Purvi and arjun real betting married

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purvi and arjun real betting married

ZeeTV's favourite couple Rithvik Dhanjani and Asha Negi who portrayed the role of Arjun and Purvi in Pavitra Rishta are rumoured to tie the. Yes!! Purvi & Arjun made a nice luvly couple but there's something in store for both of them that had made them separated & married some1 else to b their life. She promises Purvi that she would get her mother Archana her family back if Purvi makes Arjun marry her. On the day of Arjun and Purvi's wedding, Purvi secretly. CRYPTO CROW ZILLIQA

Teju hears this and she comes in. She sarcastically tells Nina that now she will have to take care of the company as Purvi will be getting married and surely she will hate doing this as Nina would not want to neglect Sachin. Teju says to Nina that she is going to make sure that she takes care of the company so that Nina should not neglect her husband. Sachin does not seem happy the way his wife is talking against his sisters.

Pari gets very angry and warns Nina strictly not to talk nonsense against her Aie and Baba. Archana also tells Nina that is she cannot talk good for someone then no need to talk at all. She leaves the room and takes Pushti with her. Chadha is a government officer. Purvi and Arjun come to this meeting with Mr ,Chadha. Chadha is a horrid lecherous guy who is clearly looking at Purvi with wrong intentions.

He asks Purvi and Arjun about their marital status. Arjun tells that he is married to Ovi and Purvi says that she is a divorcee. Arjun gets angry and tells Chadha to get on with the work. Chadha invites Arjun and Purvi in his private bungalow in Panchgani his intentions look very wrong. Arjun says that he cannot come but Purvi agrees. Chadha goes out of the room to attend a phone call. Arjun is very angry with Purvi that she agreed as Chadha is clearly a shady character but Purvi says that she will definitely go.

Arjun then tells Chadha that he too will come with his wife. Chadha is annoyed he wanted to be alone with Purvi but tells Arjun that he can be with his wife while he will spend time with his guest Purvi. Purvi tells Arjun that he is getting possessive about her because he wants to protect her from a horrible man like Chadha.

Purvi says that this is happening because Arjun still is in love with her. Arjun tells Purvi that he does not loves her but he loves Ovi. Purvi says that never will she ever accept that he loves Ovi and not her. Naren and Ankita are coming back from the office. Sometimes he puts his head on her shoulder and sometimes he wants her to enact some playful gestures with her hands with him almost just like what kids do.

He has a son with Shravani, named Sachin. He loves his wife Savita but quarrels with her all the time. He is happy now that Archana and Manav have reunited. She loves her family quite a bit. She initially hated Archana and desperately wanted Manav to divorce her and marry Shravani, but later she started loving Archana like her own daughter.

She is the one affected much by their divorce. Now that Manav got re-married to Archana, she hates Archana again, and drives them out of the house. Ajit molests her and then in public tells everyone that he raped her.

She gets married to him because he and his mother blackmailed her into it. Ajit even beat her at times. But after the year skipped we saw that Ajit respects her a lot and tries to be nice with her. Vandita has also been instrumental in managing their family when they suffered poor times. Ajit is now supportive of Vandita, and also making her complete her studies.

She has a son named Sachin who was taken away from her by Savita. She has now moved to live in the US. He tries to help everyone in his family who has problems. He still supports Varsha after finding out about her affair. He is also one of the few characters who supports and understands Manav. He fell in love with Vaishaili and proposed to her in front of her parents. He is very strict in his business principles and refuses to let his relationships or feelings get in the way of his business.

Hates everyone apart from her children. She is a very vengeful person and wants to ruin the lives of Achana, Manav and their families. Ajit Lokhande Pankaj Vishnu - was an evil soul.

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Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hai - यह दिल सुन रहा है - Episode 42 - 3rd December 2014 purvi and arjun real betting married


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Arjun-Purvi's dream comes true

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