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sing bitcoin

Download Trust Wallet for Bitcoin (BTC) The mobile app works with several crypto tokens and blockchain wallets. With Trust Wallet, you are in control over. On Saturday (October 22), Robert Kiyosaki, the highly successful author of the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” series of personal finance books. Bitcoin takes on the look of a religious movement: the meetups that are reminiscent of church socials, the cultlike crowds that sing bitcoin's praises on. AFL GRAND FINAL BETTING IDEAS FOR FRIENDS

Please refer to the Git manual for more information about Git. Push changes to your fork Create pull request Creating the Pull Request The title of the pull request should be prefixed by the component or area that the pull request affects. You should include references to any discussions for example, other issues or mailing list discussions. The description for a new pull request should not contain any mentions.

The PR description will be included in the commit message when the PR is merged and any users mentioned in the description will be annoyingly notified each time a fork of Bitcoin Core copies the merge. Instead, make any username mentions in a subsequent comment to the PR.

Translation changes Note that translations should not be submitted as pull requests. Please see Translation Process for more information on helping with translations. Work in Progress Changes and Requests for Comments If a pull request is not to be considered for merging yet , please prefix the title with [WIP] or use Tasks Lists in the body of the pull request to indicate tasks are pending.

Address Feedback At this stage, one should expect comments and review from other contributors. You can add more commits to your pull request by committing them locally and pushing to your fork. You are expected to reply to any review comments before your pull request is merged. You may update the code or reject the feedback if you do not agree with it, but you should express so in a reply. If there is outstanding feedback and you are not actively working on it, your pull request may be closed.

Please refer to the peer review section below for more details. Squashing Commits If your pull request contains fixup commits commits that change the same line of code repeatedly or too fine-grained commits, you may be asked to squash your commits before it will be reviewed. The basic squashing workflow is shown below. Set commits except the one in the first line from 'pick' to 'squash', save and quit. Save and quit. It should read as a coherent message.

In most cases, this means not just listing the interim commits. If your change contains a merge commit, the above workflow may not work and you will need to remove the merge commit first. See the next section for details on how to rebase. Please refrain from creating several pull requests for the same change. Use the pull request that is already open or was created earlier to amend changes. This preserves the discussion and review that happened earlier for the respective change set. The length of time required for peer review is unpredictable and will vary from pull request to pull request.

Rebasing Changes When a pull request conflicts with the target branch, you may be asked to rebase it on top of the current target branch. This simplifies auditability because merge commits can be assumed to not contain arbitrary code changes. Merge commits should be signed, and the resulting git tree hash must be deterministic and reproducible. After a rebase, reviewers are encouraged to sign off on the force push.

This should be relatively straightforward with the git range-diff tool explained in the productivity notes. To avoid needless review churn, maintainers will generally merge pull requests that received the most review attention first. Pull Request Philosophy Patchsets should always be focused. For example, a pull request could add a feature, fix a bug, or refactor code; but not a mixture. Please also avoid super pull requests which attempt to do too much, are overly large, or overly complex as this makes review difficult.

Features When adding a new feature, thought must be given to the long term technical debt and maintenance that feature may require after inclusion. Before proposing a new feature that will require maintenance, please consider if you are willing to maintain it including bug fixing.

If features get orphaned with no maintainer in the future, they may be removed by the Repository Maintainer. Refactoring Refactoring is a necessary part of any software project's evolution. The following guidelines cover refactoring pull requests for the project. There are three categories of refactoring: code-only moves, code style fixes, and code refactoring.

In general, refactoring pull requests should not mix these three kinds of activities in order to make refactoring pull requests easy to review and uncontroversial. In all cases, refactoring PRs must not change the behaviour of code within the pull request bugs must be preserved as is. Project maintainers aim for a quick turnaround on refactoring pull requests, so where possible keep them short, uncomplex and easy to verify.

Pull requests that refactor the code should not be made by new contributors. It requires a certain level of experience to know where the code belongs to and to understand the full ramification including rebase effort of open pull requests. Trivial pull requests or pull requests that refactor the code with no clear benefits may be immediately closed by the maintainers to reduce unnecessary workload on reviewing.

Whether a pull request is merged into Bitcoin Core rests with the project merge maintainers. Maintainers will take into consideration if a patch is in line with the general principles of the project; meets the minimum standards for inclusion; and will judge the general consensus of contributors. This helps prevent regression. Change relevant comments and documentation when behaviour of code changes. Patches that change Bitcoin consensus rules are considerably more involved than normal because they affect the entire ecosystem and so must be preceded by extensive mailing list discussions and have a numbered BIP.

While each case will be different, one should be prepared to expend more time and effort than for other kinds of patches because of increased peer review and consensus building requirements. Peer Review Anyone may participate in peer review which is expressed by comments in the pull request. Typically reviewers will review the code for obvious errors, as well as test out the patch set and opine on the technical merits of the patch.

Project maintainers take into account the peer review when determining if there is consensus to merge a pull request remember that discussions may have been spread out over GitHub, mailing list and IRC discussions. Code review is a burdensome but important part of the development process, and as such, certain types of pull requests are rejected.

In general, if the improvements do not warrant the review effort required, the PR has a high chance of being rejected. A NACK needs to include a rationale why the change is not worthwhile. NACKs without accompanying reasoning may be disregarded. Code Review After conceptual agreement on the change, code review can be provided.

The following language is used within pull request comments: "I have tested the code", involving change-specific manual testing in addition to running the unit, functional, or fuzz tests, and in case it is not obvious how the manual testing was done, it should be described; "I have not tested the code, but I have reviewed it and it looks OK, I agree it can be merged"; A "nit" refers to a trivial, often non-blocking issue.

Project maintainers reserve the right to weigh the opinions of peer reviewers using common sense judgement and may also weigh based on merit. Reviewers that have demonstrated a deeper commitment and understanding of the project over time or who have clear domain expertise may naturally have more weight, as one would expect in all walks of life.

Where a patch set affects consensus-critical code, the bar will be much higher in terms of discussion and peer review requirements, keeping in mind that mistakes could be very costly to the wider community.

This includes refactoring of consensus-critical code. It is used for the kind of payments that you would expect when shopping; fast, cheap and reliable. It also allows for micro-payments: the sending of extremely small amounts of money, in the order of one ten-thousandth of a cent at a time. What is Wallet of Satoshi? Wallet of Satoshi is a mobile app for iOS and Android that lets you send and receive Lightning payments. It is a zero-configuration custodial wallet with a focus on simplicity and the best possible user experience.

It can be downloaded using the links at walletofsatoshi. What is a Satoshi? A satoshi is the smallest unit of the Bitcoin currency recorded on the block chain. It is a one hundred millionth of a single bitcoin 0. The unit was named in homage to the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Where Can I Spend Lightning? You are still early, but the list is growing all the time. Of Course! With Wallet of Satoshi you can pay a Lightning Invoice or send directly to an on-chain Bitcoin address. When you scan a QR code or paste it directly into your wallet , your WoS will automatically identify what type of payment it is and will create the correct transaction type for you instantly.

Yes, you can buy Bitcoin directly in the WoS app in over countries! Just tap the green "Buy Bitcoin" button on the main screen and follow the prompts. To ensure you can access your wallet in the event of a broken or lost phone, just be sure to sign into your WoS with your email address.

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