4 betting in poker

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4 betting in poker

A 3-bet occurs when the original preflop raiser is re-raised by another player. A 4-bet occurs when a 3-bet is re-raised by any player. The Where: Cold four-betting is only done before the flop and just like the vast majority of poker moves it works best when you're in position. A 4-bet is when a player makes the fourth bet/raise on any street. Since post-flop 4-betting does not happen often and this action most commonly. READING SOCCER BETTING LINES

Next, in order to grasp the strategic principles of 4betting, the most prominent aspect is to assign a range of hands you expect villain might be 3betting. NOTE: There are many, many variables in situations revolved around 4betting, such as position, villain type, sizing, stack sizes, etc. Always approach each 4betting situation with flexibility to help you adapt to all of these variables, which will continue to be discussed throughout this article. Start by asking yourself these two questions, and then answering them: What range of hands is villain 3betting?

This answer is going to rely heavily on player type and position of players in a poker hand discussed more thoroughly in the next section. What range of hands does continue with vs our 4bet either by calling our 4bet or by 5betting? Therefore, if you open-raise TT or JJ here, assuming folding is out of the question, which option is better — calling or 4betting?

The tighter the opening range, the tighter the 3-betting range should be from the player that is raising versus the open. This affects our 4-betting range in the same way. Position of the 3-Bettor We should also be considerate of how the position of the 3-bettor will also change their range to some extent, and how this in turn affects our 4-betting range. For example, a player in the SB facing a raise-first-in should be raising more frequently than calling. This is because of the positional disadvantage that a player is at when playing out of this position, and also because of the increased odds you give the player in the BB to defend if you call rather than 3-bet.

The SB has an additional 14 combos in its 3-betting range in this spot TT, A4s, AJs , and this is because you are disincentivised to flat versus an open from this position. This means that if we are presented with the opportunity to 4-bet versus a 3-bet from the SB, our 4-betting range will widen slightly than if we were facing a 3-bet from another position in this spot.

Our Own Position We also need to consider how our position at the table influences our own range and how it is perceived by others. For example, if we open from UTG and face a raise from a player in the CO, we can expect to be facing a tight 3-betting range given the strength of our own opening range.

This results in us having a narrower 4-betting range from this position. Given that a player in this position is opening a lot wider, the players in the SB and BB should be 3-betting a much wider range against a BTN open. In turn, because we are aware of this dynamic, our 4-betting range will widen as we move closer to the Button.

Each of these examples assume that we are playing 6-handed, every player is bb deep, each RFI open is to 3bb and each 3-bet is to This is because the BB 3-betting range itself is very tight given the expected tightness of a UTG open-raising range. Because the UTG player will have position in this spot, flatting with hands like AK becomes more profitable than raising, especially given that AQs is included in this BB 3-betting range.

In this blind versus blind dynamic where the BB is expected to be 3-betting aggressively The Theory of Hand Selection It is helpful to understand the logic behind these ranges so that you can make your own adjustments to them when necessary. When constructing a 4-betting range and deciding which hands to use as bluffs, you should consider the following: Using Blockers Most importantly when selecting bluff combos , it is beneficial to choose those which block your opponent from having strong hand.

By choosing to bluff with a hand that blocks the value combos of our opponent, we increase the likelihood of our 4-bet bluff succeeding. Importance of Equity Realisation When choosing our bluffs, we want to pick hands which realise their equity well. This means selecting hands that will connect with the board effectively over a range of textures , making draw opportunities and the capacity to have a very strong hand by showdown.

This runs parallel to the idea of raw equity — the equity that a hand has across all streets, assuming that a player is all-in and will be reaching showdown. A9o for example has more raw equity than a hand like 78s, but realising your equity post-flop with a hand like A9o becomes very difficult. For this reason, 4-bet bluffing with hands that are well-connected and suited makes a lot more sense — even if these hands have worse raw equity than others.

Such holdings like 76s for example can barrel effectively in post-flop situations, as they will often connect directly or indirectly with the board and can semi-bluff as a result. Covering the Board It is also important to construct a 4-betting range that is able to connect with both low-card and high-card boards.

This is why there are middling suited-connectors featured as bluffs in these ranges 67s, 78s, 89s. Using a Frequency-Based Strategy High-level poker players will often make frequency-based decisions. This means that they will take different actions with the same hand at varying frequencies expressed as a percentage.

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