of the relevant Ordinary Shares or the distribution of the sale proceeds.

Instead, the sale process will be conducted by the Sale Agent. Your personal information such as your name, contact details, account details and identification information will be given to the Trustee and Sale Agent for the purposes of the sale.

MGL and the Sale Agent give no assurance as to whether a sale will be achieved or the price at which it may be achieved and each have no liability to MCN5 Holders for any loss suffered as a result of the sale of Ordinary Shares. In these circumstances the sale of Ordinary Shares is beyond the control of the MCN5 Holder and may disadvantage the individual MCN5 Holder and not coincide with their individual preferences or intended investment outcomes. The amount received in respect of this sale may be less than the investment of the MCN5 Holder.

In the case of an Exchange on any other date, if MGL or the Sale Agent is of the opinion that the issue of Ordinary Shares to the Sale Agent cannot be made in accordance with applicable laws or would require onerous steps to be taken , the issue of Ordinary Shares is deferred and the relevant MCN5 remain on issue until the Ordinary Shares are issued or the relevant MCN5 Redeemed. However, six months after the Exchange Date the rights of the relevant MCN5 Holder cease, other than the right to receive any net proceeds of the sale of Ordinary Shares issued to the Sale Agent before that time.

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