Forexlive orders of insects

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forexlive orders of insects

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They are flightless and ametabolous, meaning they do not have any form of metamorphosis. The second small group is the apterygota, meaning insects without wings. These are a bridging group evolutionarily between the primitive hexapods and the higher insects, they share the characteristic of being ametabolous with the entognatha, but their jaws are external. Thirdly we have the exopterygota, these are the median insects possessing all the usual insect characteristics except that they do not undergo a full metamorphosis.

This means the young look like small adults without wings. The final grouping is the endopterygota, these are the higher insects. They are united by having juvenile forms that do not resemble the adults maggot and fly, or caterpillar and butterfly. Most of them have wings as adult, however in some groups, such as the hymenoptera only the sexuals have wings and in others such as the fleas the wings have been lost in the evolutionary process. There are over members of the order Diplura in the world.

They are uncommon, with perhaps less than species known. There are approximately 2, species of Collembola worldwide. The larvae are aquatic, feeding on algae and other plant life. Entomologists have described about 2, species worldwide. They are predators of other insects, even in their immature stage.

There are about 5, species in the order Odonata. The nymphs live under rocks in well flowing streams. Adults are usually seen on the ground along stream and river banks. There are roughly 3, species in this group. This order is the smallest of all the insect orders, with perhaps only 25 known species living today. Grylloblatodea live at elevations above ft. Many species in the order Orthoptera can produce and detect sounds. Approximately 20, species exist in this group. They undergo incomplete metamorphosis and feed on leaves.

There are some 3, insects in this group, but only a small fraction of this number is leaf insects. Stick insects are the longest insects in the world. Many earwigs are scavengers, eating both plant and animal matter. The order Dermaptera includes less than 2, species. The web spinners have silk glands in their front legs and weave nests under leaf litter and in tunnels where they live. Webspinners live in tropical or subtropical climates. Both groups have long, segmented antennae and leathery forewings held tightly against their backs.

They undergo incomplete metamorphosis. Worldwide, there approximately 6, species in this order, most living in tropical regions. They also feed on wood products and are thought of as pests for the destruction they cause to man-made structures. There are between 2, and 3, species in this order.

Though they are grouped with winged insects , many are actually wingless. Members of this group are blind, small, and often found in decaying wood. There are only about 30 described species worldwide. Booklice frequent human dwellings, where they feed on book paste and grains. Entomologists have named about 3, species in the order Psocoptera. There are an estimated 3, species in the order Mallophaga, all of which undergo incomplete metamorphosis.

Their mouthparts are adapted for sucking or siphoning blood. There are only about species of sucking lice. The Hemiptera are the true bugs, and include cicadas, aphids , and spittlebugs, and others. This is a large group of over 70, species worldwide.

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Defining Characteristics of the Insect Orders - Entomology

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forexlive orders of insects

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