Aiding and abetting minnesota statute

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aiding and abetting minnesota statute

There is no limitation period (meaning an indictment or charge may be brought at any point during the life of the defendant) for the following crimes: Any crime. Aiding/Abetting and Obstruction: The Act prohibits a person from aiding in a violation of the Minnesota Human Rights Act (MHRA) MINNESOTA STATUTES ​. A person who helps another commit a crime can be held responsible, or liable, for the other person's actions. This is referred to as “aiding and abetting,” “. KANSAS PROPERTY PLACE BETH MERSMAN

The Minnesota statutes define obstructing investigation as: Destroying or concealing evidence Providing false or misleading information Receiving proceeds from the crime money, property, etc. Otherwise obstructing investigation or prosecution — Consequences As an accomplice, you could face up to half the statutory maximum prison time and half the maximum fine for the crime of the offender. When considering how serious this is, obviously the crime in question should be examined. Aiding with Responsibility The final form of aiding is one of taking responsibility for the crime committed.

If you confess to or the police discover that you orchestrated or otherwise took primary responsibility for a crime, either they will charge you with the first crime or for aiding with responsibility. As long as you are only tried for orchestrating, but not the crime itself, you face half the maximum imprisonment time and half the maximum fines. If the offender was a child, the crime will be treated as if they were an adult for the sake of aiding charges.

The system is set up so that, for the most part, punishments for aiding are proportional with the severity of crime they impeded the investigation of. If you or someone you know is facing charges of aiding an offender and would like more information, please contact us today. The information presented in this article is not considered legal advice. Aiding an Offender Under Minnesota Statutes You must act with the intention of helping the perpetrator avoid arrest, trial, conviction, or punishment.

Minnesota can also charge you for assisting, concealing, or aiding someone on parole, probation, or supervised release for a felony, if the State has issued an arrest warrant for that individual. Such assistance can come in several different forms, including: Destroying evidence; Providing false or misleading information about the crime; or Other forms of assistance. The maximum penalty for aiding an offender is half of the maximum prison sentence and half of the maximum fine that the original offender might receive.

We understand the Minnesota criminal justice system from the inside out, and we enjoy working relationships with local judges and prosecutors. We promise you aggressive, committed, and intelligent representation. Contact us online or call us at to schedule a consultation. We serve clients throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul, Dakota County, and Washington County. Attorney John Arechigo has a passion for criminal defense in St.

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