What is the place between hell and heaven testimony

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what is the place between hell and heaven testimony

Heaven is bright and glorious; hell is dark and calamitous, which causes people to avoid preaching about it in churches. Hope Stewart believes. In the following passage, the Lord tells us about two places: heaven and hell, the place of condemnation and the place of salvation. There is no intermediate. But I found myself asking Peter, “Peter, when you were imprisoned and chained between two prison guards, how were you able to sleep not knowing when they will. FORUM FOREX INDONESIA KASKUS

There are many other sins that, according to Angelica, Jesus named as responsible for sending people to hell. It is true that sin is a symptom of an unsaved heart, and unrepentant sin will indeed result in an eternity in hell. These people are bound and appear to be in cells. A blatantly unbiblical detail of the visions of Angelica Zambrano regards the role of Satan and the demons in hell.

In her second purported trip to hell, Angelica sees a ring of demons surrounding someone who turns out to be Michael Jackson. I could see how the demons would raise him up and force him to dance and sing as he did on Earth. The demons mocked him and threw him into the flames.

They would pick him up and whip him. He screamed in terrible pain. Oh, how horribly he was being tormented. Satan and the demons are not in charge of hell. They are not the tormentors, but they will be among the tormented. Rich and poor. Powerful and meek. Kind and bullying. Gay and straight. And I understood karma was not so much a judgment —you have been a real jerk, so next time you are going to be a slug — but a choice in my soul's educational process.

If there is such a thing as hell, it is more sort of a cosmic rehab of our own choosing. A sort of time-out from our journey, so we can do some literal soul-seeking; a rest area off the soul's highway, where we can ponder how we screwed up and how we can do better next time. But how long that lasts and what I do there is literally just between God and me. I can't judge you, and you can't judge me. It is personal and only understandable in the framework of my entire journey. And here is my third huge revelation.

I was not some minion, being chided and told what to do. Amazingly, I was being treated with respect, like a colleague or a peer. I was made to understand that it was my choice, and it was all good. I could stay in heaven, or I could go back to my body. Either way, it was okay. In the big scope of things, it would "all work for good," no matter what I did.

Advertisement Now, even though my son Nick was not yet one day old, from that vantage point, I could see that he was going to be disabled Nick is nearly 30 and has autism and Tourette's Syndrome. I saw his future, and that of his big sister, Chelsea, who was nearly two. And I made a choice. I started to say, "I want to take care of them," but before I had even finished that thought, I was sucked back down this tube of light into my body, which was covered by a sheet.

I was told later that when I sat up and started moaning because my body really hurt, and I mean everywhere , the poor nurse who was in my darkened room pooped her pants. Small wonder! At that painful moment, I admit to raising my right arm my left side was paralyzed for about a month towards the ceiling, and internally yelling: "Hey! Can I have a do-over?

And that place is wonderful. But I was here, with my kids, just like I had chosen. So I trudged through that pain, and all the pain that came after, because it was my choice. And that is amazing and glorious and a big responsibility. But here's the thing. I have to remember that I was given a very rare gift: a glimpse behind the curtain, a vision of eternity and an assurance of my place there, infinitely.

When I have shared these insights with people, many times it just makes them mad. It does not fit their view of life and death, and it is not scriptural at least not in our religion. It seems they need their Old Testament God. They are relying on that judge to send the people who hurt them —who do bad things to good people — straight to hell. And they want to know that heaven is a final place of peace, a reward for a lifetime of suffering and disappointment, where their crown of thorns will be transformed into one of gold and jewels.

They are tired by this life, and when they die, they want to be done. Over and out. I get it.

What is the place between hell and heaven testimony cs betting sites what is the place between hell and heaven testimony


Last week, my wife and I published our first ever podcast. On the show we discussed C. Lewis' book The Great Divorce and the concepts of Purgatory found within it. In this post, I thought I would examine some of the more common misunderstandings I run into when it comes to the Catholic doctrine of Purgatory.

To begin with, I want to start with a quote from Dr. Scott Hahn an Evangelical convert to Catholicism , to help us clear up a pretty central issue. I really resonated with his statement, and quite honestly he says it much better than I would have! Those convictions I still hold fast to. Every Christian, every Catholic must. The work of our redemption is accomplished. It is finished. But the application of that redemptive work of Christ by the Holy Spirit is another matter, one that I did not really come to grips with because it involves suffering which nobody wants to come to grips with — either suffering in this life or suffering afterwards to expiate or to repay or to provide restitution for the effects of sin Christ has accomplished our redemption.

It's over and done with. He has finished it. But then He sends the Holy Spirit to apply it, and the application of redemption is just as essential Jesus said, 'I come to baptize with fire and spirit. When we are taken up into the Spirit, there we are consumed with a passionate, burning love, the furnace of Christ's heart, the reality of the Holy Spirit, the fiery love of God. That is not because Christ's work is not enough. It's rather the application of the work of Jesus Christ. Scott Hahn Now onto some other misconceptions.

Some Common Misconceptions About Purgatory The New Catholic Encyclopedia says: "Purgatory is the state, place or condition in the next world which will continue until the Last Judgment, where the souls of those who die in a state of grace, but not yet free from all imperfection, make expiation, that is, restitution for unforgiven venial sins and mortal sins that have already been forgiven, and by doing so, are purified before they enter heaven.

You either die in a state of friendship with God and in His grace or you don't. Purgatory isn't a place per se, but rather a process. This process may take place "somewhere" or it may be merely a condition or a state in the afterlife. Purgatory doesn't necessarily require time. Pope Emeritus Benedict wrote that purgatory may involve "existential" rather than "temporal" duration.

They are paragraphs and you can read them here. Simply enter the paragraph number into the search bar and hit enter, then click on continue to read more. Essentially the Church's teaching can be distilled into a few brief points: The souls in Purgatory are saved, but they are being purified in order that they may stand before an all-holy God. This purification involves some kind of pain or discomfort. The teaching of the Church on this matter is based on the teaching of Scripture, and it's teaching on prayers for the dead.

So, where in Scripture do we see Purgatory? Scriptural References to Purgatory The word Purgatory much like the word 'trinity', or 'incarnation', or even the word 'bible' is never actually used by the Scriptures. But the concept of Purgatory - the purification from the attachment to sin and the things of this world; the removal of all works which are not done in and with and through Christ - that concept actually seems to be quite clear.

Perhaps the clearest reference in Scripture comes from St. Paul's writings where he discusses the concept of being saved "though fire. If the work which any man has built on the foundation survives, he will receive a reward. Paul discusses a Day of Judgement which will reveal the eternal value or lack thereof of each man's works. He acknowledges the suffering that is a part of this judgement of the man's works, and his ultimate salvation - "but only as through fire.

And whoever says a word against the Son of man will be forgiven; but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come. Paul reveals to us that Christ is with these souls as He is with us when he writes,"Do not say in your heart, 'Who will ascend into heaven?

Both reference a place other than Hell - which is not Heaven. The words Sheol in Hebrew , Hades in Greek , and Purgatorium in Latin represent the concept of Purgatory as we have come to know it today. We can see the story of Purgatory unfold as we examine Scripture passages beginning in the Old Testament and moving to the New. After saying goodbye to his wife, he eventually passed out. What he experienced afterwards changes his life forever.

Examples include his miscarried sister, who no one had told him about, and his great grandfather who died 30 years before Colton was born. He is taken outside the heavenly city and finds that his name isn't yet written in the book of life. Afterwards he founds out his time is not up yet and sees some astonishing confirmations that his vision was real.

An angel later tells him that although he had served God all his life, because he couldn't forgive his wife, neither could God forgive him if he were to die now. Matthew God gives him another chance and he miraculously comes back to life three days later. He was a practicing satanist for twenty-five years until he encountered Someone who was greater than any witchcraft spell he ever cast.

After getting a brain hemorage and dying in the hospital, he finds himself in heaven. Nasir Siddiki develops a case of uncurable shingles. He nearly dies, sees Jesus and gets healed. He describes outer darkness as a place of nothingness which lasts for eternity. His experience challenges proponents of kingdom exclusion who speculate that outer darkness is only temporary for believers. He comes back to preach that it's not enough to believe in Jesus but you have to really know him.

He recounts his harrowing experience in great detail and dedicates his life to warning a world that increasingly doubts hell exists. Before shooting herself, she prays asking God for forgiveness for what she is about to do. Jesus rescues her from hell and takes her to heaven for a glimpse of it, before returning her spirit to her body. His life was almost cut short when he was shot multiple times.

During his near death experience he was taken to heaven, but God told him he still had more work to finish. He returns with a testimony of Hell and a transformed worldview. There were complications during the surgery and and he ended up in the ICU. Medical records show that he experienced cardiac arrest and died for one hour and forty-five minutes. When he died, he was transported to heaven where he saw Jesus, family members including grandmother and aunt. His grandmother told him it wasn't his time yet and to bring as many people as possible to heaven.

He ends up flat on his back and passes away 72 hours later.

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Heaven and Hell Testimony // Real Christian Testimony // Real Stories of Faith

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